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21 things you can buy from Amazon for DIY Mehndi decor

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Are you looking for some pocket-friendly decor ideas for your mehndi function?Great! You’re at the right place. We’ve enlisted some things which you can easily buy from Amazon! These pocket-friendly decorative items would be perfect for you. The best thing is that it’s in easy access from Amazon. 

That’s right! The website is a haul for you to grab the awesome ideas now. It time to flood your shopping cart! It is fun when you sit together with your family and friends and make all the decor items. Catch up on the biggest trends I've seen this year, do it yourself and save some bucks. 

 Amazing Things Can Bye from Amazon for DIY Mehndi Ceremony Decor at Home

 1. Dreamcatchers


Dreamcatchers are one of the prettiest hanging items that tend to enhance beauty automatically. You can quickly grab these from Amazon and make your mehndi function the most joyous one. 


2. Paper Boat Hangings


A pocket-friendly decorative item is the paper boat hanging. This item can easily enhance your mehndi decor and will be accessible on your budget as well. 


3. Colourful and Handcrafted Umbrellas


The handcrafted Rajasthani Umbrellas can either be used for decoration or get pictures with it. Also, simple and colourful umbrellas can be used for decoration. 



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4. Umbrella Parasols


Parasols are a unique prop and can make your entrance attention grabbing. Apart from this, you can choose on amazon whether you want plain colourful ones or floral Parasols. 



5. Laced Umbrella


Beautiful laced umbrellas can be a gorgeous prop for the brides and guests to get themselves clicked with. Also, you can buy these at less price from Amazon.  


6. Tassel Details Hangings


Some hangings with tassel details could be a great decorative item and can be bought from Amazon. However, these hangings are simple yet look elegant when displayed. 


7. Multicolour Tassels 


Tassels are such a decorative item which can enhance the beauty of the whole decor in a go. Also, you’ll be overwhelmed to know that these are easy on the pockets and can be purchased from Amazon. 




8. Wooden Crates


Colourful wooden crates are easily accessible from Amazon, and you can use them to decorate one corner of your home. Also, one decorative idea could be placing floral all around the crates, inside as well as outside. 



9. Banner Balloons


Banner Balloons are quite trendy these days. A bride-to-be banner ballon would be great for the decoration of a bride-shower! Grab some from Amazon right away. 



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10. ‘Bride Squad’ Badges  


While all the Ladkiwale can wear a ‘bride squad’ badge and all the Ladkewale wear a ‘groom squad’ badge! What a great way to add some spice to the wedding and add a customised touch. Also, you can take this as an idea to have some printed badges of your names. 



11. LightBox


A lightbox with some interesting quote written on it, this can be a great decorative item. Grab your own with a favourite quote from Amazon.



12. Glass Mirror Balls


Putting up numerous mirror balls as a part of mehndi decoration can be an excellent idea. You can easily buy yourself these pretty glass mirror balls from Amazon. 



13. Artificial Floral Balls


Floral Balls made of tissue flowers look great as a part of mehndi decor. Also, hang them around the venue in different colours to make the place look beautiful all over. 



14. Colourful Kites


Kites are a pocket-friendly as well as a pretty decorative item. All you have to do is, hang them all around the venue making it catching everyone’s attention. 


15. Geometric Terrariums Hangings


These items are unique for decoration functions. You may simply hang them or put them as centrepieces. Also, you can easily buy them from Amazon and add stars to your decor in a go! 



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16. Rajasthani Hangings


These Rajasthani hangings have their charm because of their colourful elements. Moreover, you can quickly grab these for your mehndi decor from Amazon. 



17. Pompom decorations 


Pompom decorations for the cushions could be a great decor idea for your mehndi function. These elements are quite pocket-friendly, you buy yours from Amazon anytime. 



18. Pinwheels


We’ve been fond of pinwheels since childhood, why not use them for mehndi decor? You can buy these colourful pinwheels from Amazon on very pocket-friendly prices. 




19. Birdcages


Birdcages count as a great decorative item because of its antique touch. Also, filling them with pretty florals can enhance the decor as a whole. Buy these from Amazon right away!


20. Vintage Trunks


The use of vintage trunks for your night mehndi function can be a great idea. Moreover, you can stack these and use them as centre tables in the ceremony. 




21. Glass Orbs


Glass Orbs are gorgeous hanging elements for decoration. Also, to enhance it, you can place scented candles inside them to add fragrance to the place. Buy them from Amazon and make your mehndi decor a memorable one. 



So, if you are looking for amazing DIY mehndi decor ideas, I have got just the right list for you. Choose from these 21 really easy, breathtaking and picturesque DIY mehndi decor ideas at home! I’m sure these ideas were quite overwhelming. How many items from these are you going to fill your shopping cart with? 

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