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25+ Awesome Save The Date Invites For Your Wedding in 2020

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Wedding Bells! Finally, it’s time to announce the wedding dates. And what can be better than sending out save the date invites for that! 


A wedding is said to be one of the most important days in one’s life, be it the bride or the groom. So, with new trends coming in every now and then, couples are choosing some very unique ways of announcing their wedding date. One amongst them being, save the date invites. 


Unlike the wedding invitations that are sent 15-20 days before the wedding, save-the-date announcements are sent months in advance. And these invites have so many creative variations, starting from the ones with fun props to ones with your loving pets. These invites are undeniably cute and will make all your guests go “Awww!”. With pre-wedding shoots becoming a rage, it’s time for you to get creative and quirky as well, Kyunki Yeh Shaadi Na Hogi Dobara! 


From simple cards to quirky, fun-loving posters! Here are some fantastic save the date wedding invitation ideas which you will absolutely fall in love with :


1. Being Formal is for Oldies! Try an Animated Save-the-date Card

Sometimes, cartoons speak for us in a better way than we speak for ourselves! What are you waiting for? Go get those animated cards printed for yourselves.


Awesome Save The Date Invites


2. Fell in Love Online? Or Maybe Love Socializing?

If you are a couple who fell in love online, then do not think further, this is the perfect idea for you! Or if you two are crazy social birds, then you can get your own ‘save the date’ cards of your favorite web pages.


save the dates invites


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3. Fly high, and in love!

This can be one of the coolest save the date ideas. Grab some balloons and fly high with the love of your life! Announcing the wedding dates in the simplest of ways can be fun too. I totally love this save the date idea. What about you?


wedding insprations wedding invites


4. Let The Dates Hang on to You!

Just cut out the dates and hang them around you with a thread. As simple as it seems, sometimes the simplest of ideas turn out to be perfect!


save the date ideas


Best wedding invitations


Best wedding date invites


Save The Date Invites For Your Wedding


5. Send them a postcard!

Say it with postcards! Just send out some cool and creative postcards of “save the date” to your loved ones announcing your special date.

wedding postcard ideas 

6. Because Being Desi is Pretty Cool!

If you are a desi couple, then this is a perfect idea for you! Go the Indian way and pose with an auto-rickshaw along with your special date written on it.


Unique save the date ideas


7. The Road Not Taken!

This is a beautiful idea for you. All you need to do is, stand at one end of the road and let your genius friend do his work of photoshopping characters and numbers on the road.


wedding invitation ideas


8. Say it or your pets will!

This is one of the cutest ideas, and I think you should definitely grab this one! Just hang a board on to your pet and let them announce the dates with their cuteness and innocence.


Trending wedding invites


save the dates ideas for wedding


amazing ideas for weddings


9. Chalk it out!

Let the chalk do the talk! Write your special date on the chalkboard and pose behind it.



Beautiful wedding invites ideas


trending ideas foe wedding


wedding beautiful invites


wedding invitation ideas


10. Go the filmy style!

Just like a hero and heroine that you are going to be at your wedding, get yourself some filmy posters for announcing the special dates.


wedding save the date ideas

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11. Let’s go the quirky way!

Step up the game by doing something quirky! Strike a pose while standing on the luggage trolley of the hotel, while a helper holds the save the date board for you.


quirky wedding ideas


12. Say it with your props!

Announce your special dates by holding a set of props in an upright position in front of your faces. Then you can simply photoshop the wedding dates on the side.


unique ideas for invitations


13. Go floral in an aesthetic way!

As it is rightly said, florals make everything look pretty and happy! Arrange the petals of a flower in the form of your wedding dates and pose with it.


wedding inspirations wedding ideas


14. Say it with photographs!

A picture speaks a thousand words, so why not strike a simple pose and photoshop the dates in the photograph itself?


most amazing ideas wedding


save the date invites


15. Power to the wanderlust couple!

If you are one of the couples who absolutely love traveling, then this is a perfect idea for you! Strike a pose with dates written on your bags or road stone or the station name board.


wedding invitations ideas




Save-the-Date-Idea for wedding

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16. Picture in a picture!

What a cool idea of clicking a picture while you two are posing with a picture of you two. Confused? I love this unique save the date idea. What about you?


wedding invites


17. Beach-y couple?

A beach would be a perfect setting for you two to announce your wedding dates. Write the dates on a frame and pose behind them. This save-the-date idea is one of my personal favorites. I don’t know about you, but I have this idea saved in a private Pinterest board called ‘My Wedding’!


Beach couple wedding invites

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18. Hang ’em by the tree!

Put up the wedding dates on a tree in a frame or a cute banner or simple cardboard, and just pose behind it. Perfect idea for an adorable announcement of the wedding date!


beautiful wedding inspirations


19. Say it with Henna!

Brides should get ready to book their henna appointments and get their customized mehndi design done! Here’s an idea for you to get your wedding dates written amongst your mehndi so that nobody forgets it until the date.


Mehendi save the date ideas


20. Was it Magical?

The feeling of being in love is magical in itself, so why not depict it in a picture? You pose and leave the rest on the graphic designer about how will he make you fly in the air with the props.


Best  save the date ideas

21. Just Play and Pose!

Let’s leave the boring ideas behind while you pose playing your favorite game. Photoshop the wedding date in the picture of you two.


 Just Play and Pose wedding ideas


22. A Lot Can Happen Over a Coffee!

A perfect wedding announcement idea for two coffee lovers! What’s better than a few cups of coffee and the love of your life. Coffee mugs with coffee and the wedding dates written on it with chocolate sauce, perfect picture!


unique wedding ideas


23. Pumpkins, But not For Halloween!

If you have seen pumpkins being used just for Halloween, then let us change that and use it for announcing the wedding dates instead. Carve the dates on the pumpkins and strike a pose behind!


Beautiful save the date ideas


24. Growing up together, like literally!

If you are one of the childhood sweethearts, then this is a perfect announcement idea for you! Say it out loud with a sequence of when you two met, when did you fall in love, and finally the date you two are getting married.


wedding trending invites


25. City of love!

As it’s said, you are made from your roots. So why not feature the city in which you fell in love with each other or the city you are getting married! Pose in front of a monument with your save the date board and the name of the destination city written on it.


It is also a fantastic way of spending the weekend with the love of your life. I can never seem to have enough time with him! I am definitely choosing this Save the date! 


amazing ideas for invitations

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26. Original faces are too cliche!

Graphic Designers are becoming very creative with time, and that’s a perfect opportunity for you! Announce your wedding dates with your personal caricatures printed along with them. Let them know you are getting married in style! Get creative with your Save the date card.


unique ideas for wedding 



wedding invites ideas


I’m sure you’re still wondering which one to choose, but trust me the choice you’ll make is going to be as important as your special day. So, which save the date idea will you choose?


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