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Rakhi Sawant's wedding: Social media is calling it a publicity stunt!

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Bollywood actor Rakhi Sawant reveals in an interview that she is married.

Rakhi Sawant has been in the limelight for controversies and her bindass approach towards life. Rakhi has admitted to being married to UK based NRI, Ritesh. Finally, the Bollywood actor has Shaadi after her Swayamvar. 

Rakhi tied the knot with the UK based businessman a month ago. While Ritesh has left for the UK, Rakhi is awaiting her visas to move in with her husband.

Social Media calls Rakhi’s wedding a Publicity stunt

Rakhi Sawant does not follow her husband, Ritesh, on Instagram

Rakhi Sawant's wedding:

Social media is abuzz about the fact that Rakhi is not following her husband on Instagram. Some people have even argued as to how can two people be married when they do not follow each other on Instagram.

I think this an interesting perspective on the influence of social media in our lives. While this is largely correct; since most spouses are connected on social media platforms.

Is Instagram causing a refit in Rakhi Sawant & Ritesh’s wedding?

Can ‘not-following’ Ritesh on Instagram give the social media grounds to question the authenticity of this wedding?

I remember a very interesting comment from someone about a friend’s marriage. They unfollowed each other, or one of them blocked the other, lord knows what actually happened, but it was immediately concluded to ‘they are having a big fight!’

I may have myself blocked my spouse a couple of times and may have been on the receiving end as well. I am sure some of you can relate to what I am saying.

Social signals a big deal in a marriage!

Is it really that big a deal? You can’t be married to someone you are not following on Instagram. What is the next step, you can’t be related to someone you don’t follow. Are we passing a diktat as a society? In order to be in love with her, you have to have six months of ‘following-her-on-Instagram’ experience.

My question is, is it really that big a deal; that two people in love or married to each are connected on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin? Even whatsapp is it a big deal to not be connected on these platforms!

Rakhi Sawant's Wedding, Rakhi Ki Shaadi, Rakhi Sawant, Trending in Social MediaWhat if the person in question does not use all of these platforms? I have a friend who’s designer girlfriend is not on LinkedIn. I know of several other people who are not on Instagram! So many people I know are active on only one platform.

real wedding rakhi sawant 

Social media sights Rakhi Sawant’s history with publicity stunts! 

Social media rejects my argument; they are saying Rakhi is always looking for opportunities to create controversies. While some people have called the whole thing a publicity stunt, others argue that Rakhi had no other option since no one was talking about her.

Rumours are doing rounds in Khan Market about the said ‘UK based NRI Ritesh’ to have claimed not-to-know who Rakhi Sawant has it. They are going on to say, Ritesh has not even heard about her.

Social media & Weddings

Social media experts believe that not only do they NOT see a new social media platform coming in. They also foresee users only being active on ONLY one of these platforms.

While it will be interesting to watch the role that social media will play in relationships in future. At WeddingsOnly, we hope that it is a good one, hearts grow fonder, not sour.

Here’s wishing Ritesh & Ritesh-ki-Rakhi a lot of happiness, joy and blessed married life.

The nation wants to know: Rakhi Sawant’s wedding

Rakhi Sawant, Rakhi Sawant's Wedding, Rakhi Ki Shaadi, Rakhi Vs ArnabNo, Arnab Goswami doesn’t want to know has not raised this on the News Hour debate, yet. But I think the nation really wants to know!

Social media & Weddings

Rakhi Sawant’s wedding album and honeymoon photos go Viral

Rakhi Sawant’s honeymoon photos. See Rakhi with the sindoor, Mehndi and bridal chuda!

Rakhi Sawant’s honeymoon photos

rakhi sawant wedding

Beautiful real wedding

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Rakhi Sawant’s wedding album

Social media has found to make a dig at Rakhi Sawant by using her wedding photographs from the show, Rakhi ka swayamvar!

Rakhi’s crazy stunts! Rakhi’s fans and cynics alike, everyone is talking about her stunts on the TV show, Rakhi ka Swayamvar. On the show, the item queen flipped her image around observed Karva Chauth for five men. While some aunties dismissed the fast as a nuisance and non-senseical.

rakhi sawant wedding album

trending rakhi sawant pictures

On the TV show, Rakhi and her pandavas (the final 5 contenders) observed the fast with Rakhi. And if you’re still standing here’s something to knock you down – each boy’s mother helped Rakhi and their sons in breaking the fast in a traditional way, a source revealed. So how does someone break a fast five times? Isn’t it broken the first time around?

Is Rakhi Sawant’s wedding a publicity stunt?

Do leave us a comment with what you think.