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21 Tips To Strengthen Your Relationship During Quarantine

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 22 April, 2020

The global hit of Corona Virus has changed our lifestyles, bringing us under the circumstances to adopt social distancing. Until and unless a promising cure launches for the disease, it is essential to stay indoors and keep your boo close during the period of quarantine. We understand that it is difficult to stay away from your loved ones and yet keep the bond strong. So try these 21 Tips To Strengthen Your Relationship During The Quarantine Period to keep your love life smooth and forget about all that worries you presently.

1. Spend Time Via Video Calls

Spend Time on Video Calls During Quarantine

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You must be craving to meet them and see them, so get on to your smartphones and video call them whenever your missing syndrome returns. It is one of the savvy ways to communicate with your darling.

2. Learn To Cook Exotic Dishes

Learn to Cook Dishes During Quarantine

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You can try to go the extra mile and learn to cook exotic dishes by watching online recipe tutorials. It is clear that the way to one’s stomach is through the heart, so get moving to your kitchen, and toss some veggies in the pan. Once the quarantine era ends, you can surprise your babe by cooking some delicious meals for them. 

3. Make Your Couple Playlist

Make Couple Music Playlist During Quarantine

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Finally comes the free time to put in efforts and create playlists. Listen to the favourite songs that you cherish as a couple and bring back the warmth of love. They could be your backup for the long drives you’ll be taking after this pandemic ends. 

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4. Get Familiar With Their Favourite Books/Movies

Get Familiar with Books During Quarantine

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Try to get to know your partner better by getting familiar with their delighted selection of movies and books. It can hit you up with loads of exciting ideas that your dear one will be able to relate to. Create romantic moments by blending into their idolised character.

5. Write Cheesy Letters For Them Everyday

Write Chessy Letters During Quarantine

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Everyone adores gestures that have a personal touch to them and writing letters is one of them. You can write romantic letters for them and let them know how you felt each day during the time of isolation. Pass it to them after the lockdown is over.

6. Try Origami Craftwork Using Newspaper

Try Origami Craftwork During Quarantine

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A way to use resources and pass the time effectively, try origami craftwork. Share videos with your loved one and create some great pieces while on a video call. Get artsy together! 

7. Make A Couple Bucket List

Make a Bucket List During Quarantine

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An amusing and tummy tickling way to spend quality time with your dearest is to share your thrilling bucket list ideas. Discuss what you wish to do as a couple, and when the disease period is over, you can do all that you added in your bucket list. How romantic!

8. Indulge In A Quiz

Indulge in a Quiz During Quarantine

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Stimulate each other’s mind by playing quizzes regularly. Everyone enjoys a fun game, so don’t just stay home bored. There are many online quiz options available so exhaust your wifi by productive gaming.

9. Make Their Portrait If You Are An Artist

Make Portrait Paintings During Quarantine

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You may be an artist so grab your brushes and paint a portrait of theirs or your most liked couple picture. They will surely be amazed.

10. Share Daily Gossip

Share Daily Gossips During Quarantine'

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Apart from sharing the daily routine, you can also speak about your friends or relatives to exchange gossip. Couples together actually do this often, and it is healthy. 

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11. Share Your Couple Memories On Social Media

Share your Memories on Social Media During Quarantine

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If you miss the old times when you could grab coffee together or visit fancy places, then post your couple memories on social media. These gestures fuel up the relationship keeping you engaged.

12. Sing For Them If It Is Your Hobby

Sing a Song During Quarantine

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Quite a singer you might be, but you won’t until you try! So try singing for your favourite one and see them blush in no time.

13. Try Cocktail Art At Home

Try Cocktail Art During Quarantine

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For your future house parties to host, you can learn all about cocktail art and get drunk. Ladies find it very attractive when a man pours them a nice glass of crafted cocktail. How Extra Talented!

14. Be Consoling In This Hard Time And Fight Anxiety

Consoling at Hard Time During Quarantine

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As this time may be hard to face, it is crucial to stay tight, be patient and more understanding to fight anxiety together. A true bond adhesive! So console them and believe that everything will be alright at the soonest.

15. Discuss Future Trips

Discuss about Future During Quarantine

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Make travel plans together and mark your dates for the near future. So as soon as the globe is back to its operations, you could pack your suitcases and get some air together.

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16. Share Childhood Pictures

Share Childhood Pictures During Quarantine

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We all have childhood memories that are confidential so you can tighten your bond by sharing secrets and exchanging some of your baby pictures to collectively laugh.

17. Movie Binge On Netflix

Watch Movies on Netflix During Quarantine

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Watch Rom-coms on Netflix together all day, every day as it is the best way to spend a great time as a couple. Select your favourites now and get some popcorn ready!

18. Make Them Creative Cards

Make Creative Cards During Quarantine

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Try finding some creative cards online to make your baby boo one. Experiment with ideas and gift them afterwards to put a smile on their face.

19. Try Tik-Tok Duets

Try Tik Tok Duets During Quarantine

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It is crazy how Tik-Tok has great content, and the quarantine period has got a lot of us glued on the app! So you can get inspired and log in to make some duets along with your partner. Add in some humour and kill boredom together.

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20. Share Each Other’s Pictures On Instagram

Share Each Other Pictures During Quarantine

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You may have cute pictures of him and he of hers, so make cute stories about each other on Instagram. Let the world know how the couple is setting relationship goals and how it is done. 

21. Go Old School And Write Emails

Write Emails During Quarantine

Image Source: Glenn Carstens-Peters

Emailing can once again be a letter-writing trend. It may be old school, but most of us miss receiving emails and notes which stay with us in the long run. You can try it for yourself and surprise them with some great writing.

If you wish to ease this time of chaos with your significant other, then try these tips to stay close and let us know what you are planning to do together in the comment section below.