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Yellow Decor Ideas with Purple Elements for 2020 Weddings

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Updated on 30 June, 2020


Beautiful Yellow Wedding Decor with Purple Elements!


Choosing a decor for your wedding is equally a big deal, just like it is to choose the outfits for the wedding. So, for making it a bit easy for you, we present you with partly traditional and partly modern, beautiful wedding decor. 


The entrance brings up the traditional yellow colour while the detailing elements inside the wedding decor are all magenta pink or lavender or blue. Dive deep in this gallery of yellow wedding decor and save the ideas you loved!


classic yellow wedding decor on entrance


The entrance showcases a beautiful main entry gate in yellow with cut-out spaces lighted up with the backlight. Moreover, the arch of the entrance gate looks gorgeous as with white and blood-red blooms decorations which are perfectly complementing the yellow.


beautiful entrance decor with yellow and purple elements


The hallway looks stunning with the black vase in the very centre, which features red and pink garden roses. Also, the floor captures all our attention because of the unique check design. Moreover, the swag draping done with maroon drapes looks beautiful. 

  decorated interior area with yellow decor and purple elements

halfway decoration with beautful flowers on gate


The hallway follows the open lawn through a short walkway. The walkway features beautiful tassels details. Also, on either side of the walkway, the floral stands look fantastic along with the blood-red and blush-pink garden roses. 

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open lawn decoration with purple lighting


Even the open lawn highlights the unique full-length carpet in the check-designs, which will stop you and make you stare at the same. Besides, the palm trees with the turquoise spotlights give the decor a different vision.


exterior area decorated with purple elements decor 

beautiful exterior area decoration with purple theme


As I have always said, small details at a wedding decor are essential. The small magenta dome is put up for the guests to sit and have their little bit chats with friends and family. Also, instead of sofas, the tiny lounge area features beautiful couches with maroon covering. 


decorated stage with yellow and purple decoration


The stage area is known to be one of the essential spots of a wedding. In this decor, the stage looks so royal. The prominent features of the stage include the beautiful stage decoration in the form of a mahal. Also, the red roses stuffing alongside the mahal frame looks fantastic and provides with the contrasting.


interior dining area decoration with purple decor


Dining area with the buffet system looks fab along with orange backlit drapes. Moreover, the pink chandeliers are adding beauty to the orange background as well. The orange background used perfectly complements the yellow wedding decor, also to give the traditional touch to the decor.


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open area decoration with purple elements


Decorating the dining area, we have substantial floral chandeliers. The chandeliers beautifully feature tightly knitted white blooms, while the blue lighting gives the blue effect to it. Moreover, the dried tree print at the background with spotlights installed at the bottom have their charm and add beauty to the decor. 


interior area decoration with purple chandliers 

Another beautiful sample of floral chandelier used is visible here. The light features beautiful purple wisteria flowers carefully wrapped around it.


decorated dining area with yellow and purple decor

I’m sure this decor gallery would have definitely with aww. Don’t hold up and screenshot the pictures you adored!