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17 Memorable Wedding Gift Ideas for Sisters to make D-day better!

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Are you looking for some unique wedding gift ideas for your sister? 

Siblings are really important people, keeping that in mind we’ve rounded up the best wedding gift ideas for sister to make her the happiest!

Growing up with your siblings is a hell of a rollercoaster ride, and I’m sure all of you will agree with me. But, when you know, the day has arrived when you will have to let go away your partner in crime, that’s the most emotional realisation. However, to double up their happiness on their wedding day, you might be wondering about the unique wedding gift ideas that you can give to your sister and make her smile even more full. Also, what is the harm in making her feel special on her significant day?

Are gifts supposed to be meaningful right? So, to ease your pressure, we’ve curated a fabulous list of wedding gifts for sister that’ll make her happiness ten times. Without delay, let’s scroll through the menu while you make your best choices :

1. Personalised Gift Hampers

What is better than a hamper full of personalised gift? On her big day, gift your sister a personalised hamper that has all sorts of products for a newly married couple.



2. A Solo Experience of Trip

A solo experience or a solo trip will be a fantastic gift idea if your sister is a wanderlust soul. Just book a ticket and make arrangements for her visit to her favourite city and see how memorable that trip will be for her.


3. A Gadget as a Gift for Sister Wedding

Some brides have a craze for gadgets and them, a newly launched phone or Bluetooth speaker or any other electronic device would be a perfect wedding gift!


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4. Nameplate for new home

Your sister is going to start a new journey of life, a new home, a new family. So, gifting her a nameplate for her new house is quite a well-thought wedding gift. Moreover, to make it personalised, gift her a nameplate which has their surnames written on it.


5. Accessories for wedding

We all are aware of how crazy the girls are about accessorises and looking like a diva in those accessories. Then why not make her feel special by giving her some precious bridal jewellery and accessories on her wedding day.


6. Brand New Makeup Kit for Sister’s Wedding

Another craze that the ladies have is for makeup! The perfect lip shade or the ideal eye-shadow, they know it all. Having said that, why don’t you choose a branded makeup kit as a wedding gift for sister?


7. Framed Family Photographs

Family is your root, they are your core support throughout life, and I’m sure no one can disagree to this. So, Gifting her a family tree or a framed family photograph would drive her all emotional, and she will go through a rush of memories.


8. Personalised Pendants – Gift Ideas for Sister’s Wedding

Well, who doesn’t like personalised gifts? A personalised gift gives you a feeling of being treated specially, and everyone loves special treatment. So, for her wedding day, gift her a personalised pendant that has her wedding date carved on it and see her go gaga over it.


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9. Couple Watches – Wedding Gift for Sister

Even though watches are cliche, they still make a great gift. On her wedding day, gift her a couple of watches and see her getting all red out of blushing.


10. Perfumes – Gift Ideas for Sister’s Wedding

Some people have a passion for perfumes, and they can smell the fragrance and tell you the brand. If your sister is also equally passionate for perfumes, then this wedding gift would be apt for her.


11. Childhood Memories Album – Gift for Sister’s Wedding

A rush of childhood memories can make her the happiest on the big day. So, you can go for gifting her an album which has all your childhood pictures. Moreover, this can be a gift which she will cherish all her life.


12. Scented Candles and Candelabras – Wedding Gift Ideas

Scented Candles are capable of doing dual work, firstly they’ll light up the area and look beautiful with the decor and secondly, their scent will add a sweet a fragrance to the atmosphere.


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13. Couple Resort Stay Or Sponsoring Honeymoon

What can be a better gift for the newlyweds other than a sponsored honeymoon? Moreover, along with making your sister feel special, you’ll also make your brother-in-law feel special and accepted.


14. Luxury Hamper – Gift Ideas for Sister’s Wedding

A wedding gift hamper that contains all the luxury items from the biggest brands can be a fantastic wedding gift for your sister, and I’m sure you’ll agree to this.


15. A Portrait or Painting – Gift for Sister’s Wedding

For the art-lovers, a portrait or a majestic painting can be a great wedding gift idea. Also, other than this a personalised portrait of the newlywed couple is another idea which at a hype these days.


16. Home Accessories & Decor or Kitchen Accessories

Entering a new phase of life and stepping in a new home, both needs a bit of support. So, on your part, gifting your sister some home decor items or kitchen accessories would be a great idea.


17. Cutesy Pet – Gift Ideas for Sister’s Wedding

For the pet-lovers, a cute little pet can be a great wedding gift for the sister. Moreover, while both of them go through the new phase, a pet would surely keep them engaged and involved.


The wedding day is already a memorable day for her, but giving her some unique gifts will double up the happiness of the day! So these are the best gift ideas for sister’s wedding. Select a unique one to show your love.

Drop-in the comment which one you liked the most, We will send you the best offers on it with more relatable Gift Ideas