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12 Ways To Woo The Guests At Your Engagement Party

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 14 September, 2020

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An engagement is once in a lifetime moment that a couple transits through, along with all the other wedding ceremonies that fall in the nuptial week. Hosts put an extra effort to take the ceremony to a whole new level in the celebrational spirit, so read the ideas we have in store for you and make your event lavish. Get your checklist ready and get started with 12 Ways To Woo The Guests At Your Engagement Party. Scroll down to make it happen!

1. Decoration Is Everything


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Bring your wedding celebration dreams to life by adding elite decor. It is a game-changer and speaks a lot about your event, so be high-end if budget is the least of your concerns.  

2. Themed Events Are New Rituals


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A new ritual for nuptial celebrations is to keep the event theme based such as- Bollywood, Carnival, Minimal or Royal. You too can choose a theme for your engagement to satisfy your dreamy nature.

3. Add A Bohemian Touch


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Top up your engagement decor with a Bohemian touch to accentuate its modernity. Ivory drapes, cosy corners, baby breath and plant elements will make your party stand out.

4. The Strict Dress-Code Trend


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5. Host A Grand Brunch


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Throw a grand brunch engagement party and feed your guests with lip-smacking delicacies. A brunch culture is an elegant way to make your event a hit, so you can go ahead and stun your guests with a high-end decor if you desire. Heart-warming!

6. A Boozy Engagement Party


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Set an iconic bar at the engagement party to quirk up the ambience. Have your guests go tipsy to begin the party or plan a complete booze gala to treat your close ones. 

7. Let The Food & Bar Display Pull You


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Caterers are constantly working on making their food display more artistic because food & beverages really get noticed. Therefore you can aim at making your food display look funky. Invitees would be drooling all over it.

8. Do Not Forget An Engagement Tray


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Presentation is so crucial that you cannot afford to forget an engagement tray. Woo her with a gigantic diamond in something special.

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9. Book A DJ Vendor


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Music is a must-have and that is why you must call a Dj to boost the mood of your event. Also if you are a fan of stage performances, you shall get it installed with other decorations.

10. Keep It Groovy With Dholis


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Book a dhol troupe so the beats are all that keeps you and your guests groovy. Bhangra is a must-have! 

11. Play Exciting Games And Stay Lit


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Games are exciting to be played at a wedding because what is more entertaining than seeing the winner amongst the groomzilla and bridezilla. Play the shoe-game, spin the wheel or anything you desire to keep the event lit and hit!

12. Include Your Wedding Souvenirs Already


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The hashtag trend has been revolutionized to couple logos, souvenirs and customised wedding favours. You can play around with them in as many ways as possible. Place them on the food tables, entrance, make a booth out of it or maybe stamp your wedding logo anywhere you like! It will be extraordinary. 

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How many ideas are you trying from this list? Please share in the comments below.