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13 Best Tent Houses in Delhi for The Weddings in 2020

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Choosing best-tenting services can make or break your wedding decoration and planning. Investing in the right wedding tent house is a smart decision for your wedding planning. Hiring tent wala will offer you safety to your celebration from the Mother Nature. It will provide the shelter in the case of rain whereas in sunny weather it offers cool space inside it where you can enjoy the festivity of the celebration and have fun. Also, the decoration and ambience can create vibes that you have been looking for your dream wedding. Besides that, there is a factor of privacy and the need for minimal physical work during your wedding. So, that you can focus on only yourself. For that, we’re going to help you out with the best wedding planners and tent walas who are the best at their work. 


1. Kawatra Tent & Caterers 


Kawatra Tent & Caterers was established in 1968, and its success revolves around designing a myriad of wedding dreams every year. These catering services offer you the decor you have been fantasising about, with a selection that only a vast inventory of choices, ideas, props and colours can provide. For the past 46 years, this company has been organising outdoor catering and decoration for weddings and other various events. Their goodwill is associated with good food, impeccable service and quality along with mesmerising décor, fabulous food and multiple venues. Kawatra Tent and Caterers also give their clients a variety in their mandaps like air-conditioned and waterproof wedding mandaps.

tenting services in delhi-Kawatra Tent & Caterers


2. Goyal Tent House


Goyal Tent House & Event Organizers is one of best tenting service providers from Jaipur. The tent house provides a broad range of packages to suit the specifications of occasions of various types such as weddings and parties. It is a 40-year-old organisation founded to give clients a memorable experience thanks to adequate assistance & support they provide to turn every conceived idea into a successful reality.

Goyal Tent House-tenting services in delhi


tenting services in delhi-Goyal Tent House

Goyal Tent House-tenting services in delhi


3. Poojan Decor


Poojan Decor endeavours all related services for an event covering even the minors of detailing. From large structures to the designs with threads and petals, they have done it all. The decor experts are specialised in the relations with social and corporate events to a large extent and take delight in organising them in all regards, and they help you to make your special day as a cherished forever.

Poojan Decor-tenting services in delhi

 tenting services in delhi-Poojan Decor

Poojan Decor-tenting services in delhi

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4. Shyamalee Thevar Events


Shyamalee Thevar Events is a premium customed event design and management company that aims to provide for all sorts of spatial design, be it weddings, or any other kind of events. Their goal is to replicate ideas which are always developing and client reflective. Shyamalee Thevar Events does not fail to organise a memorable event through their services with all-around attention to detail. We are your choice in your wedding; Desert Pearl entertainment is just another name.

tenting services in delhi-Shyamalee Thevar Events


Shyamalee Thevar Events-tenting services in delhi

tenting services in delhi-Shyamalee Thevar Events


5. Desert Pearl Entertainment

Their belief in innovation and tailor-made events make your dream wedding to be ‘your event’ and not a game ‘like someone’s’. For them, every game is an opportunity where they can exhibit their catering skills. Aiming for new and arriving at its perfection is what they define the definition of a successful event. A broken light or lousy music, salty dal or a delayed vendor, farther transportation or dull hotel staff, would not be something to stress about when it comes to their services. It’s not your day to worry, leave it to them, as they are the specialists.


Desert Pearl Entertainment-tenting services in delhi


tenting services in delhi-Desert Pearl Entertainment


Desert Pearl Entertainment-tenting services in delhi


6. Aash Studio

 Aashna started in the design space by launching House of Cushions where they designed cushions and candles. As the interest in design and creativity grew. She continued to launch Aash Studio in Mumbai. The design and concept company is a combination of balance, colour, space and artistic elements that conceptualises your wedding decoration to create once in a lifetime experiences. Other than weddings, Aash Studio also has created decor for events and brands such as Ulysses Nardin, Culture Machine etc. Humans of Bombay and designer Sangeeta Kilachand.


tenting services in delhi-Aash Studio


Aash Studio-tenting services in delhi

tenting services in delhi-Aash Studio


7. FireFlies

It is an event design and decor company. Our events include weddings, pre-wedding functions and milestone celebrations. They provided customised services for the kind of game that one is looking for and seek to replicate it in the best way. The reason why we have included them in this list is that they are very detail-oriented and open to all kind of innovative ideas. 


