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Red Floral Wedding Decor | Wedding Decor Inspiration

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Are you looking for a wedding decor dominated by shades of red? 


Don’t need to worry! We present you with this gorgeous red floral wedding decor which is quite awe-inspiring!


Red wedding decor ideas



The entrance showcases a beautiful set of entry frames shaped in paisleys. In addition, the borders feature tiny red blooms tightly stuffed together. Moreover, the cuboidal silver glittery vases on either side add beauty to the same. The vases feature more greenery and a pinch of red blooms. Altogether, these elements perfectly do justice with the red floral wedding decor. 

Red floral wedding decor

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In the middle of the walkway starting from the entrance, there is a white vase, overflowing with strands of wisterias and hydrangea clusters. Moreover, the vase is well lit because of the spotlights spread around it. Also, the chandelier just above the vase adds beauty to the same because of the white and blush pink wisterias used in it.


Wedding decor inspirations

Beautiful decor ideas

Decorative elements amidst the wedding decor are really important. Likewise, this water fountain lighted in royal blue due to the spotlights looks great. 


Red floral wedding decor

 Wedding decor red theme

The stage area said to be one of the most important venues, should be decorated properly. In this red floral wedding decor, one attention-grabbing element is the silver substantial arch. 


Amazing decor inspirations

Adding beauty to the stage is the big chandelier. The chandelier looks phenomenal flooded with white and pink wisteria flowers. Moreover, the numerous long candelabras surrounding the stage glorify the whole stage. 


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Red colored theme for decor

The lounge area with black & white checks flooring looks unique. However, the chandeliers hung in the area are simple and elegant with minimal use of wisterias. However, these are hung with tiny thread-like structures which will make you stop and examine it a bit. 


Indian wedding decor inspirations

Red decor theme


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The dining area features red draped roofs that complement the red floral wedding decor. Also, the chandelier is huge with red and pink blooms dominating it. Adding beauty to it are yellow shiny frills.


Beautiful decor ideas

 Hanging decor ideas for wedding

The area gives prominence to the floral chandelier featuring red, pink and white flowers. Also, the crystal tassel details hanging from the chandelier look fantastic. 




 Wedding-Decor- red color Theme

Another lounge area has many windows with red blooms tightly stuffed to the wall in the shape of a rectangle. The minute additions in the red shade is a great way of adding to the red floral wedding decor. 


decor ideas for lounge area


The glorifying chandelier in the area showcases overflowing pink and white wisterias. Besides, on either side of the centre chandelier, there are 4 smaller chandeliers that are mainly made of red and white garden roses. 


red wedding decor inspirations


Amazing wedding decor

The dining tables gel well with the red floral wedding decor because of the red patterned table covers. Also, the tiffany chairs as well have red seat covers. Moreover, the centrepieces of the tables feature vases stuffed with red garden roses. 




Beautiful wedding theme

A perfect wedding decor

This is a closed dining setup where long straight tables placed with numerous chairs is perfect for the close family members dinner. Also, the full-sized red carpet goes well with the theme. 




The mandap looks very pretty set in a closed room. Moreover, the white chandelier hung just above the mandap gives a gorgeous effect to it. However, for adding the seating you can lay mattresses around the mandap for the viewers. 


This wedding decor will surely make you say out loud that ‘this is goals!’ Save your favourite ideas from this red floral wedding decor!

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