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9 Uber-cool Things for Couples to Do at Wedding to Make it More Extravagant

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

You can add a Wow factor with these additions to your wedding and believe me, it won't cost you a bomb 

You were eight years old since you have started thinking about your wedding. Which dress would you wear? What colour theme would you choose for decoration? What would be the place where you would get married? Who would attend your wedding? Just the thoughts about your wedding gave you goosebumps back then, didn't they?

Now, Imagine living that list you made years ago. Imagine doing everything which you have planned since then. Imagine your every dream coming true. So, to make your wedding day one of the best days of your life, we have come up with ten things which will give you a clear idea of how do you want your wedding and then, execute the designs you like for your wedding.


1. Have a Photo Booth


Keeping a photo booth at your wedding is now a trend, but, we can make it extra-ordinary by setting up the unique photo-booth of all times. Cue-cards would be kept at the photo-booth to make the photos more interesting. And the best we can do is keep a polaroid camera with a lot of prints for the people to use. This tactic makes the whole idea of photo booth quirkier.

Wedding photo-booth ideas



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2. Set up for the buffet


The buffet is there at every wedding, but what makes it more or less appealing is how we set up the meal. There are many creative ways to set up meals. And the other thing that matters is food. The number of items present can be less, but the quality of the food must be maintained.

buffet setup ideas wedding inspirations


3. Colourful Decoration


The colours used for decoration are increasing day by day. There are mainly three colour schemes to be used in weddings.Soothing pastels, Bright colours, Neon colours.

Generally, bright and neon colour themes are used because they look very eye-pleasing.




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4. An open bar (or an open bar in a designated suite or room) 


Your wedding day is one of the special days of your life, and only sane stories never make a good wedding. So, to watch videos of the embarrassing moment at your wedding, you have to subscribe to the channel 'THE OPEN BAR'. Open bars can be set up in many different and unusual ways at your wedding.


Open bar Ultimate thing for wedding

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5. Wedding Cake

You started dieting two months ago as your wedding was coming close but, now is the time you give up on dieting and eat big fat pieces of your wedding cake. As you are going to be eating a pie after a long time, you would not want to be disappointed. So, here are some fantastic wedding cakes which would add a cherry to the cake at your wedding.

Delicious wedding cake





6. A Pool side event  


Everyone in their lifetime has always dreamt of having a poolside wedding destination, but YOU can make that dream right. We have come up with some fantastic poolside wedding destination.

Pool side decor wedding ideas


7. A fun and quirky Mehndi


It is your wedding day, and obviously, you don't want anyone at your wedding without beautiful Heena on their hands. So, we have come up with concepts which can help you set up a different corner, especially for Mehendi.

mehendi wedding inspirations


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8. Entertainment


No one wants that anyone is ever bored at their wedding, so the entertainment corners are set up at the wedding. These entertainment stalls include a tattoo artist who provides free service, a man who has a stack of bangles and gives you bracelets which mingle with your clothes, some small games and a tarot card reader.

entertainment-ultimate fun ideas



9. Candid (and creative) Photographers


On this special day of your life where you and your significant other look their best, you would not want wicked pictures, right? So, you need to select your photographer very wisely, who will click good images of you with your significant other and family members.

Candid Photographers in wedding




10. A Photo wall


You would love to show people the journey of how you and your partner have gone through ups and downs in life and reached here. The only way to do that is to show them the memories you have made together. And after all, it will always be the pictures that will be counted.

  Photo Display Ultimate idea