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45+ Latest Safa Designs trending at Indian weddings

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Safa is a single piece of cloth wrapped around the head and sometimes adorned with blingy sarpech (turban adornment). It signifies the Indian groom’s respect. A stylish safa raises a groom's look a few notches, especially when it is adorned with a sarpech.  

So, the grooms who are getting married in 2020, have you picked a wedding safa design yet? Do you know the latest safa trends? This blog is for all the stylish grooms out there to get creative and make ‘heads’ turn. Grooms, if you want to stand out, you have to pick the right safa style. Play around with trending designs (floral, monotone, leheriya) and fabrics (bandhani, chanderi, cotton) and get yourself a safa that best matches your personality. You can opt for a quirky print, or go for monotone fabrics with an attached sarpech. Whether you want to do it loud or keep it subtle, there is a safa style for every groom.


I know you would not want to get lost in a myriad of designs that have flooded the market. For all those dapper grooms who want their fair share of oohs and wows on their wedding here, I have curated a list of 45 different safa styles that will give you that regal edge on your D-day!

Latest Safa styles, which will make you look no less than a king at your wedding!


1. Floral Safas are in Rage


Floral prints look dreamy and are highly popular these days among the new age grooms. You can either choose to coordinate the print or contrast it with your wedding outfit, whichever way you want it to be. The safa completes your look for your D-day. Even if your outfit is in a natural shade, adding a floral safa can enhance the overall look and give it fine finishing. Opt for these safa styles for summer weddings.  


 Floral Safas In Pastel Shades

Pastel Shades Floral Safas for Grooms

Rose Print Safa

Rose Printed Floral Safas for Grooms

Floral Chanderi Safa

Floral Chanderi Floral Safas for Grooms


Floral Safa with a long tail

Long Tail Floral Safas for Grooms

Floral Safas for fun filled baarat brigade

Best Floral Safas for Grooms


Flowers Having Fun


 In Deeper Contrasting Hues

Contrasting Hued Floral Safas for Grooms


Floral Safa adding colours to a simple sherwani



Green Wedding Safa 


Green Floral Safas for Grooms

Safa coordinating with the outfit

Coordinating Floral Safas for Grooms


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2. Monotone Safas 


Monotone looks classy in all shades, be it a solid or pastel colours. To beautify the safa, you can choose safas with motifs embroidered on the edges, which add a little bling. Another add-on is the beautiful safa brooches that enhance the look of the attire & safa and make it more appealing. Choose safas in metallic colours, and you’ll stand out of the crowd. 

Beige Safa in crinkled fabric with a serpech

Fabrics Monotone Safa For Groom

One with the Stunning Kalgi 

Monotone Safa For Groom with stunning kalgi

 Ethnic and Embellished

Ethnic Monotone Safa For Groom


  New Hues for the Groomquad

Hued Monotone Safa For Groom


  Sabyasachi’s Old Rose Chanderi Silk Safa worn by Virat Kohli on his Wedding Day


Old Rose Chanderi Silk Monotone Safa For Groom


Royal Safas in Tissue & Silk


Royal Silk Monotone Safa For Groom 

For That Dapper Look! 

Best Monotone Safa For Groom for Dapper Look

Coordinate the safa style with your sarbala!


Coordinated Monotone Safa For Groom

Coordinated Monotone Safa For Groom

Starry Sarpech 

Starry Sarpech Monotone Safa For Groom

 Pink Safa with Patterned Sherwani


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 3. Colourful & Traditional Leheriya Safa


The pretty shades of the traditional leheriya look eyes-pleasing in the blazing heat of the summer. You will be happy to know that multi-hued leheriya safas are trending. Either colourful or shades of two, everything looks phenomenal. You can have some colour-coordinated leheriya safas for the groom as well as the groomsmen to have a colour code at your wedding. These leheriya design safa is definitely the perfect attire to flaunt at your #YaarKiShaadi.

Red Silk Leheriya Safa adding grace to the Groom look 


  A Riot Of Colours in Leheriya Safas with bright Nehru Jackets 

Traditional Leheriya Safa for Groom with Bright Jacket 

Pink Leheriya giving Ethenic Elegance

Pink Traditional Leheriya Safa for Groom


Leheriya in Beautiful Bright Hue

Bright Hue Traditional Leheriya Safa for Groom

 Barati in Multicoloured Tie & Dye Fabric Safa


 Red and golden Leheriya safa 

Red and Golden Traditional Leheriya Safa for Groom


4. Safa with Quirky Prints


Some grooms like to go for quirky prints, and that looks uber cool for all the right reasons. Quirky patterns mostly include abstract arts or doodles, which give the fun vibes and are suitable for the chill mood. What a modern and unique style to show up at your friend’s wedding! 

Batik Print inspired by Gujarati Patola, the Bachhans wore to a wedding


 Peacock Print Safa Design


Peacock Print Safa Design for Grooms

Block Print safa


 Gold Foil Print

Gold Foil Print Safa Design for Grooms

5. Safa in Shaded Fabrics


The tie & dye fabrics are in craze nowadays. Shaded fabric is another way to add colours. Two colours are blend so well so that they elegantly complement each other. Besides, contrasting colours or colours of the same hue, it looks unique and exceptionally beautiful when mixed. 


 Shaded Fabrics are Another Way to Charm

Shaded Fabric Safa Design for Grooms


 Bejewelled Shaded Safa with a Kalgi

Bejewelled Shaded Safa Design for Grooms

 Royalty personified! 

Royal Safa Design for Grooms 

  A Dapper Groom in shaded safa

Dapper Shaded Safa Design for Grooms


Shaded safa with white feather Kalgi


Shaded Safa Design for Grooms

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6. Elegant White Safa


White safas are a timeless choice for grooms and their friends. White safas when worn along with the gorgeous safa brooches (kalgi), the look is commendable. Another element that beautifies the safas are the coloured bands on the borders which can vary from bright colours like red or some warm colours like golden or mustard. If you are seeking a millennial look for a summer wedding, then go for these white safa designs.


 Actor & VJ Gaurav Kapoor in white Safa at his wedding

  Elegant White Safa Design for Grooms

 Elegant White

Beautiful White Safa Design for Grooms

The kota fabric adds texture to Safa with Gold Border


Kota Fabric White Safa Design for Grooms

Kota Fabric Safa Design for Grooms

 A Happy Pastel 

Pastel White Safa Design for Grooms  

 With these uber stylish and latest safa designs, getting the perfect groom look will not be difficult anymore. Flaunt your #groomgoals by styling a safa according to your look and attire from these trending safa designs for your wedding. Let me know which safa design are you going to wear this wedding season in the comments section below. I would like to hear it from you.

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