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Best Royal White Wedding Decoration Ideas for Weddings

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Are you looking for wedding decor that gives the elegant vibes?

White is an elegant colour; hence choosing this white wedding decor theme would be a great idea!


I think as much as I have researched the psychology of colours, according to it, white colour gives out the innocent and romantic vibes. I think it’ll be the perfect choice for you and your partner. In this wedding decor, none of the colours used is too hard for the eyes. The colours include white, blush pink, lavender, peach, beige and silver at some places. 


Another prominent feature is the use of garden roses, but mostly in gentle colours just like mentioned above. The roses tend to create a romantic environment which I think is quite necessary for a wedding.


Scroll through the gallery below for fantastic white wedding decor


Firstly, the elevated aisle looks beautiful with the furry carpet. The sliver vases on either side of the walkway look phenomenal and eye-catchy. The jars stuffed with fresh blooms from hot pink to other white florals looks breath-taking.


elevated white floral decorated jars


The hallway decorated with a few side tables and centre tables looks sufficiently filled as well as spacious. As far as I can spot, the white blooms spread all around the room include white chrysanthemums, garden roses, tulips and some types of greenery here and there. Moreover, the photos of the bride-groom on the wall can add a more specific feature to the decor. 


decorated halfway with royal white flowers


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Click! Snap! And you’re good to go. A great picture clicking spot for you where you can sit on the beautiful sofas and get yourself clicked is quite a necessity. Also, the glass candelabras in the centre of both of them, along with the photographs, look great!


beautiful royal white floral wedding decoration


The dining area looks gorgeous in the shade of every possible gentle colour. The chairs of the dining table covered with white tissue fabric along with peach material tied in a ribbon to add a decorative look to the chairs. 


beautifully decorated royal white floral dining area


The side platform exhibits many vases various kinds of blooms and in a different colour which gives the decor the versatility. Moreover, the backlit patterned wall is also doing wonders to the decor.  


side platform decorated with royal white flowers


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Placing a centrepiece on the dining tables is a must. The centrepiece used in this decor is exquisite as well as detailed. As much as I can understand, here it includes red and blush-pink roses, purple mini carnations and white gypsophila flowers.

beautifully placed royal white centerpiece for decoration


This decor will make your wedding look heavenly. So I think you should go for it!