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Their Story

I am a small-town Nepali girl who fell madly in love with a Punjabi city boy. After a long wait of convincing our families (for nearly 3 years), we fought all odds to be right here (25th July 2020). 

I saw him for the first time on the 10th of Nov 2015, clad in a white T and Jeans. I saw him, come out of his car standing right there “all tall” I just knew that where he stood is where all my happy endings begin. I was working in Bangalore when after a major heartbreak (I had), one of our mutual friends thought that we were right for each other so that’s how it started, with a simple “HI” on Facebook, and then exchanging numbers, and finally meeting up for a cup of coffee. That cup of coffee turned into a movie date because honestly, we did not want to go back home. For a long time “We are just friends” is what we told everyone, but only he and I knew the way we felt ever time we got closer. 

We never told “I love you” to each other as we thought that me coming from 2700km far, and both of us coming from such different culture, it would not work for us. So subtly we tried sweeping our feeling under the rug until one day I said it was enough. They say “absence makes your heart fonder” and that’s what happened here. We then decided to give an honest try and then told our families about it. He came from Blore to Kalimpong, to just meet my parents, after that we decided to get engaged and have a typical Punjabi wedding in Bangalore and a Nepali wedding in Kalimpong in April 2020. But God tested our patience once again, and I couldn’t come back to Bangalore due to the lockdown. 

110 days later I came down to Bangalore with my parents’ blessings, got quarantined for 14 days, and then planned our wedding in two days. 

Our wedding was like a wonder, not the kind of wedding we planned (for one year) but the kind of wedding we wanted. “Intimate” is an overrated word but our wedding felt like home, where the groom himself turned into a mehndi artist imprinting a smiley face on my palms, and all our family members joined hands to make me(bride) and our home look like a winter landscape. I did miss my family terribly, but the love and blessings we received even from a far distance made us feel complete. I don’t consider that COVID took a toll on us by postponing our wedding, but made us realize that in life good things don’t come easy. Isn’t that what beautiful love stories are made of?


The couple

Bride - Riti Pradhan

Groom - Shiv Bajaj

Hashtag - #ShiRiWedding

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