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Their Story

Avni & Pavan’s Welcome Lunch at Suryagarh Jaisalmer

Avni Doshi & Pavan Nihalani decided to celebrate their love story at Suryagarh Jaisalmer. Guest travelled from all over India, UAE, and the US, to name a few places to participate in the wedding celebration. The 3-night wedding extravaganza began with a welcome lunch at the ‘courtyard’ of Suryagarh Jaisalmer on Day-1. Finally, the first evening featured a performance by ‘The Other People’ from Mumbai. The couple and the guest thoroughly enjoyed the band.

Avni & Pavan’s Desert inspired Mehndi at Suryagarh

The Mehndi was a refreshing change from the usual colourful Mehndis; it followed a desert-inspired decor. Pottery from local artisans, clay and terracotta toys were a part of the decor. The food was mostly Indian chaats and served from decked up ‘thela’ carts. Seating for guest was in cute little cabanas. The cushions brought in the pops of colour in an otherwise white Mehndi.

Avni & Pavan’s Sangeet Garba at Suryagarh

Following the Mehndi, the Sangeet-Garba had the guest enchanted by folk singers and dancers from Kutch, Gujarat. The decor for the evening was an elegant affair with thousands of candles lighting up the wedding venue. The couple, the sangeet venue, everything looked like a dream. The round tables were decked up with rangoli and a Marigold flower installation. Avni & Pavan decided to go with flowers that grow in this region of the country.

Avni & Pavan’s wedding ceremony at Suryagarh

The wedding ceremony took place with the majestic Suryagarh Palace as the backdrop. The couple took the pheras, and their wedding vows in the middle of a water body filled with marigold flowers and candles. As the couple exchanged the garlands, the sunset in the background and the palace slowly lit up. As the guest showered flower petals on the couple, a Rajasthani ‘Ravanhatha’ artist, played celebratory wedding songs from Marwar.

Avni & Pavan’s wedding dinner at Suryagarh

The wedding dinner took place at the lakeside of Suryagarh. Managniyar Seduction, a symphony of 40 plus Rajasthani folk artists, played on, with the grand Surayagarh palace as the backdrop. The decor for the evening was kept subtle and minimalistic. The tables had crystal candelabras with white flowers and candles all around. The lakeside looked mesmerising, leaving the guest awestruck!


Wedding planner: RAVMEK Weddings

Wedding venue: Suryagarh Jaisalmer

Powered by: WeddingsOnly.in

Wedding photographer: Shreya Sen Photography

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