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"Shoot at Site is a turn-key solution provider for preserving memories of your most important events and experiences in life. We are a team of young professionals who can design, visualize and create a collection of memories that you can cherish for generations. We understand that no event is less important for our clients. What may seem as only a child’s birthday, may well be the first function for our clients in years? We prepare equally well and equip ourselves correctly for the occasion, be it a baby shower at home or a gala royal wedding at a private island in Maldives. We have a dedicated team for corporate and government events. We understand protocol requirements and have trained this team to adhere to the requirements of our clients with respect to security, regulations and event coverage. Preserving memories is a passion for us and we have been doing this for generations. We love to talk to people about this even if we are not conducting business with them. Feel free to discuss your events and requirements and allow us to suggest from our experience of decades to ensure that your event is done well!"

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