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7 Amazing Ideas for Pre-Wedding Events For You in 2020

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

All the power pack performances and fun-loaded games are seen at the pre-wedding events, why not make them more interesting?

Generally, people are so caught up in the preps of the D-Day and the chaos that a wedding brings; they miss out on all the fun of Pre-wedding functions. After the beautification of all the pre-wedding that Bollywood has done, these functions have become more critical than they were before. They are double the fun now. Although it is comfortable and better to leave such things for your family and friends to decide upon. However, if you do not want to take a chance and need to make sure that your pre-wedding functions are chic, here are few ideas for you on how to make pre-wedding equal the fun as the wedding.


1. Tales of Stories at Engagement Party

Now that you’ve said yes, its time to make the big announcement to your family and your inner friend circle and give them the roof-breaking news. There are no barriers as to who throws the engagement party. Any loved one who wants to be a part of your wedding preparations and wants to make it more special can host a fabulous engagement party for you. This is pretty much what almost every girl dreams of. Now, when you have said yes and are expecting the family to be a part of this, you want the party to be super-fun. No one has laid any rules though, on how to host a great party, but these few things will surely leave an impact. 

table stories for engagement parties

The fountain of ‘champagne’ – Not just ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani’ but you must have seen the crazy mountain of glasses filled with delicious champagne in a lot of other places as well. It’s not necessary to destroy it; you can let your guests get their drink from the fountain itself. But breaking would be fun too; no one can deny that.

Everyone enjoys a good love story: Romance sells! Even the hard shell of an alpha male can be melted with a nice love-story, then what are your guests? Connect with them and let them connect with you. Tell them your story, instead flaunt it, after all; it’s your day!


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   2. Lip-smacking food and dhol at Mehndi Function

A grand celebration is incomplete without food and the presentation of food matters. You remember MasterChef’s and how they used to rate the cooks not only by the quality of their food but also how it was presented? Because the presentation is a marketing strategy making the food more desirable. Now, when it comes to combining this kind of creativity with traditional functions such as mehndi or haldi, it is not a cakewalk. You can, of course, keep it simple and sober by just keeping up the food on tables. But only by adding a little creative element to the stalls, you can completely change the look of these functions and surprise your guests by doing just a bit more. How to make a Mehendi function fun, you ask? Here are a few ways to make your mehndi function entertaining.

food and dhol at mehndi function

Have a dhol playing competition: No one ever saw a dhol without wanting to hit that thing. Let that desire of your guests that have been buried deep down come to the surface. Make them play, make them have fun while playing the dhol.

high bass dhol at various wedding function

3. Use Bold and Warm Colours for Mehndi Decor

Since the environment of a mehndi ceremony is very homely and casual; you can use brightly coloured fabric for Mehendi décor. It will not only give the event an exotic and festive feel but will also add warmth and a lot of intimacy. One of the coolest ways of transforming the space for your Mehndi is by bringing in bold and fun colours. Using these colour schemes will also add warmth to your venue and will give a welcoming feel to your guests. Lately, we have also seen a lot of neon being used as a colour palette for many mehndi functions. Neon is fun and funky!

funky colour for decoration on mehndi function


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4. Cool Photobooths for the craze of pictures

Nowadays, the trend of Photobooths has wildly taken over wedding ceremonies. Everyone loves being clicked in these chirpy and awesome Photo booths which make any service lively. They can be made out of the traditional marigold flowers, also known as gende Ke Phool, for a conventional Indian Mehendi ceremony feel. It can be shaped like sunglasses, and few props could be kept inside, and people will surely go wild clicking pictures here.

cool photobooth idea at various wedding function


5. Haldi Ceremony

This ceremony holds an utmost significance in Indian weddings as the haldi is believed to drive out all the evil and negative stuff out from your body and life. But no one ever said that it could not be fun, so, here are a few ideas you can adopt. 


Colour coordinated outfits for the bride tribe and the family: This is an essential yet unsaid rule to have the haldi attire in sync with not just your spouse, but with everyone. Yellow mainly is the colour that rocks the haldi. So get dressed in a way that you are not the odd one out.

colour coordinated outfits at haldi function

Anyways, everything that is on your body is going to haldi loaded. No one general wears ornaments on this ceremony, understandably, because it may get ruined. And also it is hard to match it with the clothes one wears on haldi. But see, we have something for you that you might like; floral jewellery! Get everything made with simple flowers that go with your simple dress. Brilliant right? Now go and make those jaw around you drop so hard that they make a hole in the ground.

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6. Bachelorette Party

Why should boys have all the fun? No really! Why? Get your squad, your girl gang together and spend a few hell of a time with them. You can gossip, dance like nobody is watching, have a karaoke session and a lot more games. Go crazy, have fun, enjoy!



7. Sangeet Karaoke 

Songs and Sangeet function go hand in hand, where the Wedding Bollywood songs are taking their well-deserved shares of the limelight. Pump up the aura with a crazy Karaoke night: Karaoke in sangeet has become a thing lately. And why not! It is fun, it is lovely, it helps you loosen up a bit, Karaoke is the ultimate way to get your guests along and give them a fun thing to do.

sangeet karaoke function

Flash mob is ‘in’: Flash mob is damn fun. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy steps synchronised on upbeat popular song sets the sangeet on fire (not literally). The best part is the kind of energy it stimulates in the crowd watching it, just amazing. 


I’m sure all these additions will sure-shot make the Pre-wedding ceremonies a lot more fun! 

Image Source: Dot Dusk, Love Decor, Navdeep Soni Photography, Fotografia 9