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12 Interesting Sikh Wedding Rituals You Should Know About

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Updated on 05 August, 2020

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A wedding brings a package full of celebrations, and each community has an individual cultural touch to it. You may be familiar with the rituals that play a giant role in the nuptial ceremonies such as Mehendi, Gharoli and Haldi. But the Sikhs have a special set of traditions that are worth putting a spotlight on. Get to know about the 12 Interesting Sikh Wedding Rituals as they are intriguing and beautify the wedding concept. Scroll away to unveil them.

1. Roka and Thaka


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The beginning of an auspicious union where the couple officially announces their wedding news. Roka takes place in the presence of the bride and groom’s parents which is progressed by blessings. At this time, the families exchange gifts and express their consent to proceed with the wedding. 

2. Ardaas


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The pre-wedding tradition of praying at the Gurudwara for blessings from the divine is considered holy, and Guru Granth Sahib is read after washing hands along with feet. This is ideally continued as a daily practice to the date of the Anand Karaj, aka wedding. 

3. Sehra Bandi


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At the occasion of Sehra Bandi, the father of the groom ties the turban for his son. Whereas, the sister ties Sehra which is a decorated curtain accessory worn at the front of the turban and known as Sehra Bandi. The groom is handed an artificial sword by his dad, which is gripped by him at all times as part of the tradition.

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4. Soorma and Kaalgi

The sister-in-law of the groom applies a black dot on his forehead’s side with Soorma that is Kohl. This is meant to protect him from negativity and then gifts him a piece of jewellery before entering the Gurudwara gateway. She might even prompt him to bring a gift to pass through the doorway as a courteous gesture.

5. Baraat


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Similar to a Hindu ceremony, the Baraat departs to the venue of the wedding. In a Sikh wedding, it occurs during the afternoon and halts at the Gurudwara along with the groomzilla. 

6. Milni


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After the Baraat ceremony, both families of bride and groom welcome each other with warm hugs and best wishes. Each member of the family shakes a leg together in a celebrational spirit. The groom is greeted with a floral garland and the priest of the Gurudwara.

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7. Anand Karaj


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Finally arrives the much-awaited moment of the ceremony, Anand Karaj. It is being wedded before the higher power of God in the presence of all relatives and friends. Guru Granth Sahib is placed in front of the couple as they get ready to take their vows.

8. Lavaan Pheras


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Lavaan is referred to as verses from Guru Granth Saheb which is read aloud by the priest who conducts the wedding ceremony. A Sikh wedding has four Pheras that a couple takes after each verse is recited.

9. Anand Sahib


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Upon the completion of the Pheras, Raagis sing out the verses from Anand Sahib and a random stanza from Guru Granth Sahib to indicate the successful closure of the wedding ceremony. It is followed by the distribution of Karha Prasad to all the guests present at the ceremony.

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10. Wedding Lunch


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Mouthwatering lunch awaits the guests in the Hall of Gurudwara to feast upon. Everyone is served a good vegetarian meal, and the first bites taken by the newly married couple is considered as a joyous moment. Their platter is covered under a piece of cloth with lots of gifts as wishes and blessings.

11. Sadaa Suhagan


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Sadaa Suhagan is interpreted as a blessing from the elders to be forever married and remains filled with prosperity. It is a ritual where the bride dresses herself up after the ceremonies in the clothes and jewellery gifted by the groom’s family. 

12. Doli and Vidaai


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The most emotional moment for the bride and her family when they wave her off and wish her a happy married life is Vidaai. Doli is referred to a carriage that is traditionally known to see off the brides in, after their wedding. Nowadays, a well-decorated car does the job, but before that, the bride throws behind rice grains from above her head to wish her family an abundant life.

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