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35+ Most Romantic Winter Honeymoon Destinations to Explore

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Winters are arriving and its the wedding season as well! What a great time for choosing your best winter honeymoon destinations!

 It’s that time of the year again. Halloween is over, and Thanksgiving is knocking at the door. So, you know it’s time for the Christmas season, the winter season. Winters are the time to get cosy and happy with your loved one. And with a winter wedding on the cards, the lookout for some cozy and tenderly warm winter honeymoon destinations are in full swing. So, if you’re getting married in this season and haven’t decided on your honeymoon destination yet, why not check out these places in India? Who knows you might see India in a new light and opt for a homely place close to home? 


Well, let’s explore the options and see what’s makes it to your heart!


The Meandering Tea Gardens Munnar

This 19-century elite British hill station in the western ghats is perfect for a honeymoon trip. The view of meandering mountain paths from your cozy hotel balcony is all that you need this season. You can visit the backwaters of Alleppey. The nearest railway station Aluva lies 110 kilometres from this beautiful hill town.


green green tea gardens as a winter honeymoon destination


The Calming Jaisalmer

The land of limestone castles and sand dreams is known for its winter repertoire. If you aren’t getting married at Jaipur-Udaipur destination wedding, you can take a trip to this land. The winter is the ideal time to visit the hot desert, and it’s also the time for many festivals. So give it a go and explore some castles on your honeymoon. Go camping in the deserts, explore the land in a safari.

deserted jaisalmer as a winter honeymoon destination

 The Vibrant Udaipur

Close to Jaisalmer lies the city of palaces, Udaipur with all its lakes, natural beauty and colours. This city is the ideal place to live and experience royalty.


royal udaipur as a winter honeymoon destination


The Wild Goa

How can a honeymoon plan leave Goa behind? It’s a perfect destination for a lovely time by the beach. Explore the place, visit the churches, trace the history, and when you want it to go wild, go to a party. There’s no dearth of things to do in Goa.

beachside at goa as a winter honeymoon destination


The Changing Weather Ooty

The mild weather of port that changes every few hours and reveals a mesmerising beauty is an excellent winter honeymoon destination.


cold ooty as a as a winter honeymoon destination


The Congenial Coorg

The hilly terrain of Coorg gives you different fervour all together. With hills, monasteries, and waterfalls nearby coupled with excellent food, it’s quite the honeymoon you wanted.

congenial coorg as a winter honeymoon destination


The Icy Gangtok

How can you live behind Sikkim when you think of winter destinations in India? Sikkim’s capital Gangtok is an excellent place to be if you want to play with snow and ice this season. The hill region is best explored in these cold conditions. Take a flight to Bagdogra airport and then drive through the hills to reach Sikkim. 




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The Lyrical Dalhousie

From the mountains of the northeast let’s move into north and check out Himachal. Drop the cliched Shimla and Manali, visit Dalhousie. A small town embedded in the hills. Here you can have a cozy time in oblivion as you visit the Dalai Lama’s abode and monasteries nearby. 

cooldy dalhousie as a winter honeymoon destination


The Kashmir in Srinagar

You sure can’t leave Kashmir out of the equation when you are dealing with honeymoons. It’s the most trusted honeymoon destination. It turns all the more beautiful in winter. So, don’t miss the frozen Dal lake and the picturesque Mughal Gardens of Srinagar. 


beautiful kashmir in srinagar as a winter honeymoon destination


The Exotic Andamans

December is the ideal time for an Andaman visit and explores the island region with some exotic sea life. Chill by the beaches, delve deep into the sea and talk with the corals. The Andaman is waiting for you. 

beachside views at andaman as a winter honeymoon destination


The Ride Through the Mountains in Darjeeling

The Queen of the Hills, Darjeeling is quite the place if you want to explore a quiet hill town on a heritage toy train ride and catch a glimpse of Kanchenjunga. 



The Mangroves of Sundarbans

Winter is the best time to visit the wildlife paradise of India. The only mangrove land in our country and the land where our national animal, the royal Bengal tiger lives.

forest adventure in sunderbans as a winter honeymoon destination


The Kurseong Solace

A few kilometres before Darjeeling lies Kurseong, a quiet hamlet. You can spend some lovely time here if you don’t want to stay in Darjeeling. Look over the mountains and enjoy your food. It falls on the way to Darjeeling and can be reached through a toy train or car.


kurseong solace as a winter honeymoon destination


The Sizzling Shimla

Well, we can’t leave Shimla out of the equation, can we? A perfect place to spend your honeymoon. Not too much away from the crowd, not too much into the crowd. With the mall, temples, monasteries, zoos and other centres. There’s quite a bit of exploring in Shimla.


sizzling shimla as a winter honeymoon destination


Daman & Diu Delight

The islands of Daman & Diu with its pristine and unexplored beaches, lighthouses are an excellent winter destination. 

