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Their Story

Hey, so it was an arranged marriage but not a typical one, where both the families meet and the bride and groom have to decide in 2-3 meetings. This was a more modern set up where it was quite random when neither of us had started to look around but just a mutual friend told both our families about it and gave him my number. I was initially hesitant, but it was quite chill as we just texted initially and got to know each other. Then, decided to meet over dinner and kept meeting for about 6 months over countless dinners and conversations. Still, the family wasn't involved because we both wanted to be sure of each other first.

I definitely wouldn't call it to love at first sight, it started with friendship then slowly we started getting more comfortable with each other where I realized how similar we were, and he was someone I could think of spending the rest of my life with. He was a gentleman and treated everyone with respect around him, honestly in the hindsight, I was only 22 when I met him, so I probably wasn't ready for marriage but seeing what kind of a person he was, made me want to spend the rest of my life with him. Also, we had a long courtship period (1 year) so by the time I got married I was 24 and this period, really helped us get to know each other better and this is when I fell in love with him. I was going to Bangkok for a friend's wedding and we decided to extend the trip by a day to shop and should hang out in the city. We were going to this fancy rooftop restaurant called Sirocco cause my friend wanted to go there and as I was watching the Bangkok skyline, someone taps my shoulder from behind and it was Yashen, he was on his knew and holding a ring. I was shocked and just couldn't comprehend, I don't even remember saying yes (of course I did) but I literally couldn't react. So, he had planned this whole proposal with my friends and the logistics of everything. Honestly, I hate surprises but I was so glad about this one. I mean does it get better to fall madly in love with a guy your parents approve of?

The couple

Bride - Vidhi Chheda

Groom - Yashen Savla

Hashtag - #yashnechheda

Featured Vendors

Wedding Venue / Location

Sangeet - Four seasons, Mumbai

Wedding - Parsee Gymkhana Mumbai

Wedding Photographers

Omega Productions


Pakkhi Pahuja

Bridal Wear Designers

Sangeet - Gaurav Gupta

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