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11 Unique Underwater Pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Weddings are an intimate affair that showcases the union of 2 souls! Pre-Wedding photoshoot is the reflection of those unions as they prepare for the union!

 Photoshoot these days aren’t restricted to the ceremonies and the wedding day. It’s more about the story of the couple. Who they are, how they are, what they are, what they are going to be in the future – all this is encapsulated in pre-wedding shoots. This makes a pre-wedding shoot crucial and the settings all the more vital. Keeping in with the trend, this too has explored many territories. However, the one that’s caught people’s minds is underwater shoots.

So, here we are showcasing underwater shoot ideas that make you venture into the water. You might not be a water baby but seeing this will surely make you do one!


Being in the Beach

Let’s start with the beach. Before going under the water lets get acquainted with it. Play with the water. Explore many sides of it as you hold each other’s hands and walk on the beach. Maybe splash some water on each other. Dangle your feet into it. Uplift each other and pose with the palm trees.

prewedding photoshoot on a beach


Getting Proposed

What better than telling your proposal story underwater. Yes, you guessed it right. Get down on your knees and show the ring underwater. Propose you would be better half again! This time underwater.

getting proposed underwater in a unique style




Adventure Experience

This one is for the adventure junkies. The one who is always travelling arm in arm and may have met while travelling. For them an underwater lovey-dovey photoshoot in scuba diving or snorkelling attires. Imagine the corals and wildlife swimming around! Well, they might be fake but they sure can tell your tale.



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Dancing with the water

This is for rain and water lovers. Here you feel the romance and dance along with it. What better place to do it than the water. So play and dance with the water as the rain lashes on your faces.


underwater prewedding shoot while dancing

Exploring your fun side

Water and no fun? How can that be!

Show your fun and playful side. Play with water. Get some props like flowers, balls, balloons or any other thing that you consider fun.



Flying away with the balloons

You might even jump into the water together and capture that moment

underwater photoshoot with using of balloons 

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 A Kissing Tale

How can you be underwater and don’t steal a kiss? That’s the ultimate dream right. Well, you can make that dream true and capture it forever. Do a mushy loving kiss photoshoot underwater.



beautiful underwater pre wedding shoot while kissing


Exploring, Hunting and Taming the Water

This one tells the story of your love water and each other. So, here you pose and explore the water. Take a fake gun and pose as if you are hunting something. Maybe take binoculars and look inquisitive.


best underwater pre wedding shoot while exploring water



Two world meeting

This is well suited for couples who are poles apart but somehow they complete each other. It’s like she’s water and he’s earth. He loves mountains whereas she loves the ocean but together they meet underwater. Pose that way halfway underwater and half above of it. Showing both your features in the 2 contrasting worlds


best underwater prewedding shoot where two worlds meet


Dip your wedding souls

This one will make you go wild. Why not get married underwater? Well, it might not be possible in reality but the pictures can lie. Can they? They can if you don your wedding look and do a pre or post-wedding underwater shoot. Cool! Isn’t it?


best bridal underwater shoot



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Showing some PDA

When you’re comfortable with each other then why not show it to the world. This pose does that. Here you lie in each other’s arms. You are embracing each other in deep passionate love. Lay down together into the waves of water. Even better embrace each other underwater. Hold yourself together.


Lovey-Dovey Poses

Lastly, the most clichéd and trusted poses underwater are these. You can’t get without showing some love underwater. So, do your lovey Dovey poses here. Cuddle each other, hold the hands of each other lovingly, look at each other lovingly, play with each other, pinch each other, steal glances, make love signs – the possibilities are numerous. It’s your best bet.


underwater couple shoot with lovey dovey poses




So, remember these while you get down into the water. Maybe the moment you have waited for all your life lies hidden here!

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