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With a rich legacy of planning close to 100 weddings in the past decade, VV Weddings finds its inspiration heartwarming stories that ignite the creativity within. Combining global trends, style, and ingenuity, our team takes meticulous notes on each of your requirements that, in turn, allow them to make the wishlist come true. Be it a rustic, luxurious or contemporary wedding you have in mind, at VV Weddings, versatility is flawlessly fused with innovation to breathe life into your vision. Famed for their artistic choices, our team isn’t afraid to go the extra mile and even take care of travel bookings, artist and celebrity management, corporate gifting, public relations, photography, and videography. Concept driven, passionate, and highly detail-oriented, VV Weddings are famed for crafting intricate weddings that leave you with a treasure trove of precious and joyful memories.

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