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21+ Best Destination Wedding Venues Near Kolkata to Check

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

 Weddings have become grand gala. Families invest in their big fat weddings with such enthusiasm to make it as memorable. While earlier the trends changed only by adding more functions and cults into it, now it has gone up to a very different level.


Weddings are just not confined to the hometowns nowadays; people choose the city of their dreams to tie the knot. Destination weddings do not remain a new concept anymore, the couples wish for a classy wedding ceremony which is little far from the daily hustle and bustle of the city. And this makes them go to a beautiful wedding destination. And to make it happen, the most critical task is to select a place worthy enough cease for your D-Day.


You will find various luxury resorts in and around this city, which will let you unleash amidst total serenity. Whether you are searching for a relaxing getaway with your family or a place to have fun with your friends, Kolkata has it all to offer you.


From grand arrangements to food, we fantasise about having a complete extravagant celebration that etches in our hearts for a long time. If you or your loved ones are looking for a big fat Indian wedding, I am here to help you sort your woos on destination wedding planning that’ll make you reevaluate.


Let me show you the best wedding venues near Kolkata that you should be looking at.


Wedding Destinations In Kolkata


1. The Vedic Village Resort 


This hidden gem is probably one of the world-class luxury resort in the town. Famous for offering a raw ambience of nature as it is based on the backdrop of a Bengal village in its authentic architecture. It gives you a blend of holistic wellness and an indulgent stay in its uniqueness of the landscape. A getaway stretches over 150 acres of tremendous natural beauty which offers green pastures, lakes and a wealth of flora. A heavenly abode for squirrels, butterflies, migratory birds and exotic species of plants. Nature people will find it perfect for its mesmerising surroundings and the tranquil of the village atmosphere. Great gourmet experiences await you. 

It gives you a collection of exclusive accommodation, with grand villas and private homes, plus premium hotel rooms for those who expect elite and personal service and extraordinarily comfortable accommodation.

And finally, serenity awaits you here to take you to the temple of the wholistic wellness retreat, which starts the moment you check-in!

exterior of the vedic village resort kolkata






No. of Rooms: 128, No. of Venues: 3, No. of Guests: 300

Connectivity: 20 minutes away from the international airport in Kolkata, India.


2. The Ffort Raichak


The resort is situated in Raichak, that is 52 km away from Kolkata. Life at this regal Fort Resort will leave you spellbound. It is a magnificent piece of architecture amidst the scenic greenery, in the backdrop of the majestic river Ganga. This place is the perfect blend of wildness and royalty. The party freak in you has the Footloose Sports Bar, which is a great pub. This resort also has some outdoor fun available like golf, badminton and tennis. So, to enjoy the royalty you may opt for The Ffort Resort.


beautiful destination wedding venue in kolkata ffort raichak




No. of Rooms: 62, No. of Guests: 130, No. of Venues: Indoor 7; Outdoor 6

Connectivity: 2 h 26 min by car from the airport


3. Fortune Park Panchwati 


One of the most popular holiday resort, the Fortune Park in Panchwati is located 16kms from Kolkata. Its vicinity surrounds both the city and the tourist places viz. Golabari Ghat and Kali Temple are making it very popular among the people. A plethora of facilities like swimming pool, spa, ballroom are available here and needless to say that gourmet dining and premium stay offers an experience of its kind. Campfire facility is also provided on special requests.



swimming pool area of fortune hotel kolkata for destination wedding




No. of Rooms: 65, No. of Guests: 150, No. of Venues: 5

Connectivity: 49 min by car from the airport


4. Swissotel 


It is a five-star property offering a distinct mix of leisure facilities — book suites with its exclusive outdoor Jacuzzi. You may host an event at the ballroom in true Swiss style.

Experience a journey of culinary delight with the restaurants including Cafe Swiss, the Lounge Bar Maaya, which has an informal setting, also enjoy groovy music with tastefully curated cocktails. Its Purovel Sport offers you an exceptional ambience, with gym and an infinity pool. Swissotel’s Purovel Spa is a relaxing oasis in Kolkata’s vibrant cityscape with its wooing rooftop location. It has something for everyone!





interior decorated dining area for weddings at swissotel kolkata


No. of Rooms: 147, No. of Guests: 300, No. of Venues: 4

Connectivity: 12 min by car from the airport


5. Nirala Resorts


It is nestled in Mellock (Deulti) sprawling in 10 acres(approx 25 bighas) of land. You will experience serenity in its peaceful atmosphere set in green landscapes with breathtaking nature. It is serene and just a one and a half hours drive from Kolkata from Bombay Road. You will relish mouth-watering Bengali cuisine sitting by a marble fountain. Only a five minutes drive takes you to Shamtaber where you can meet the house of famous Bengali author Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay (author of Devdas).

