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Is Airbrush Makeup Worth it? Pros & Cons | Bridal Makeup

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

The Pros and Cons of Airbrush Makeup

It’s hard to resist something pretty, isn’t it?

We all love the flawless cover girls and wonder how to get that look. The problem is, that look isn’t real, it is photo-shopped. But, you can come close to that look using “Airbrush makeup technique”.


So, the question is, what is the airbrush makeup technique?

Airbrush makeup is a makeup sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush instead of being applied with sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods. You see that guy in the picture, it contains the foundation and other products, that are sprayed and blended onto your face.

It all depends on you to apply pressure on the airbrush. The more the trouble on the compressor, the more area is covered.

Even though this technique is waterproof and non-transferrable, you should research on what exactly you are looking for.

Some airbrush makeups are entirely waterproof and need to be taken off with a specific remover. For instance, silicone-based airbrush fluid is impermeable mainly depending on how much, and how you set the makeup.


Additional information ahead: read it just for information or scroll down.

( Water-based: Finely ground pigments in water.

Polymer-water-based: A mix of water, polymers and pigment. It leaves a continuous coating on the skin.

Polymer-SD40-alcohol-based: Instead of using water like the polymer-water-based formula, it uses alcohol, which assists with the drying of the makeup on the skin.

Alcohol-based: Also called “temporary airbrush inks”. Compromises alcohol-based formulas. Should be avoided because of the more substantial content of alcohol.

Silicone-based: Best suited for long-lasting wear. It can be thinned with additives, for lighter coverage.)


Airbrush Makeup pros & cons


What is your daily skin regime?

Is your skin well hydrated or do you see small white flakes of dry skin?

Is your skin acne-prone? If you take proper care of skin and you eat healthily, and your skin is not acne-prone or scarred, chances are this look is definitely for YOU.

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Pros of Airbrush Makeup

  • Well, the best part, it looks flawless, and makeup doesn’t look cakey. Now, wait, a single layer of it isn’t heavy, but if u apply multiple layers, it will get cakey. Better tell your preferences to the expert before.
  • Ideally, fit for oily skin. Unlike regular makeup, which is creamy in nature, it gives you a matte look. 
  • It stays for longer period of time than the regular makeup. Now that also depends on the type of makeup method you are trying like silicon-based, water-based, alcohol-based etc.
  • If you are hygiene-conscious, this is your ultimate go-to. As no one has to touch your skin to apply makeup.
  • On a high definition picture and television (HD), it looks amazing.
  • It is easy to apply a. No more sitting for 2 hours just to get your makeup done. Uggh! Those days.
  • You’ll need less product for more coverage as it is sprayed on.
  • Think of a perfume and how it is sprayed and absorbed in the skin. This is somewhat similar. You’ll apply the makeup and you won’t feel the weight of it. You’ll get more of a natural look. 
  • It is best to cover uneven skin tone.
  • It gives you an even application of makeup.

Now, aren’t you going gaga over it? I don’t think you could go back to your regular old makeup salon days unless you don’t have the monetary means to get this look, which brings me to the next part.

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Cons of Airbrush Makeup

  • Well, it is not that great for dry skin.
  • Initially, the skin needs to be prepared for this method. It has to be hydrated and moisturized well before starting with the method.
  • It’s pocket-unfriendly. Well, you definitely need to spend more. If you are getting it at a cheaper price, always question – why? You might get the fun with the ‘spray gun’ but not the look. 
  • Touch-ups are a bit difficult. You can’t reapply your makeup but since it stays for a longer period of time, I don’t think that should worry you.
  • Also, you can’t totally hide your acne and scarring the skin.
  • It is better to go for regular makeup if you have dry skin.
  • Now, that you know the pros and cons. Do you still have doubts? Have you made the choice to go for which type of makeup, regular or airbrush? Or are u still wondering, is this the right choice?
  • You can also ask for a paid trial before the D-day!!

Hope you look as beautiful as the image that pops up in your mind when talking about “being beautiful”.

Good luck, Goodbye!