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Their Story

For a person with a logical bent of mind it becomes extremely difficult to explain a situation that is not governed by logics and is rather governed by destiny. I was in this exact situation where I had no logical explanation to what was happening between us. Somehow, at the end of our very first conversation, I knew there was something between us which was not recently developed. It was then that my logical mind started to wonder what it was. It came up with multiple explanations unaware of the fact that it was not designed to decode the eternal truth. Was it a union of the parted souls ? or Was it one beautiful soul attracting the other ? or Was it the compatibility that we were cherishing? Or Was it that the stars were shining bright ?

We were confused how everything was falling in it’s own place. We were like the opposite ends of the jigsaw puzzle pieces which when connected would give the image of the most beautiful thing that could ever exist. We completed each other.

The couple

Bride - Diksha Arora

Groom - Ujwal Arora


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Wedding Venue

Calcutta boating And resorts (lake view), Kolkata

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Decor & Wedding Planning


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