beautiful daman and diu as a winter honeymoon destination


The Myriad Manali

The go-to place to play with snow and live in cottages and spend quality time. Manali is a comfortable winter honeymoon destination for many.

hilltop manali as a winter honeymoon destination


The Lake Beauty Nainital

Nainital, a lake tucked amidst mountains in Uttarakhand is a beautiful place to visit. Take cable rides, go for boating in the lake, visit the observatory and national parks nearby. There are many things to do here.

beauty of lake in nainatal as a winter honeymoon destination


Bonding in Landour, Mussoorie

Another place where literature breathes. The small town of Landour in Mussoorie with a view of the hill forest is a beauty you can’t miss. And it’s here you can meet Ruskin Bond on bookshop nearby or taking a stroll down the road. Well, the houses some ethereal institutions and campuses like Doon school, forest research institute, etc. which are quite popular tourist destinations.



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The Snow Covered Spiti Valley

A quaint little valley all decked up in the snow with villages lying at the bottom, Spiti is suitable for the snow and trek loving couple



The Romantic Khajjiar

This place in Himachal is the closest you can get to a Switzerland like experience in India. With its snowy fields and breathtaking mountains, it’s a vision to behold.

romantic khajjar as a winter honeymoon destination


The Backwaters of Alappuzha

Allepey or Alappuzha with its backwaters and boathouses is an excellent place to spend some cozy time with your beau. 




The Hearty Wayanad

The hill station with a heart-shaped lake at its foothills is the place to celebrate togetherness. It’s time to be happy and loving here.


hearty wayanad as a winter honeymoon destination



Ride through the valley in Pahalgam

Pahalgam in Kashmir is a good place to live with nature. Explore the valley riding in horses and live your dream.

pahalgam valley as a winter honeymoon destination


Swim With the Corals in Lakshadweep

You can’t leave out the land of exotic corals from a honeymoon destination list, can you? So, take a dive and swim with the strange creatures of the sea.

lakshdweep scuba diving as a winter honeymoon destination


The Refreshing Majuli

Visit a beautiful stretch of freshwater islands set in the northeast hilly region of Assam. 

lake side maujli as a winter honeymoon destination



The Clouds of Cherapunji

The cloudy Meghalaya with its waterfalls and dreamy landscape beckons you to Cherapunji.

cherapunji as a winter honeymoon destination


The Autumn Cherry Blossom land

Shillong, a hill town in Meghalaya turns to a pink city in November – December with cherry blossoms. The place looks ethereal in this landscape.

cherry blossom land as a winter honeymoon destination


A Food Paradise in the City of Nawab

Honeymoons are also about fun, bonding, and exploration. For the couples who are foodies by heart and love to explore food, the city of Nawabs, Lucknow is an excellent place to visit. It is steeped in history and architecture which will enthrall you, along with the lip-smacking food. 

city of nawab as a winter honeymoon destination



The historical Thanjavur

This historical land, with all its Dravidian style palaces and temples, is bound to make you fall in love.

thanjavur as a winter honeymoon destination


Khajuraho, an expression of love.

Well, can you forget Khajuraho, when you think of love? This ancient city with beautiful temples and sculptures might be a place where you want to remember each other.

beautiful khajurao as a winter honeymoon destination


The French Town of Pondicherry

Quiet time by the sea, good food, liquor, music, instagrammable heritage town with the french connection. What more do you need to live a happy time?

french town pondicherry as a winter honeymoon destination

The Danish Town of Tranquebar

Few kilometres from Pondicherry lies a Danish colony set up by Danish settlers. This quaint beachside town with castles and churches is a warm place to explore.


danish town tranquebar as a winter honeymoon destination


Dzukou Valley, Nagaland

Spend some time trekking through this fascinating field tucked between mountains in Nagaland. It’s the ideal way to bond with your better half.

nagaland valley as a winter honeymoon destination


The Beautiful Auli 

Live amidst the snow-capped landscape in cozy resorts and ski through the snow.

beautiful auli as a winter honeymoon destination


The Ethereal Binsar

Explore the Binsar bird sanctuary set amidst the hills. It’s closest to nature.

hilltop binsar as a winter honeymoon destination



Lohtak, Manipur

A nightly land in the northeast with the largest freshwater lake and Ramsar site. 

northeast manipur as a winter honeymoon destination


The Enigmatic Hampi

Take a trip down the historic tungabhadra river and visit Hampi. Take the coracle boat ride with your better half

enigmatic hampi as a winter honeymoon destination


The White Sand of Kutch

Spend some magical time on a moonlit night in the wind sand desert of Kutch. These are some of the places to be with your better half. Look through them and reflect your personality. Maybe these are places which will bring you together. 

beautiful white sand of kutch as a winter honeymoon destination