exterior view for destination weddings at nirala resort kolkata






No. of Rooms: 60, No. of Guests: 150, No. of Venues: 3

Connectivity: 1 h 20 min by car from the airport


6. Sundarban Gateway Resort 


Cruise and explore the mesmerising flora & fauna of world heritage biosphere at Sunderbans. Experience tranquillity in the land which meets the sea at the southern tip of Bengal which envelopes mangrove forest of great size and bio-diversity. I have located about 95 km from Kolkata. You may hire shuttle and bike here and explore the vividly spread flora and fauna, making it a perfect spot for all the nature lovers.


exterior pathway of sundarban gateway resort kolkata



No. of Rooms: 16, No. of Guests: 50, No. of Venues: 1

Connectivity: 4 h 22 min from the airport


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Wedding Destinations In Puri


1. Mayfair Heritage, Puri 


An opulent getaway situated in Puri with stunning views of the ocean from various parts of the property. Almond trees and Weeping Fig aesthetically do the front of the hotel, and you can enjoy the waves crashing into the shore from all its corners. The sacred pilgrimage site of Jagannath Temple is just a short while away. You will love the fantastic Bengali cuisine in a rustic themed restaurant and a beach facing poolside bar.






No. of Rooms: 34, No. of Guests: 70, No. of Venues: 8 Indoor; 3 Outdoor

Connectivity: 1 h 31 min from the Puri airport


2. Holiday Resort, Puri 


It’s one of the premium hotels in Puri, bejewelled by a bunch of vibrant features and abundant natural resource. One can nestle down amidst utmost peace and get plunged into unplumbed joy. It looks that the silhouette of the hotel is synergistically drawn by the artistic strokes of the brush on the canvas of human reality. You will experience the place of heavenly elegance. It has hosted celebrities from all walks of life.



front view of holiday resort puri for destination weddings




No. of Rooms: 92, No. of Guests: 200, No. of Venues: 5

Connectivity: 1 h 33 min from Puri airport


3. The Chariot, Puri


Puri has one of the biggest seashore resort in eastern India, offering all the luxury that you deserve in natural lagoon sprawling in 4 acres land away from the rush & chaos of the city. The property offers more than just a lavish lodging as it sets a trend of wealthy concepts of hospitality — no wonder why it is the most preferred choice for fairy-tale weddings.







No. of Rooms: 136, No. of Guests: 300, No. of Venues: 8

Connectivity: 1 h 33 min from Puri airport


4. Mahodadhi Palace, Puri


It gives you an experience colonial charm at a beach resort in Puri. It is a blend of contemporary opulence and an old-era beauty offering absolute comfort. The property is a majestic red stone monument, gazing the vast Bay of Bengal which once was the summer palace of Maharaja Panchkot. Savour an enchanting wedding experience here.


interior lounge area at mahodadhhi palace puri for weddings





No. of Rooms: 25, No. of Guests: 60, No. of Venues: 1

Connectivity: 1 h 22 min from Puri airport


5. Sterling Puri

The property has well-furnished halls for your D Day with unique settings and tasteful interiors. Their team of professionals will make your grand wedding memorable. They claim to the guest’s well-being and their luxurious stay.


beautiful reception area at sterling puri for weddings





No. of Rooms: 69, No. of Guests:150, No. of Venues:

Connectivity: 1 h 18 min from Puri airport


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Wedding Destinations In Guwahati


1. Kiranshree Grand


It’s a Grand wedding venue situated nestled in Guwahati is spread over 6 acres of land. It is the highly favoured option in this area for the crème de la crème. It is just a few minutes away from the Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport. Experience supreme hospitality while enjoying the picturesque beauty of Northeast India! Don’t blame me if you are tempted never to check out!

aerial view of kiranshree grand guwahati for weddings





No. of Rooms: 122, No. of Guests: 250, No. of Venues: 5

Connectivity: 11 min from Guwahati airport


2.Vivanta Guwahati 


It’s a 3-star resort in the gateway of North East, Guwahati, which is located between the bank of river Brahmaputra and the foothills of the plateau in Shillong. Nestled on GS Road and located near to the Deobanath Mandir, the situation bestows you with peace, stunning beauty, and an unforgettable experience! Something great for your idea of the Big Fat Wedding.

beautiful location for destination wedding at vivanta guwahati






No. of Rooms: 150, No. of Guests: 300, No. of Venues:

Connectivity: 30 min from Guwahati airport


3. Radisson Blu


The property in Guwahati has established a reputation for excellence and has been acknowledged for offering world-class quality and value to its guests. They help you make the best of your wedding and pre-wedding. An affluent retreat would make your D Day an unforgettable one for you and your guests. They offer you the best amenities to cater to all your requirements to make it a successful gala of felicity.

exterior view of radisson blu guwahati for weddings






No. of Rooms: 196, No. of Guests:240, No. of Venues: 1

Connectivity: 125 min from Guwahati airport


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Wedding Destinations In Raipur


