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31+ Trending and Easy Prop Ideas for Pre-Wedding Shoot

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Updated on 18 April, 2020

Are you looking for some excellent props for your pre-wedding shoot?

Pre-wedding shoots are becoming a hype these days. Couples are choosing to announce their select dates by sending the save-the-date cards or having a pre-wedding shoot while holding some props, which is displaying the time. Other than this, couples also find the pre-wedding shoot to be a token of memory about how they fell in love with each other and remembering all the jokes that have come on their way and how strong they have come together through all of it. 

We present you with some quirky and cool props for your pre-wedding shoot that will surely turn your shoot into a fun one!

If you are one quirky couple, I'm sure you'll love all these props

 1. Go the picnic-style

Set-up a beautiful picnic scene in a garden with all sorts of picnic props. Lie down with the love of your life on the mat, and pose as you like!  

pre wedding shoot in a picnic setup


2. Fly high with the balloons 

Balloons show happiness, hence using it as a prop for your pre-wedding shoot would be a great idea. Either you can pose with it like you're flying high in the sky or pose with the balloon with Mr & Mrs written on it.  

pre wedding shoot with help of balloons



3. Have a Bicycle Ride

Pose with a bicycle, and it will be a perfect romantic pose for you. Also, adding a few florals will enhance the beauty o the picture about to be taken. 

bicycle as a prop for pre wedding shoot


4. Perfect for the biker couples

This picture undoubtedly reminds of a movie scene. If you two are bike lovers, then pose with your bullet and photoshop a romantic background. 

pre wedding shoot on a bike

5. Boat and the water

Either sit inside the boat and strike a romantic pose or stand on the edge with your love. But be safe!

boat and water location pre wedding shoot


6. A smoke bomb to add the colours

Smoke bombs are becoming an integral part of every photoshoot these days. Strike a romantic pose while the smoke bombs can do wonders to your background.

smoke bomb with colours as a props for pre wedding shoot






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7. Party bombs express excitement

Burst a party bomb and strike a pose! The frills from the party bombs act as a decoration as well as a happy aura. Posing like you are shocked would be a great idea.

pre wedding shoot with the help of party bombs

8. Badges that express your personality

You can get yourself badges that display your personality like this desi couple. While the bride holds a 'desi queen' button, her groom poses with a 'desi king' medal. 

pre wedding shoot desi king and queen badges

9. Let the dupatta fly with the wind

You can give a simple pose where the dupatta of the girl is flying with the wind. Also, photoshop a beautiful and romantic sunset in the background to enhance the romance. 

pre wedding shoot with duppatta fly in wind

10. Roses synonymous to love

Roses are always thought to be synonymous to love or romance. This calls for an excellent prop idea! Pose with your lover while the rose petals are falling on you two.  

roses as a props for pre wedding shoot


11. A wooden frame capturing the love

Lovers can hold an empty wooden frame and strike a pose with it. Either get a candid shot clicked or strike a romantic pose for enhancing it overall. 

wooden frame as a prop for pre wedding shoot


12. For music lovers

It doesn't matter whether you know how to play the guitar or not; all you need to do is hold a guitar and pretend to play it! Your photographer can handle the rest. 

guitar as a props for pre wedding shoot for music lovers


13. A vintage look with the horse cart

Some couples love to go for old ways! Here's a perfect prop idea for them, a horsecart. Horsecarts are associated in history; hence, this would be an excellent idea for you. 

pre wedding shoot in a vinatge look

14. Parachutes amidst the sunset

Sunsets are romantic, and so are parachutes. This makes for a perfect prop idea! Pick her up amidst the evening with chutes in the background.

pre wedding shoot with hot air balloon flying

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15. Sky Lanterns bring happiness

Sky Lanterns are believed to bring happiness, hence lighting it with the love of your life will bring you to ecstasy. Why not use this as a pre-wedding shoot prop idea?

pre wedding shoot having sky lanterns




16. Defining love

Placing 'L-O-V-E' word figures in front or holding it, any of the poses will define the love for each other. 

designed love symbol as a prop for pre wedding shoot


17. Silhouette poses 

The perfect prop would be, striking a romantic pose in the shadow with bright lights in the background. Moreover, you can make the use of some photography or photoshop skills to make the lights look in some unique way. 

silly poses in a pre wedding shoot

18. Customised gifts for the bride

customised gift for bride for pre wedding shoot

19. Let your favourite ones participate

For all the pet-lovers, you are making them a part of your pre-wedding shoot would be a great idea! I'm sure having them in your shoot will keep you happy as well

best pre wedding shoot ideas with pets


20. Language of music

You can use the big piano as a perfect prop. Give a romantic pose with your husband-to-be or wife-to-be on the keyboard. 

musical piano as a prop for pre wedding shoot

21. Playful Shoot showcases innocence

Torn pillows make a fun pre-wedding shoot prop. Get yourself clicked while having a pillow fight with a lot of cotton around you making it look like a fun spot.

pre wedding shoot while pillow fighting



22. Some cool quote cards

Quirky cards with cool quotes written on it can be used as a pre-wedding shoot prop. Some fresh examples could be, 'Mr & Soon-to-be Mrs.', 'He asked, she said yes', 'King-Queen Cards' etc.

pre wedding shoot with coolest quote cards in hand




23. I-do Balloons because you do love each other

foil balloons as a prop for pre wedding shoot

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24. Jigsaw Puzzle 

A jigsaw puzzle as a prop would be a fab pre-wedding shoot prop idea because you two are a perfect fit for each other. 

jigsaw puzzle as a prop for pre wedding shoot

25. Forever does exists

Replace the 'O' with your ring, and boom! The prop for the pre-wedding shoot is ready for you!

best letters for pre wedding shoot props


26. Bubbles give a romantic look to the setting



27. Back to childhood

Swings are not just for children; it can be a perfect prop for your pre-wedding shoot! Strike a romantic pose with your lover on the swings and get clicked. 

best pre wedding shoot ideas for couples

28. Surprises are the best thing ever

surprise prop for pre wedding shoot

29. Fairy lights make it look pretty

fairy lights with umbrellas as a prop for pre wedding shoot

30. Cars are a great prop

A pose with a vintage car would be a cool pre-wedding shoot idea! An old car or a luxury one, a car is an excellent prop for you two. 

cars as a pre wedding shoot props


31. Go the musical way

pre wedding shoot with the use of violin

32. In the waters, with the queen

pre wedding shoot in the water with queen

Pre-wedding shoots can be fun with the help of some natural and creative prop ideas!

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