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Gorgeous White and Blush Pink Decor Ideas for Weddings

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Beautiful White & Blush Pink Wedding Decor Ideas

The combination of pure white and blush pink would go best for the theme of your choice! Check out this white wedding decor.


The blush pink colour is a symbol of love and white symbolises innocence. I think this combination can perfectly define a bride and groom’s relationship. Hence, this is a perfect theme for you. Other than the fact that it depicts innocence, white is also said to reflect purity and peace. Therefore, having a white wedding decor can show a lot about your personality too. 

One more element that helps celebrate the language of love is roses! Decorate your wedding with complementing coloured roses, and this will make the wedding look gorgeous and smell amazingly fresh. Other than that, another decisive factor about white is that it makes the spaces look spacious and more abundant. A touch of blush pink behaves like a cherry on top; it completes the decor. 

White Flower Decoration on Entrance 

A perfect walkway creates a great impression on the guests. Just like decor, the carpet used on the walkway gives a feathery look made of white feathers. Moreover, the concept contrasting it with the damask-printed golden full room carpet looks great. The glass vase stands on the sideway, have a white vase on their top with pink and fuschia roses along with pink orchids. The use of all sorts of blush pink flowers is brilliant. 

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White Floral Decoration with Blush Pink Flowers

Furthermore, decorated corners are essential in any wedding decor as they tend to fill the spaces which might look weird and empty otherwise. In this white wedding decor theme, you can see that this space is beautifully utilised with the help of a table and two small side tables. In addition, in the background, we have artificial silk white roses firmly pinned with each other on the wall. Bordering it, you see a designed white colored frame. Other elements that give details to the whole set-up are bar candles, pink orchids, pink roses and beautiful candelabras. 

Wedding tag with Blush Pink Colours


Besides, even standing large LOVE Letters used to decorate spaces is a great idea. Installing spotlights under them is another way to add to the beauty. 

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Decorated Stage with White and Blush Pink Flowers

The stage area looks sparkling with all the floral work and lighting. Also, the stage arches used looks very beautiful along with different sorts of blooms kept in white vases. White wisterias just above the bride-groom sofas look pretty fascinating. 

Dinner tables cannot be left empty; hence, placing beautiful vases as centerpieces is a great idea. Glass vase featuring all sorts of pink roses looks fantastic.  

I think this theme looks nothing less than a fairyland. So, hop on and save the ideas which you loved!