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5 Most Engaging Wedding Games for Newly Married Couples

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

The big fat Indian weddings are nothing less a grand event with never-ending memories. Marriages in India bind not just two people but two big ‘Khandans’, and the grand event is the only way of igniting the spark between them. Especially in case of arranged marriages, there’s an awkwardness and formality which does not fade away that easy. Especially the bride, whose whole world is now going to be topsy turvy as now she has to live with all these people she barely knows, the anticipation and pressure are much more. To break that ice with a bang the ‘Wedding Games’ come to the rescue. 

Though it’s nothing new and we already have a lot of traditional games between the groom and the bride, now there’s a lot more added to it. Creating the best fusion of entertainment and traditions, here are a few games you can organise at your wedding, which will not only involve the bride and the groom but will entertain the guests as well!

Tug Of War

One of the most popular and most exciting games which involve the whole list of guests and relatives. Rules are straightforward, all you need is a rope, and it’s a wedding game so a large flower garland will beautify it. The Bride’s team will be on one side, and the Groom’s outfit will be on the other side. No matter who wins, we can ensure laughs all the while.

Most  Enjoyable Fun Game

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How well do you know each other

The easiest and quirkiest way to get the guests laughing? This game tests how well the bride and groom are aware of other’s quirks. All these needs are a list of funny and tricky questions and signs boards of both the bride’s and the groom’s name. Do both have to raise the board as an answer to who most closely fits the questions like Who is going to do the dishes more? Or maybe, who is more arranged and organised? Or who will wake up in the morning first? Etc.

 Enjoyable Fun Game Ideas


As old school as it could sound, karaokes are still one of the most entertaining activities. When the whole over-enthusiast event is over, and all you guys need is some rest and little chill, this game is the best to play. Just a few songs and their lyrics are you need. You can choose different songs for different eras like old melodies for uncles and aunties and maybe rap for the Gen-X. As it involves everyone, this game turns out to be an entertaining one.

 Ideas for Newly Married Couples

Wheel of fun


This game involves almost everyone. You need to create a giant wheel with tasks and questions written over it. Anyone can spin it, and whatever task it stops at, people will have to do that. You can include jobs like: 

Show your best dance moves. 

Wear a saree in 50 seconds. (This will be funnier if it’s a guy)

Take an ugly odd selfie and upload it right away on social media.

Eat maximum rasgullas or golgappas in 50 seconds.

The Shoe Game

This is one of our favourite games to play at weddings. The bride and groom sit back-to-back while all the guests surround them. The bride holds an one of her shoes and other one of her groom’s shoes. You can choose any of your friends or cousins as hosts, and the couple can answer simultaneously by holding up the shoe that belongs to the one who fits in the answer. The most exciting part of this game are questions like:

Games  for Newly Married Couples

Who said I love you first?

Who made the first move?

Who is the better cook?

Who has better handwriting?

Who dresses better?

Who spends the most?

Who is the better dancer?

Whose phone battery is always charged and who is still drained?

Who is quicker to anger?

Who got the best grades in school?

Though your guests won’t be involved, they’ll be laughing it up at your answers. 

While you are busy with the preparations, do give some time out for these fun games. After all, weddings need some fun. The couple needs fun! Show your guests that you could have a good time while also busting out some formalities of the ceremonies.

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