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33 Top Trending Sherwani Designs for Grooms in this Wedding Season

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Just like any other bride or bridesmaid, grooms find it difficult to land their perfect wedding look! Select your favourite sherwani and pull-off dashing attire. 

The brides have limitless styles and varieties, but trust me, grooms are no less! With brides stealing away all the attention with their choices for colours and embroidery, the groomswear industry brings you with similar variations, starting from the color ideas to embroidery to the different styles!

Grooms nowadays care more about their outfits and whether they are exceptionally remarkable or not. I’m sure you stumbled upon this blog after the endless researching about what you will wear on your wedding day or probably you’re a bride who is looking for outfit options for your husband-to-be. Whichever the case may be, we’ve brought you more than 30 sherwani styles for your D-day, and trust me, you won’t look any less than a king. 

 The sherwanis have been divided into three categories for you: 

1. Embroidered Sherwani 

2. Floral Sherwani 

3. Simple Patterned Sherwani

Embroidered Sherwani for Wedding

 1. Black Velvet for the bling

A unique black velvet sherwani with beautiful floral embroidery on the top and bottom as well as the cuffs. Also, pair it with coordinating loafers, and your outfit is pretentious enough. The Sherwani looks flashy and is perfect for your sangeet ceremony. 


2. Intricate Champagne Pink

A gorgeous champagne pink sherwani with intricate embroidery embellishments and contrasting brown shawl. The brown shawl goes well with the sherwani. Also, a printed churidar with the outfit will enhance the overall look of the outfit. 


3. Dreamy Off-White Sherwani 

A dreamy off-white sherwani with intricate embroidery will look exceptional for your wedding ceremony. Pair it with a golden churidar, and you’ll be good to go. 


4. The graceful gold 

A graceful gold-coloured sherwani with intricate leaf embroidery. Also, pair it with a darker shade of churidar and patterned red shawl to bring out a captivating look of the outfit.


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5. Classic Zardosi Embroidery look 

An off-white sherwani with intricate zardozi looks classy as well as royal. Also, team it with a necklace accessory to make them look more appealing. 


6. A Stylish Combo of Golden and Red 

A designer golden-hued sherwani with intricate patterns teamed with maroon kurta-pyjama looks fancy for your wedding outfit. Also, the intricate designs on the sherwani give the sherwani a classy touch. 



7. A Patterned Blush Pink 


A patterned blush pink sherwani and red-hued shawl make an attractive combination. Also, as the shawl is patterned, it makes the complete attire look marvellous. 


Floral Sherwani for Weddings

1. Classic Floral Sherwani


Ditch the simple styles and opt for such fun floral embroidered sherwani for your wedding. The dark maroon flowers amidst the olive green leaves patterns look royal and give the sherwani a royal look.


2. Fancy combination of colours 

The sherwanis look quite fancy in the shades of yellow and olive green teamed with multi-hued floral embroidery. Also, the use of golden hue on the collars gives it a unique addition. 


3. Bronze and Off-white Combination Sherwani 

A gorgeous combo of bronze and off-white wherein the intricate pattern features the dark colour on the light colour fabric. Moreover, combining the sherwani with high-low kurta pyjamas enhances the overall look of the outfit.


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4. Stylish combos in champagne hues

Different sets of embroidery on the same champagne shade looks quite stylish. Also, pairing it with beaded necklaces as an accessory addition is a great idea. 


5. Excellent combo of floral and ivory

The classic combination of ivory fabric and floral embroidery looks impressive. Also, the pink and olive green hues in the leaf-like pattern gel well with the ivory colour of the material. 


6. Vintage combination of Mustard and Golden  

Mustard and golden shade, when put together in the outfit, give a vintage look, which looks fantastic. Also, the floral patterns towards the top of the sherwani and all-over the shawl blend in an excellent manner. 


7. Unique Cross-buttoned Ivory Sherwani

Ivory Sherwani, with leaf-like patterns, looks simple yet elegant. Also, the cross buttoning and use of aqua shade make the outfit look unique. Pairing the sherwani with light olive green churidar and shawl will make an excellent combination for your wedding. 


Simple Patterned Sherwani Designs for Groom


1. Ivory – Olive stunning combo 

The sherwani looks fabulous with the combination of ivory and olive green. Additionally, pairing it with olive green dupatta and safa makes a legit groom’s outfit. 


2. Classic Multicoloured Patterned


A multicoloured sherwani for the groom with identical straight lines pattern that forms into a chevron pattern. The colour shades used in the sherwani gives it a vintage look, and it looks charming in its own way. 


3. Preach the peach 

Unlike the brides, grooms are known for sticking with the basics, just like this simple peach sherwani adorned with golden round buttons. Also, team it with turquoise or green shade safa to give the outfit a remarkable contrast. 


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4. Chic Patterned Ivory Groomswear

Elegant ivory-coloured sherwani with multiple patterns, including booti prints and leaf patterns. You can also pair the sherwani with a coordinating safa and kalingi to give an elegant touch to the whole attire.


5. Sober Golden Hue

A simple and plain cream-coloured sherwani with centre buttons till the bottom for the grooms who like to keep it basic. Also, for addition, have a darker shade pocket square and an accessory attached to it. 


6. Appealing booti-printed Sherwani 

The sherwani looks simple and elegant with its ivory colour and flower booti prints all over the sherwani. Also, wearing a coordinated kurta and churidar with it takes the attire to a whole new level. 


7. Basic Light grey 

A basic sherwani in the shade of light-grey with intricate patterns in off-white looks great for the wedding ceremony. Pair the sherwani with a simple off-white churidar, and your attire will look presentable.


8. Royal Fabricated Sherwani

Elegant and royal sherwani with criss-cross fabrication and coordinating pocket square. Also, for making it look more lavish, wear a floral safa, and nobody can stop you from pulling-off that wedding look.


9. Patterned Fuschia Pink 

A gorgeous sherwani in the fuschia pink hue with silver patterns on criss-cross patterned fabric. Also, to make it look more quirky, team it with floral churidar, and your look will be incomparable. 


10. Golden intricately patterned Sherwani

A sherwani in golden hue featuring intricate patterns all over the fabric looks exceptional. Also, a mustard shawl with red borders can be an excellent add-on for the attire. 


11. Booti Prints with Dark Pink  

The Dark Pink Sherwani with off-white booti prints looks lovely. Also, the additions made with a baby pink shawl and pearls necklace give the attire a finishing look. 


12. A Captivating Mustard Patterned Sherwani  

A mustard sherwani with embellished patterns all around teamed with contrasting dark maroon safa and beaded neck-piece. Also, the sherwani can be paired with off-white kurta-pyjama giving it a captivating look. 


13. The richness of Turquoise Hue


A turquoise sherwani coordinating with lighter shade safa makes a striking combo. Also, for enhancing the overall look, the same shade beaded necklace can be a great add-on. 


14. A simple off-white sherwani  

A simple and basic off-white sherwani teamed with a red velvet shawl makes a lovely outfit for the groom. The contrast of red and off-white looks royal for all the right reasons. 


15. Beguiling shades of pastel pink


The sherwani looks fantastic in pastel shades of pink, and the patterns on it give the outfit an appealing look. Also, teaming the outfit with a turquoise floral safa would be a remarkable idea for enhancing the look of the sherwani for the groom. 


16. A Pattern fabricated Sherwani 

A Royal blue and black fabricated Sherwani teamed with contrasting or coordinating shawls looks ravishing. The design is minimal but looks appealing when worn with suitable accessories. 



Image Source: The Wedding Salad


Hope you find the best sherwani styles for the groom. Now you can also check the Ultimate Groom Accessories for Wedding