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10 Best Wedding Sherwani Designers for 2020 Weddings

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

The best way to steal the glances on your wedding day is by wearing a dashing designer sherwani!


Deciding the attire for the groom is as important as determining the attire for the bride. Although the bride snatches away all the attention with her extravaganza lehenga and its beauty, the groom has an equal amount of pressure of looking good as it is one of the most important days of his life as well. I’m sure all the grooms are going to second this thought of ours, and for that matter, we’ve enlisted some of the best sherwani designers of this wedding industry, who designs will inspire you in ways like no other can. 


Hop on and scroll through the list and decide upon the designer who designs stole away your heart :


 1. Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla


Popularly known as a dynamic duo Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla are the fashion designers who have been the longest in the fashion industry and stand out with their trendsetting designs. Having showcased their designs in India as well as internationally, the duo aims to set a name for the country and the ethnic designs all over the world. Moreover, the designers have a separate love for hand-embroidery as well as playing around with patterns. They are best known to use abstract patterns and floral patterns quite often. Also, we’ve observed that minimalism seldom appears in their exclusive designs which is the reason why their plans carry a different fanbase. Browse through their designs are given below :






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 2. Anju Modi


Anju Mosi is a designer who showcases her love for Indian crafts and textile in her unique ethnic designs. Her designs are minimal as well as heavily embroidered, with a wide range of versatile designs she never seems to not surprise us with her designs. The label has always tried to innovate the old traditional designs into new contemporary ones in a beautiful manner. Moreover, her gorgeous creations were also seen in the movie ‘Bajirao Mastani’ which undoubtedly looked quintessential and glamourous for all the right reasons. Other than lehengas and bridal wear, she has a great hand at groom wear as well, mainly Sherwani, check out her designs given below for more inspiration :







3. JJ Valaya


JJ Valaya is one of the oldest and most popular fashion couturier and designer from India. The designer has been working in this industry for about two decades now and showcasing his magnificent designs in bridal wear and men’s collection as well. Also, he has a distinctive style of blending traditional with modern, and a classic fusion of two diverse styles is what has made him stand out nationally as well as internationally in this bridal fashion industry. Explore the gallery of his designs to know more of it :








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4. Manish Malhotra


This is a label that showcases designs which say for themselves! When it comes to trends and innovation in modern styles, one name that pops in our mind is ‘Manish Malhotra’. The brand has taken a plunge which is for all the right reasons and solely through showcasing the unique collections and designs. Manish Malhotra is a designer who gained fame also by designing countless Bollywood styles and was ultimately called a start designer. Moreover, his styles & designs beautifully get churned into a vibrant blend of versatile textures which give them an appealing look and nobody can deny this. Other than having a hand in bridal wear, the designer also designs exceptional Sherwani, scroll through the gallery below to see it yourself.








5. Raghavendra Rathore


The designer is internationally known for his contribution to Global Fashion and also for placing the royal bandgala jacket on the fashion map. Raghavendra Rathore exclusively tends to contribute to the fashion industry through his Rajasthani designs and styles in men’s wear as well as women’s wear. His compositions have revived two fashion styles like no other – Bandgala and Jodhpur is. Despite having elegant designs in women’s wear, the designer still seems to excel in men’s wear as his creations are raw and on point.





6. Rohit Bal


Rohit Bal firmly believes that fashion designing is an art form, and it should be done with utmost creativity & elegance. The designer has a deep understanding of the psyche of the fashion world, and that is reflected in his imaginative and innovative collections. He tries to blend in the traditional crafts designs with the modern creative styles and turns into an original language of fashion. With his intelligent and well-studied models, the designer has a unique touch, and we cannot agree any less on this.




Rohit-Bal-Design-for groom








7. Sabyasachi Mukherjee


The designer needs no description of his designs to speak for themselves. Sabyasachi creations are a work of art, and nobody can deny that. Along with elegant bridal wear, one name that pops up is ‘Sabyasachi Lehenga’ and that in itself is a fashion statement. As the designer says, he draws inspiration for his designs from the surroundings and his childhood. Moreover, his models look quite dreamy with their blend of embroideries, fabrics and apt colour coordinations. Also, to an add-on, his creations tend to give a gipsy vibe which is unique.








8. Shantanu and Nikhil


The duo has been inspired by vintage India and mixing them with modern fabrics, to bring out some of the best designs and creations. Not only have they tried to keep the fusion crisp but also to introduce new styles with a contemporary touch. Moreover, their collections always have a vintage appeal along with the use of bold and dark colours. Embellished with heavy embroideries, their designs stand out from other fashion designs, check out some Sherwani designs by Shantanu and Nikhil to know more :


Shantanu and Nikhil-sherwani-Design-0


Shantanu and Nikhil-sherwani-Design-0


Shantanu and Nikhil-sherwani


Shantanu and Nikhil-sherwani-Design

9. Tarun Tahiliani


Known for his excessive use of dhoti pants and drapes in his designs, Tarun Tahiliani is another renowned fashion designer. With designs varying from minimalistic to heavily embroidered, his creations have their charm and elegance. Moreover, along with being famous in India, the designer is equally respected internationally.


sherwani designers in india





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10. Varun Bahl


The fashion designer showcases antique collections his fusion of contemporary and vintage ideas. Varun Bahl is known for his fabrics that he exclusively creates for his groups. He makes his designs unique with blending the innovative materials and intricate embroidery turning it into an absolute work of art. Check out the Sherwanis by Varun Bahl; you’ll be surprised to see the exceptional creations :