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Ultimate Modern Red Wedding Decor Ideas for 2020 Weddings

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Do you want to have a Red wedding decor in a modern style? 


Unlike other floral decors, this one has a modern approach with dominating use of drapes! Check this out – modern red wedding decor!


While most wedding decor use entrance arches, this one has decorated the entrance gate of the hotel. However, for decorations, we have hung tiny spherical red and purple floral chandeliers. Moreover, the pillars look beautiful with spiral floral wrappings. 

red floral decoration on entrance




 The hallway of the hotel looks simple yet elegant with a single centrepiece. While the centrepiece features a copper metallic beautified with red, white and pink orchids. Also, some other decorative elements include the suspended floral installations.

hanging chandlier on  halfway with beautiful red flowers 

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 The aisle looks like its a part of fairyland because of the thin arches placed with distance to each other. Also, between every arch, a floral chandelier showcasing white and red flowers adds beauty to the decor. 


floor touching chandlier with red fusion of colour

A dreamy floral floor-touching chandelier put up to welcome your friends and family, counts for a great idea. However, the prominent elements of the chandelier are the red and white floral balls which make it look heavenly. 


stage area decoration with modern red colour flowers




The stage is set in a simplistic manner. The sofa in the centre teamed with white floral structures placed on either side of it makes it a beautiful spot. However, the backdrop of the stage also looks gorgeous because of the motif made from white and red blooms. 


charis are covered with modern red decorative cloth


This is a unique decorative idea wherein, you can completely flood and hang the ceiling is with chiffon red clothes. Also, the shade of the clothes should be matching with the ceiling drape colour. 


best modern red wedding decor ideas


The stage area accompanied by a big hall consists of crystal chandeliers with lights installed inside them. However, these chandeliers also highlight the simplicity of the decor. 




Decorative spots are important elements for wedding decor for your guests to have a gorgeous backdrop. Here, the bar counter is decorated in a divine manner. 




Here, the dining area features a substantial floral chandelier. The metallic chandelier showcases red florals on the rims and a spherical light ball hanging from the centre. 





Perfectly doing justice to the modern red wedding decor are these chandeliers. However, the unique feature of the same are the thread-like tassel details shining because of the lights installed to the spiral frame. 

red wedding decor ideas


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The centrepieces of the dining tables showcase a structure covered completely by red flowers and pink flowers towards the top. Also, to match with the modern red wedding decor, the chairs have red tissue covers. 

fully dining area decorated with red colour decoration



This dining area completly goes well with the theme. The red drapes with crystal light chandeliers look great. Also, a buddha figure placed in the area enhances its whole beauty.


modern red wedding decor for weddings


Indoor dining area arrangement for you guests who would not like to sit outside. However, contrasting the theme of modern red wedding decor, we have powder blue drapes in this area. Moreover, the chandeliers are simple crystal ones lighting up the whole place. 




 The centrepieces feature yellow flowers that contrast with the blue drapes. Also, along with the chandeliers, we have white floral structures suspended from the ceiling.