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Tips For Brides To Reuse Their Mother's Bridal Lehenga

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 30 June, 2020

You have landed in the right blog if all you wish to wear for your Wedding Day is your mother’s graceful lehenga or looking to modify a bridal lehenga for your personal needs. This blog will assist and guide you through customizing and creating outfits by reusing your mother’s lehenga in multiple ways. It’s a beautiful gesture of showing your mother that you are a part of her! Scroll down to explore the helpful tips to reuse your mother’s lehenga.

Resize or Alter the Lehenga

Resize and Alter your Mother's Wedding Lehenga

Image Source: Video Tailor

Some designs never fall out of style and are therefore classic pieces which could be passed upon. Similarly, when a lehenga is miraculously patterned and is ready for you, then all that has to be done is resizing. You can alternatively add in a waistband to eliminate gathers or play around with the sleeves. At the end of the day, we all know that it seems traditional to carry out a legacy from your mother’s wardrobe. Worth trying.  

Turn The Lehenga into a Kurta

Turn Mother's Wedding Lehenga into Kurta

Image Source: Anita Dongre

Kurta can be stitched out of bridal wear as it carries that kind of volumed fabric. So use a lehenga skirt and transform it into either an Anarkali or short Kurti. Both of them will have the bridal essence. Mothers love it when their daughters reuse their clothing just as much, so make sure you flaunt that kurta!

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Make a Cape Jacket Out of It

Make a Cape Jacket from your Mother's Wedding Lehenga

Image Source: Prathyusha Garimella

Let the old lehenga retain all its glory and story, so you could further be a narrator and get a hold of someone who can stitch the Lehenga Set into a Modern cape jacket. Gather all the intricate details and patch them up together as one producing a timeless outer which can fulfil the needs of your multiple attires.

Slit To add colour blocking panels and Increase volume

Add Colour Blocking Panels to your Mother's Wedding Lehenga

Image Source: Dream Diaries

Get in touch with a fashion designer or a tailor for this tip as it takes a little snipping and adding to do. If your mum loves to stitch, then you may approach her for this. All you need to do is to add four measured slits to your mother’s old bridal lehenga then bring some contrasting fabric to stitch right within the slits. It will result in a bigger volume portraying quirkiness all the way. 

Use the Dupatta for a different occasion wear

Use your Mother's Wedding Lehenga as a Dupatta

Image Source: Rolling Canvas Presentations

If your outfit can handle a unique dupatta of your mom’s, then go for it! Drape it differently by getting a double dupatta look or solely around the shoulder for a regal appearance. Luckily, occasionwear has a scope to be layered upon so try it with any matching outfit you like.

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Wear the Lehenga Skirt with a Smart Shirt and Statement Jewellery

Wear your Mother's Wedding Lehenga as a Skirt

Image Source: Surbhi Sethi 

You may want to be a fashionista who’s being eyed on for a bold set of Shirt and Lehenga, that could be paired up with an ultimate statement jewellery piece. Nobody will realise that you DIYed your mother’s lehenga while you slay that vintage Lehenga Skirt.

Lehenga Skirt than can be paired along with a flared slit kurta

Make Lehenga Skirt from your Mother's Wedding Lehenga

Image Source: Assaba.Net

New or out of the closet, if you have a heavy embroidered Long Flared Slit Kurta which either calls for a bottom or is finding it’s better half then you may match it up with your mother’s Lehenga Skirt. Congratulations on the bonus dupatta too!

What will you be trying from our cool tips? 

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