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5 Best Wedding Decorators For Your Wedding In Kolkata

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

If you have an exciting theme in mind for your big day, the first thing to get off your list will be decoration hassles. From the chandelier to the door, everything should be on point. Here are some fantastic wedding decorators from Kolkata, who do that precisely:

Shubh ‘n’ blessed


To plan significant events, we must dream as well as act. ” SHUBH ‘N’ BLESSED is India’s premier event and wedding management company based in Kolkata engaged in event conception, creation and execution. They work hand-in-hand with you to customise a memorable and exclusive event that your guests will talk about for years to come. Shubh N Blessed have always been known for the larger than life setups and quality entertainment. They have been on service with their full-scale wedding management services. Weddings – royal weddings, destination weddings, Sangeets, Tilak, engagement, Mehndi or Special events like private parties, Concerts, Birthdays etc.

Wedding Decorators In Kolkata

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Troubleshooter Decorators, based in Kolkata, add a nice touch to any wedding decor or party decor. They provide all sorts of decor accessories for outdoor as well as indoor parties. You can also let them know if you have an idea or theme in mind, and they will surely impress you.

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Dum Dum Decorators

Dum Dum Decorators is from Kolkata. They can help you all about to decorate your wedding venue. They have their expert designers who can use a broad range of accessories to lend that magical touch to your wedding venue.



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Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells, a decor team headed by Indrani Sen in Kolkata, can lend that unique and magical touch to your venue. Their beautiful accessories and lighting fixtures can make any place look picture perfect and majestic.

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Top rated wedding decor in kolkata



Innovent, headed by Jayita Mukherjee, is a Kolkata based decorator who can lend a stylish touch to your wedding venue. If you have any decor idea or theme in mind, you can coordinate with their designers to implement the same and make your site a gorgeous one.

Kolkata, undoubtedly a vibrant city, has loads of options to host the perfect wedding, and if this is where your heart then feels free to contact us for any queries. From the special mishit doi to the evergreen venues, we can sort your Kolkata wedding.

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