1.Clarks Inn Suite 


The ambience and the vicinity of the property make it the best option for a variety of travellers. Telibandha Talab, one of the popular sightseeing locations, is a few minutes drive away. Though the hotel is a worthy option to stay throughout the year still April, May and June are the suggested month for the best experience.



reception area at claks inn suite raipur




No. of Rooms: 151, No. of Guests: 300, No. of Venues:

Connectivity: 17 min from Raipur airport


2. Mayfair Lake Resort

It is the brand new property Located amidst scenic greenery and overlooking the serene Jhangh Lake; the 5-star deluxe resort offers excellent luxury accommodation, exceptional banqueting and unique event space, world-class facilities and various the best restaurants in Raipur. Your accommodation will mostly be either canal facing or lake facing with amazingly pleasing views. It also has a bridal room which offers an array of holistic wellness therapy.






No. of Rooms: 124, No. of Guests: 300, No. of Venues: 5

Connectivity: 17 min from Raipur airport


3. Hukam Lalit Mahal


A majestic venue located in Raipur. It is a perfect example of modern amenities underlying minimalism. It has got the places that can serve you better than you expect. It professes to help you with finest of facilities at budget-friendly rates giving you a versatile and world-class experience. It offers in-house caterers who can catch your senses with lavish cuisine. You can also select from a list of panel of decorators to ornate your D- day with an elegant theme.


plan your destination wedding at hukum lalit mahal raipur





No. of Rooms: 150, No. of Guests: 300, No. of Venues: 3

Connectivity: 16 min from Raipur airport


4. Zone by The Park


This wedding venue is furnished with all the world-class modern state-of-the-art amenities that offer all the comfort that you always deserved. It has been hosting several private, personalised and royal weddings. The ceiling at this wedding hall is embellished with lovely yellow lights making the venue look elegant, warm and welcoming.

front view of zone by the park raipur for destination weddings






No. of Rooms: 72, No. of Guests: 150, No. of Venues: 3

Connectivity: 17 min from Raipur airport


5. Club Paraiso 


It integrates the traditional flavour of an Indian wedding with the world-class modern amenities of a premium boutique hotel. It is an excellent blend of contemporary design and approach to making your stay splendid and pleasing. They offer you excellent facilities to cater to all your event needs to make your D-Day an affluent gala of happiness.


aerial view of club paraiso raipur for weddings





No. of Rooms: 50, No. of Guests: 150, No. of Venues: 3

Connectivity: 36 min from Raipur airport

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Wedding Destinations In Bangkok


1. SO Sofitel Bangkok


It is a five-star beachfront property in Pattaya. The crest of traditional Thai and cutting-edge patterns suited for all lifestyle and nestled away in a scenic landscape with lush tropical gardens and private Beach Club with straight access to the beach.



beautiful entrance view of sosofitol bangkok




No. of Rooms: 237, No. of Guests: 500, No. of Venues: 9

Connectivity: 31 min from Bangkok airport


2. Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa


Experience remarkable seascapes in the five-star property. Enjoy the tropical landscape and panoramic ocean beauty from their resort plazas, patios and beachfront. Celebrate your D Day in one of their multifunction venues designed with contemporary and that-inspired décor. Some rooms are facing the ocean, the tropical gardens or the lagoon pool. Relish everything from authentic pan-Asian fare to homestyle Italian. Recharge and replenish with their amazing amenities.

top view of sheraton hua hin resort and spa bangkok






No. of Rooms: 240, No. of Guests: 500, No. of Venues: 7

Connectivity: 4 h 8 min from Bangkok airport


3. Rayong Marriott Resort & Spa


From romantic beach weddings to elegant galas in their august ballroom, both the indoor and outdoor venues of our place exceed expectations. Experience sweeping ocean views from the private balconies off of the luxurious room have fun in their stunning outdoor pools, relax in soothing Quan Spa and savour delicious dining at their restaurants and bars.


front view of rayong marriott resort and spa bangkok





No. of Rooms: 205, No. of Guests: 420, No. of Venues: 4

Connectivity: 2 h 19 min from Bangkok airport


4. Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort


 It is nestled in a lush tropical backdrop. Arrive in style on your D day with easily accessible by luxury shuttle boat. Enjoy a grand ballroom with stylish Thai decor, to a fresco terrace enveloped in orchids overlooking the river.


plan your wedding at anantara riverside bangkok resort





No. of Rooms: 396, No. of Guests: 700, No. of Venues: 6

Connectivity: 1 h 18 min from Bangkok airport


5. Banyan Tree Phuket


Go and escape to a sanctuary in the Andaman’s greatest treasure, the island of Phuket. A private paradise of opulent all-pool villas nestled on all side by a saltwater lagoon and surrounded by mesmerising greenery. Celebrate your wedding on this beautiful island, a world of unspoiled natural beauty and unparalleled luxury.


beautiful destination wedding venues at banyan tree phuket





No. of Rooms: 175, No. of Guests: 400, No. of Venues:4

Connectivity: 1h from Bangkok airport