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Everything You Need To Know About Rajasthani Weddings

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Updated on 30 June, 2020


Every girl aspires to have a Royal Rajasthani wedding with all the rituals. If you too are planning a grand wedding, then there are a few things that would help. Rajasthan is a land of culture, tradition and music, and hence it is necessary to make sure that you do justice to all the Rajasthani elements that you are going to involve in your wedding. Here are a few things that need your immediate attention:


Wedding Cards


The only way to make the first impression of your wedding is the invitation card that you send to your guests. Invitation cards are like a teaser of your wedding; hence, it should reflect the theme of your wedding. Choose a wedding card that showcases Rajasthani elements in it.




Rajasthani Wears For Men


We have read and heard a lot about wedding outfits from a bride’s point of view, but the groom’s outfit selection is not natural as well. For a typical Rajasthani look, men can wear a sherwani with dhoti or pyjama, which reflects the Grandeur of Rajasthani culture. Men can even wear a turban which gives your whole attire a different look. Other men can also wear a hat to make them look unique. Accessory includes a gold chain around the neck which would make him look perfect on his special day.



Rajasthani Wears For Women


No bride wants to look average on her D-day. To have a Rajasthani look, a bride needs to wear a Ghaghra choli with a long odhani (dupatta). One end of odhani should tuck on Ghaghra, and the other should cover the head. This is the ritual of Rajasthani weddings. Ghaghra is a long skirt usually made of Chunari and mothra prints with zardozi work on it. Ghaghra can be of any colour because Rajasthan is a land of colours and traditions. On a particular day, the bride needs to wear a nathni. It is a nose ring that gives a traditional look and makes the bride look more elegant.



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Accessories add soul to the Rajasthani look. Few specific things should be covered to have a perfect Rajasthani bride look. Covering the bridal accessories first: it should involve baju band, maang teeka, nathni, jhumka, Payal and many more. Groom can wear a gold chain or a bracelet. He can also wear an earring on one side of the ear and a watch, to get an out of the box look.

Rajasthani Weddings bridal accessories to wear


Rajasthani Jooti

Rajasthani footwears are unique in appearance, adorned with diamonds and stones on the jootis. This footwear gives a Royal wedding look to the groom and bride as well. The bride can wear ethnic footwear with pompoms and thread work on it.




Exotic Fort Or Palace

The venue plays a significant role in such weddings. All the Rajasthani taam-jhaam won’t suit in banquet or a simple hall. For hosting a Rajasthani wedding, you need an ample space which either resembles a fort, or you can choose a big lawn where you can set up a Rajasthani atmosphere with the help of colourful decor.



Rajasthani Weddings heritage wedding venues


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Rajasthani music is considered as soul music. You can bring some of the instrument players to the wedding to give you Rajasthani feels. ‘Ghoomar’, the traditional folk dance of Rajasthani will add the charm to your wedding.





No matter what and where your wedding is, food is the only way to make an impression on a guest’s mind that would last for long. In a Rajasthani wedding, you can have the following things on the menu that would complement well with your wedding: Samosa, daal pakwan, mung daal k pakode, pyaaj and daal kachori as starters and Daal baati churma, Rice and sangari curry which are the speciality of Rajasthani cuisine. Leave your guests surprised by offering finger-licking Rajasthani food to them.



Now that you know all the essential points about Rajasthani wedding, live your dream of hosting a grand wedding!