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Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Kolkata

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 23 July, 2020

Image Source: Camyogi

Wedding is the moment of a lifetime along with consecutive celebratory days for almost a week. So whether it is the high spirit of a distant relative or the blushed up bridal face, it has got to be well captured to have reminisced. A big fat album and framed memories are relished for eternity. Therefore, it is essential to bring a skilled photography team on board during the nuptial occasions. If you are to hold a wedding in Kolkata or reside in the vicinity, then go through our curated list of Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Kolkata to make your dream day memorable.

1. QPid India


Image Source: QPid India

Qpid India is believed to capture joyous moments that can be remembered for a lifetime. They offer Wedding, Bridal, Candid, Pre and Post Wedding shoot services to all of their clients. Their mantra of keeping it professional and clicking high-quality pictures sets them on top of the list.

Visit their website: Qpid India

2. Camyogi


Image Source: Camyogi

Camyogi hires the top-notch photographers in Kolkata and sends them for your occasion. You may choose the budget you wish to work with and get the team to collaborate with you. Their attractive photography packages will make the selection hassle-free for you. 

Visit their website: Camyogi

3. Paalki Wedlock


Image Source: Paalki India

Paalki is one of the best photography companies in Kolkata because of its experienced team and coordinated teamwork. The firm’s exclusive packages and services are not only it, they also keep up their premium shots consistent in the entire gig, so you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Visit their website: Paalki India

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4. Picture Perfect Moments PPM


Image Source: Picture Perfect Moments PPM

Mayank Giria and Varun Mohata opened a brand new portal of the firm, Picture Perfect Moments by hiring high-skilled photography students who cover major city events through their lens. They click commendable images, which is why they are worth hiring.

Visit the website: Picture Perfect Moments PPM

5. The Sparkling Wedding


Image Source: The Sparkling Wedding

The Sparkling Wedding is a team of professional photographers who are passionate about clicking golden memories of your special occasion. They value the moments of a wedding day which has them well understood that the game has to be aced. This is precisely the reason they are top-ranked on our list too. 

Visit their website: The Sparkling Wedding

6. The Regal Weddings


Image Source: The Regal Weddings

The Regal Weddings company is fueled with talented photographers who have a thing for taking photography to another level. This keeps them motivated to capture the best moments of their customer’s event. The crew keeps a constant track of perfection in their work, so do not think twice and book them!

Visit their website: The Regal Weddings

7. Rig Biswas


Image Source: Rig Photography

Rig Biswas is an award-winning photographer, and you’ve got nothing to worry about if he is in your team to cover the entire event. His eye for uniqueness marks him as one of the best photographers, who will never miss an incredible moment that is in front of him. He too has a list of positive reviews.

Visit their website: Rig Biswas 

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8. Srejon Imagery


Image Source: Srejon Roy

Srejon Roy is the operator of Srejon Imagery that provides best photographers for each occasion you book them for. The brand is well known in Kolkata and has been established since 2009. Their portfolio reflects the gained experience in regards to photography and professionalism. They can freeze your romantic moment to be cherished in future and need not second your thought before hiring them.

Visit their website: Srejon Imagery

9. Story On The Mirror


Image Source: Story On The Mirror

If you need cinematography and photography for your wedding with the clearest of the lens, then Story On The Mirror can be a choice. They keep it trendy and never fail to provide the freshness in their clicks. Your favourite moments of the ceremony will be creatively captured if you let them take control.

Visit their website: Story On The Mirror

10. Rita Brata Mukherjee


Image Source: Rita Brata Mukherjee

Rita Brata Mukherjee travels everywhere to cover editorial, fashion, wedding and destination wedding photoshoot. From filming to clicking, the job is well done from his end since he works as a fairy godmother. The difference is that instead of a wand, he carries a camera. This well known professional photographer is treasured in the city. Book him in advance if you pick him for the gig.

Visit their website: Rita Brata

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