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How to Plan Your Wedding After The COVID-19 Outbreak?

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Updated on 03 May, 2021

Should I postpone or cancel my wedding? So, this is the question which is going in everyone’s mind whose weddings were unfortunately planned in the COVID-19 outbreak and are in the situation of cancelling the wedding. Thousands of couples are left to make the decision to postpone their wedding to another date when the Coronavirus Pandemic holds down. But the good part is, you will now have ample time to rethink about how you want to plan and prepare for the wedding! For the couples who are waiting to get married after this outbreak, we have got you some of the tips that can help you plan your wedding after COVID-19.

Plan For A Small Guest Count 

The crucial point to take care of is the number of guests you will be inviting to your wedding. If you are planning to welcome a large number of guests, we recommend you not to do so. Just have a small guest count with upto 50 people who can attend your wedding. Keep your wedding an intimate affair with your loved ones.  

Proper Hygiene Should Be There  

After going through the COVID-19 outbreak, hygiene is essential for everyone who is attending the marriage. Your health is as important as your guests’ health and so, do not forget to keep sanitizers at your entrance or the tables so that cleanliness is made sure of and everyone stays safe from this deadly virus! As we say, precautions are always better than a cure.  

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Clean Sanitized Venues To Plan Your Wedding 

A clean and sanitized venue for your wedding ceremony is a must if your wedding is organized after the COVID-19 outbreak. If your place is properly disinfected and cleaned after this situation, then only go for that venue to get your wedding done. Avoid opting for a venue which is not cleaned correctly. 

Go Eco- Friendly! 

A go-green wedding for the bride and groom is the best way to tackle the coronavirus situation. And if you are an environment-conscious couple, then an eco-friendly wedding theme for you is the perfect wedding theme. There are many options for you to host an eco-conscious wedding. There are so many varied innovations to let your wedding go green. For instance, merely replacing party poppers to flower showers would make a big difference in turning your wedding into an eco-friendly affair. 

Avoid Regular Caterers 

Forget to book regular caterers for your wedding ceremonies. Go for the caterers who have their own industrial kitchens which have professional chefs who cook food for the guests all day long. We also suggest you have your own industrial kitchen where you can hire a team of professional chefs and ask them to cook food taking precautions for basic hygiene. 

Pick Professional Decorators For the Wedding Decor 

Having a professional decorator for the wedding decor of your wedding is an essential part after you have gone through such a pandemic. If you are an environment- friendly person, then you already know what to do, #GOGREEN! Do not generate a massive amount of waste, such as the use of plastics or single-use papers. Choose decorators who use eco-conscious brands for the wedding decor. 

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Offer Guests Hygiene Kits As Wedding Favours 

The perfect gesture to welcome your guests at the wedding will be by offering them hygiene kits which includes a cute little bottle of hand sanitizer, tissues and a small bottle of hand wash. Giving a hygiene kit to the guests will make your guests feel happy, also giving them the assurance that you care about their health as much as you do for yours. 

Ask Your Vendors To Offer Date Change 

We know that you have decided your vendors for your wedding and now if the marriage is not happening on the booked date, you have to book the vendors for the next date. With changing the date, comes a lot of responsibilities all over again. In order to reduce your wedding planning load, request your vendors to cooperate and shift their booking to a new date that you will be fixing for your wedding on. 

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Keep A Health Check For The Guests 

A health check for all the guests coming to your wedding is mandatory as they all will be coming from different cities or maybe even countries! If you see any of the guests who are not feeling well or he/she needs proper care throughout the wedding, you can do a health check for them. This step can be taken so that all the guests coming to your wedding are safe and healthy. 

So, planning your wedding after the COVID-19 outbreak is a serious issue, but it can be made easy by taking care of some of these points and following them for proper care of yourself and your guests. Remember these tips in your mind and have a happy wedding. 

Be safe and Be Healthy.