FireFlies-tenting services in delhi


tenting services in delhi-FireFlies


FireFlies-tenting services in delhi


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8. Pandhi Decorators


Pandhi Decorators over 30 years has held the fame for creating remarkable events based upon the rich experience, the creative expertise of our planners, rendering the highest quality services and transcending the client’s expectations with every game that they create and formulate.

Their dedicated team can provide with total planning and unique theme ideas for your special occasion. Pandhi offers a wide range of props, add-ons and fine details, freshest floral supplies and excellent drapes, furniture and marvellous accessories, emphasised by spectacular lighting options, all under one roof to guarantee you total ease. With an eye for detail, their expert team can make the ceremony come to life and provide exceptional service. They can work with their client on selecting the desired look for the venue, whether indoor or outdoor combination or at an exotic location. 


tenting services in delhi-Pandhi Decorators


tenting services in delhi-Pandhi Decorators


9. Shaadiwala Wedding Planner


Everyone has a dream wedding which they want to conceptualise and planning a wedding can be a very hectic time. Shaadiwala helps create wedding plans keeping in mind your rituals and give realises the marriage that one may have only dreamt of.

Shaadiwala is based in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, and is a one-stop-shop for all things wedding. With their passion and ambition to get maximum customer satisfaction, they strive to create the event of your fantasy. They offer smooth flowing ceremonies, decorations that seizes the imagination, services so majestic that you will be carefree and relaxed to enjoy your big day with your family and loved ones. 


Shaadiwala Wedding Planner-tenting services in delhi


Shaadiwala Wedding Planner-tenting services in delhi


tenting services in delhi-Shaadiwala Wedding Planner


10. Vivaah Luxury Weddings


Based in Jaipur, it is the ultimate planning organisation for high-end weddings and can provide with the best venues in Jaipur, Udaipur with the area’s wedding traditions and royal themes. Their services include venue management, wedding communication, catering, design and decor, entertainment, photography, make up artist, styling, guest management, and customised planning for pre-wedding events such as sangeet and Mehendi.

tenting services in delhi-Vivaah Luxury Weddings


Vivaah Luxury Weddings-tenting services in delhi


11. InStyle Signature Wedding

InStyle provides luxury planning services in you are ready to splurge and experience a royal kind of wedding. Ranging from wedding planning, entertainment, wedding destination, hospitality, decor and theme conceptualisation, they have all the skills and expertise to execute. Be it a destination wedding or creative conceptualisation, their rich knowledge and in-house resources encompass every aspect.






12. Shaadi Masala

If you want to celebrate your special days lavishly, amaze your guests by taking your vows in a secret destination or collect few friends and relatives for a private ceremony, their job is to make it as effortless and affordable as possible. Based in Shahpur Jat, Delhi, Shaadi Masala is true to its word. For your convenience, they can travel to your location and provide you with exact samples of the ideas that you have been thinking about for your wedding. 





13. Floral Solutions


Floral Solutions is a professional Event Management Company specialised in designing various family/business occasions to be cherished for a lifetime. A Delhi & NCR based event, these organisers offer best management planning for engagement functions, wedding day, gala dinners, birthday and kitty parties and corporate affairs. Their team of dedicated experts has enthusiasm and expertise to provide truly personalised service.



In the end, don’t forget to jot down all the points that you need to specify to your tent wala regarding decorations or any other details that you’ve meant to add. Then compare the prices that various planners are offering for the same services. You will save a lot of money on that. These tentwalas would be able to replicate your ideas, and will undoubtedly love to see your dream wedding become a reality. So would we.