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The Complete Bridal Trousseau Checklist Perfect for Millennial Brides

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Updated on 30 June, 2020


Trousseau essentially is a treasured suitcase that a bride carries to her new home - husband’s home after her marriage. It has clothes, accessories, makeup kit, jewellery and everything else that she needs in her new life post-marriage. So, brides, I’ll help you pack by sharing a checklist that is not worth missing out. Thus, I have made this bridal trousseau checklist which would help you in packing exactly what you would need post-wedding.


A Complete trousseau checklist to kickstart your shopping for post-wedding


1. Sarees


Saree is an important part of every bride’s trousseau. You should have a variety of sarees from lightweight sarees to heavily embellished sarees for different post-wedding festivities. Georgette, silk, chiffon, etc. They might come in handy for all the post-wedding rituals and those endless dinner parties.

trousseau checklist for brides


2. Multi-Purpose Blouses


When you are packing sarees, you have to pack the blouses too. Darling, in the age of mix-and-match trending really high, you can always pick one blouse that will go with multiple saree options if styled well. This is will save a lot of time, space and money. Isn’t it a great idea?


Multi-Purpose Blouses for bride

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3. Vanity box


Curate your vanity box by including all the essentials you might need at any given point of time, be it any normal day or a party. And after a wedding, you would have a lot of calls for dinner or some small party from your friends or family so, make sure you pack the whole range, right from the basics to your party-ready kit in your vanity box.


A perfect guide for bridal trousseau

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4. Beauty essentials


With a vanity box, comes your can’t-do-without beauty essentials – sunscreen, hand and body lotion, cleanser, toner, moisturizers, essential oils, chapsticks, foot cream etc. Do this drill! Make sure you put a tick every time when you pack them.  


Some Beauty essentials

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5. Perfume


 Never forget to get your signature perfume because it’s your aroma. And sometimes it sets the mood!

Bridal perfume as trousseau

6. Footwear


Heels, stilettos, slip-ons, flats, sneakers etc. so brides be careful while buying your footwears and include all you might need in your post-wedding life. Shop for the kind of bridal shoes that would be perfect for your wedding and special occasions you go out for. Also, do not forget to shop for that footwear that could be used for your daily affairs, which would be comfortable.

 A  ultimate trousseau checklist

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7. Jewellery


Jewellery is definitely a bride’s love. While honeymooning, post-wedding ceremonies or for regular use you need a different kind of jewels to adorn. Statement rings, long earrings, some bracelets and big necklaces – fill up your trinket box with these to compliment any outfit you wear.

The Complete Bridal Trousseau Checklist


8. Lingerie set


You should definitely own some gorgeous lingerie sets. So while buying your lingerie keep in mind that you purchase something delicate with a good quality of cloth material but on the other hand something appealing for your life partner. Go for a lingerie set that’s delicate, sexy yet comfortable at the same time!

Lingerie set for bridal


9. Aromatic Candles


You are aware of the importance of candles! Right from relieving all your stress to setting the right mood in the room, they just do it all. They can do the magic especially right after the wedding (you know what we’re talking about, ladies)!


Aromatic Candles for room 

Wedding trousseau planning is a tedious task that needs avid attention. So make sure you have not missed out on any of these in your trousseau before you step into a new life. It will help save you from the obvious chaos that happens during wedding preparations. Hope my curation helps in a little simplifying and smoothing of the process. Shop smart, pack smarter!