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Amazing Vintage Wedding Decor Ideas for Weddings in 2020

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Are you planning your wedding decor to look like a traditional setup?


Here’s a vintage wedding decor inspiration for a wedding taking place in a historic mahal (palace)!


The entrance looks phenomenal with the floral swan figures, that depicts a perfect way of welcoming. Also, surrounding the swans is a square stuffed with white blooms, which gives it a perfect finishing. The entrance features drooping white flowers and tassels of the same. 


Beautiful wedding decor ideas


The interior is decorated in the shades of red and maroon. However, the interiors mainly cover the lounge area featuring red royal sofas with contrasting pastel green and royal blue cushions. The centrepieces constitute of tiny vases, which contains red roses, white tulips and a bit of greenery. 


vintage wedding decor theme


wedding decor inspiration ideas


The lounge area looks beautiful because of the crystal chandelier as well. Moreover, the spotlights in the lounge area make the whole place shine giving it a blue shade. Furthermore, the artistic arches of the mahal are adding beauty to the decor.


best wedding decor theme


The lounge area also presents white tuxedo sofas. Creating a contrast to the white sofas are maroon and pastel green cushions. 


beautiful decor ideas for wedding


Outside in the open area, we have Chaise lounge sofas for the guests to chat and rest Din open. The white cushions are creating a perfect contrast to the maroon sofa. 


perfect wedding theme ideas


Exterior decoration includes the beautiful swag curtain draping in maroon colour which is quite an attention-grabbing colour. Also, the maroon cover umbrella installed on the support of an iron pole makes a perfect spot for clicking pictures. 


gorgeous wedding theme decor

A small stage is constructed on the outside for the Varmala ceremony. You can choose to have the stage rotational as well to add some fun moments in the ceremony. Moreover, the floral decoration prop around the stage also creates a significant effect on it.


wedding decor ideas

vintage wedding decor ideas


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The dining area draws attention towards the gorgeous arches on the kitchen. Also, the round dining table comes out well because of the maroon contrasting table cloth.


 beautiful wedding decor inspirations

elegant ideas for wedding  

The stage looks undoubtedly beautiful with the perfect lighting. The maroon curtains draped in the cupped style add a glow to the stage setting. The bridegroom sofa kept in the centre; straightaway takes all the attention. Moreover, the spotlight pointing directly towards the couch highlights the same in a significant way. 


perfect stage decor ideas


wedding stage decor ideas



amazing wedding vintage theme

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The mandap in the royal blue shade looks ravishing. While the roof features a few domes figures, the borders of the roof look amazing because o the while blooms neatly placed around it. 


vintage wedding decor ideas


Wedding decor inspirations


Another decorated spot is featuring two peacock figures attached to a substantial blue flower-shaped base. 


gorgeous wedding theme


In the open area, many mattresses placed facing towards the mandap, with green cushions. Long flower stands featuring white lilies look great and go with the theme as well. 

  Wedding-Decor-Theme ideas

mandap wedding decor ideas 

beautiful mandap decor ideas


The mandap is the most important of wedding decor as all the traditions and rituals related to the wedding take place in that space. Royal Blue coloured curtains draped in a cupped style, make the mandap look pretty.

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Some couples are crazy for historical and vintage wedding decor! I think this is the one for you!