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Best Places to Print Wedding Invitation Cards in Sultanpete

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Sultanpete, a place packed with shops committed to finding you the perfect invite for every kind of occasion. We can also find different types of paper here too. Sultanpete is a cluster of showrooms with designer cards displayed in their small establishments. Choose your shop, depending on your budget and preference.

For a traditional, Hindu wedding or housewarming ceremony, you can pick up cards featuring an image of Lord Ganesha {designed in a hundred different ways}. For Christian weddings, you’ll find cards printed with the bride and bridegroom walking off into the sunset, or with rings intertwined. There are all kinds of paper in the market. As Sultanpete is a wholesale market, you would have to buy at least a hundred cards. Once you have collected your tickets, the shop will happily recommend a printing shop nearby. At Sultanpete you can find from handmade sheets to crushed paper to marbled paper. Gift bags, folders, and thick layers are also available.

Best Wedding Invitation Cards Maker in Bengaluru

 Inksedge Infotech Pvt Ltd

Inksedge is Bangalore based e-commerce and design services firm, which creates beautifully designed event invitations to the Indian customers as well as clients abroad. With its blend of creative designing, marketing, and engineering talent copulated with upgraded knowledge in the latest trends – Inksedge is building a unique space in the Indian event communications market. If you're looking for precision, then Inkedge is the place to go. You can order your cards online for convenience, as their customer service associates and assist you in getting the job done in minutes. In addition to producing printing and packaging material for your wedding day, the company provides greeting cards for special events, elegant stationery that you can personalise, boxes, trays, and a variety of other personalised gifting options. You can also order custom-made cards online to be posted to your loved ones wherever they are in India.

creative wedding card by inksedge

Iktaara- Visit Web

Kanika began Iktaara, a graphic art home, to use her designing skills to start bringing several products and brands across different platforms. With Iktaara, she endeavoured to achieve a balance of contemporary and traditional methods of design to meet the demands of a varied audience in India and overseas. She has been requested to share her success story at various places such as the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad to and share her vision with aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses. Her work has been displayed and seen worldwide. She was also the winner of the Design Quest award and was picked among the five young designers of our country to represent the nation at a Design Conference in Milan, Italy. She has grown globally as a known illustrator for her original work, which is unique, organic and novel. So getting your cards printed by her will be the best decision you could make if you're looking for a wedding card filled with creativity.

colourful wedding card by iktaara

Perfect Invites

Invitations set the mood for what the invitees should be assuming at the wedding. Every aspect has to express the couple’s story, every colour has to create love, joy, and faith and every component are used to set the mood for the celebrations. At Perfect Invites, they will help you accomplish all of it. They love working with to-be-weds from all over the world where they can instal various cultures, beliefs, and flavours in their design. Perfect Invites is supported by a team of skilled printers who assist them in ensuring that their clients are not only satisfied with what they get, but they admire what they see. Getting a card printed can cost from 80 rupees per invite and can provide worldwide shipping. They also specialise in creating E-invites which can be sent via emails or Whats App.

decorative wedding cards by perfect invites

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Govardhan Printers

Govardhan Printers are experts in traditional marriage cards, christening ceremony cards, housewarming cards, anniversary cards, visiting cards, letterheads, reception invitation cards and more. This company was established in the year 1961 and are one of the only companies in India who has won International Awards, National Awards, State Awards including the All India Master’s Printer Award and K.L.N Award. They have won these awards using Indian printing machines.



This is a Bangalore-based company started in 2006 by Sonali Maniar that offers an elite collection of wedding cards along with packaging and gifting choices. You can select from plenty of styles with vibrant colour palettes and unique designs, or design your invite. The firm has an online website, along with numerous shops all over the country. Templetree provides a collection of beautiful models from which you can pick your wedding invites. You can choose a various variety of paper choices, gold foil, colours and fonts. The firm also offers a variety of gifts, such as diyas, mirrors and photos frames that can be gifted to family and friends. You can also use the assistance of the team to custom-wrap gifts for your guests and choose ribbons, tags and decorations. Templetree also gives trousseau packing services for the bride and will package your products in ornamental trays and cases available in a collection of shapes and sizes.

unique design wedding card by templetree


This is a Bangalore-based wedding design business that offers excellent quality wedding cards and other similar products. Its experts are highly creative, and they'll make sure to work according to your requirements and specific demands by combining their concepts with your ideas.

Kagazkriti has a wide range of stationery items in its best wedding catalogue. But apart from that. The business also provides a wide variety of other hand-made paper products that make beautiful wedding favours and which include boxes, and packaging. 

innovative wedding cards by Kagazkriti

Tiny Farm

Riddhi is the originator, designer and artist of Tinyfarm. She likes to take inspiration from nature, music and people for her custom-made cards. Based in Bangalore, she has worked as a designer for print, web and mobile- apps for over ten years with clients from India as well as abroad. Cards by Riddhi start at 500 INR and depend entirely upon how much detail you want to add in them. Because of her nature-inspired wedding cards, she has mostly worked with countryside weddings and created country-inspired wedding cards and other illustrations for them. One of her best artworks is for a couple in Lyon, France, which had the most fantastic calligraphy on them and felt extremely personalised by the look of it. If you are willing to not compromise on your wedding card in any manner, then the tiny farm is where you need to visit.

simple wedding card by tiny firm

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This is an innovative online invitation website where you can get your order printed as well as be sent via email. Their process includes their skilled craftsmanship and observation in detail. One of the best things about this is that they put a lot of time into developing good relations with our customers to understand the kind of a card that they require. The process is hassle-free, smooth experience to get the card creation process done in less time and difficulty through their interactive portal where there are several options to choose from, ranging from the paper material to the packaging.

colourfull wedding cards by cards lane

Padam Prabhu Paper Products

If you are not looking for high-end wedding cards but don't want to compromise on quality. This company has a policy of charging 50% in advance and 50% when the cards are created. They can create and customize every sort of inviting, ranging from traditional wedding cards to