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Trending Lilac Purple Decoration Ideas for Wedding in 2020

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Updated on 30 June, 2020


Here is a lilac purple wedding decor, which can do wonders to your wedding!

entrance decoration with Lilac Purple decoration


The entrance features a beautiful arch with spiral endings and spotlights installed on its foot to light it in purple shade. Moreover, another eye-catchy element is the white strands suspended from the ceiling, uncluttered and arranged in a pattern. 


beautiful halfway decorated with Lilac Purple decor


The hallway looks fabulous and also features a vertical garden perfect for photos. Moreover, the ceiling looks beautiful with the white hangings arranged in straight lines giving a neat look. 


decorated corner with Lilac Purple decor


One decorated corner includes this one. Perfectly complementing the decor theme, this purple decoration is a great option for your pictures too. Also, the vases contain white flowers that go well with the lilac purple wedding decor.  


fully interior area decorated with Lilac Purple decor

The empty hallway looks phenomenal with the full-sized red carpet, while the roof features purple blooms stuffed into a drape. The floral drape placed below the maroon drape perfectly compliments each other. 


halfway decorated with Lilac Purple lighting and white flowers

white flower and lilac purple lighting for halfway decoration


The aisle features two frames on either side, with a circle cut-out. However, the frames look gorgeous with the white floral covering. Also, the pink drape on the ceiling gives the decor a finishing. 

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decorated stage with beautiful lilac purple decor

The stage looks divine with three substantial chandeliers. The centre chandelier is the bigger one featuring white wisterias in a circular shape and the centre droops a few orchids and crystal threads. 

decorated stage with lilac purple chandliers


The chandeliers on the sides are smaller than the centre one. However, they feature pink wisterias wrapped around in circular shape. Moreover, the centre looks different from drooping blue orchids and crystal threads.  


decorated stage with lilac purple flowers

While the ceiling looks beautiful because of the chandeliers, the background of the stage looks terrific with the help of white and maroon florals. However, due to the spotlights, they look purple in colour. 


beautiful Lilac Purple ceiling decoration


beautiful Lilac Purple ceiling decor with chandliers

In this purple floral wedding decor, the use of floral chandeliers is very frequent. However, the chandeliers accompanying them on wither sides are different because of the canopy shape. Also, the florals used in the same are red roses and greenery. 


best wedding decoration is lilac purple decor


The centre of the hall glows with spotlights throwing light at this spot. A triple-layer Floral chandelier hung overhead is one of its prominent features. 


interior wedding decoration with lilac purple theme


beautiful lilac purple chandliers in interior area

The wisteria chandeliers teamed with pink wisterias drooping from the ceiling looks heavenly. Also, the tiny yellow spotlights installed on the sides of the roof make the hall glow differently. 

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interior area decorated with Lilac Purple chandiers

decorated dining area with Lilac Purple theme

beautiful dining area decoration with Lilac Purple lighting

The dining area looks fabulous because of the purple lighting, which complements the lilac purple floral wedding decor perfectly. Moreover, the ceiling looks completely covered with white patterned hangings in the shape of semi-circles. 


interior decoration with Lilac Purple theme

dining area decoration with Lilac Purple flower theme


Another dining area features the tables in large numbers for your endless guest list. While some tables are long and rectangular, some of them are round in shape for small family guests.


large sized dining hall decoration with Lilac Purple theme


Teaming up with the yellow ceiling drapes are the other beautiful yellow structures with bulbs installed inside it. Other than this, the centrepieces of the tables include long cylindrical vases with flooding white and pink flowers.  


large hall area decorated with Lilac Purple theme

dining hall decoration with lilac purple flowers

big dining room decorated with Lilac Purple theme


A big dining area for all your family members to sit together and have dinner. The ceiling of the area looks appealing because of the yellow drapes and the tiny yellow lights installed inside the spheres hung by the ceiling with thin threads. 

interior area decorated with Lilac Purple flowers and chandliers  

The most important place where you’ll be taking your vows is this one. The area has to look breath-taking in order to make the occasion memorable. The centre of the ceiling features white floral chandelier along with lights installed inside it. 

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beautiful inteirior area decoration with Lilac Purple theme


I’m sure this lilac purple floral wedding decor will leave you speechless. However, feel free to save the ideas you loved!