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What to Eat Before Wedding - 9 Pre-wedding Diet Tips

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 30 June, 2020

“ Eating Right is The Exact opposite of counting calories ”

Rujuta Diwekar, Nutritionist 

If your Wedding Day is soon to arrive and you are looking to shed some weight or maybe just planning to tone up a little, then all you got to do is moderate that diet of yours for some mind-blowing results. It is a fact that our body weight is majorly affected by our diet. Therefore, to stay in shape, exercise alone won’t do the job. This blog will help you select what to eat and what to avoid eating before your GALA DAY!  

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While you choose what to eat, try not to limit yourself within the kitchen. Nowadays, there are delicious and healthy options that could be considered even in restaurants. Go for a Healthy Date with your Bride or Groom-To-Be. 

Try The Following:

Eat Fresh

Eat Fresh Food Before Wedding

Image Source: The Bojon Gourmet

Fresh food is unprocessed and full of nutrients, whereas packed or processed food is full of chemicals and does not retain antioxidant properties. A Subway sandwich, for instance, is far better than a sealed sandwich from a bakery. Salads, Freshly Cut Meat and much more are better options for a healthy diet.

Consume Reds & Greens

All Red Fruits and Vegetables including Apple, Pomegranate, Strawberry, Carrot and Beetroot are consumed to increase blood count. You can drink up a smoothie of the combination of selected fruits or make your own yummy recipe for a healthy boost! 

Leafy Greens are equally essential to add in the diet as they are not only low in calories but also fill you up with healthy fibres, minerals and vitamins.  


Consume Reds & Greens Food Before Wedding

Image Source: Levantine

Omega-3 fatty acids benefit the human brain and body. The following food is rich in Omega-3 to be supplemented in your diet chart. Flax Seeds and Chia Seeds, Walnuts, Soyabean.




Cod Liver Oil


Flax Seeds

Chia Seeds



Pile On Proteins

Eat Protein Maximum Before Wedding

Image Source: Trifecta Nutrition 

For strength and body tissue repairing, proteins must be consumed. They also make you feel fuller for a more extended period. You can obtain proteins from Protein Shakes obviously, but also from the following food-






Stay Hydrated

Drink Water as Much as Possible Before Wedding

Image Source: Bisleri

Our body needs to stay lubricated and to achieve that one must be hydrated. Let’s avoid fainting!

Hydration keeps the body temperature in control too. There are so many benefits of drinking water such as Glowing skin, Energy Boost, Infection Prevention, Improved Mood and Well functioned organs. So why not carry a water bottle wherever you go and try to have seven glasses of water every day for excellent health? Remind your hubby or wifey over a text to do so too. 

Bake It To Perfection

Baked Food Perfectly Before Wedding

Image Source: Crumbs & Caramel 

Cutting down on fried food and baking instead will tuck the tummy in, so be mindful of how much oil you consume. Let us cut cholesterol to look great on the Wedding Day! Greasy food results in acne and prolonged sebum stimulation, which ain’t right for no one. Try to bake the crumbs that you can equally enjoy the food when baked. There are gazillions of baking recipes that you could give a shot. Couple Baking is really adorable, so do not miss the chance!  

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As you look forward to eating healthy delicacies, there are yet some habits and food that you can avoid to stay fit. We understand that there are two kinds of people, one who compromises on their eateries and one who doesn’t. It is not recommended to avoid any meal of your day. You sure would not want to be fainting at your ceremony. There are following tips that could be considered in regards to what to avoid before your Wedding Day-

No Meal Skipping

Do Skip Your Meal Before Wedding

Image Source: Eat This.com

Your body at all times needs the energy to function, so do not skip meals. Instead, find nutritious substitutes—for example, fat-free milk or green tea to cross out caffeine intake. Dieting is defined as choosing healthy food options that suit your body but not skipping meals to achieve weight loss. If you decide to skip meals, then you might suffer from body weakness and dizziness. Therefore, do try to have at least three meals a day.

Avoid High Fibre Causing Bloating

Avoid High Fibre Food Before Wedding

High fibre food can cause excessive bloating if consumed more than required. The following lists of food can be the reason for your gastric and constipation symptoms. All these foods and vegetables are high in fibre, and the controlled intake can moderate your bloating. It is suggested that 30g fibre a day is part of a balanced diet.







Avoid Fried Food

Avoid Fried Food Before Wedding

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Food that is fried in unhealthy oils may lead your body to be prone to obesity, diabetes and heart disease, especially when consumed regularly. Hence, it is a good choice to reduce commercially fried food or limit your intake. Popularly known fried foods are french fries, fish & chips, cheese sticks and chicken nuggets. All of them are high in calories and trans fat, so they may adversely react in your body, causing you serious diseases. 

Avoid Fizzy Drinks

Drinking one fizzy drink a day can increase the chances of developing prostate cancer by 40 per cent. Not only that, but daily fizzy drinks can also bring you multiple steps closer to heart disease, liver damage, type 2 diabetes and can alter protein levels in your brain. The artificial flavours and high sugar levels are toxic for our body. Be careful while you drink up that last can of Cola.  

Avoid Street Food  

If you out up in India, you will be able to relate to the Street Food haul. However, it is not the smartest choice to grab a plate from any street and put a water rinsed steel spoon in your mouth. As delicious as the sound of Pani-Puri is, not all places have the best of hygiene. So it is always best to approach an area that has gloves on. Caterers nowadays have been working on best taste and practising hygiene to avoid germs partying in the stomach of their consumers. If you are unsure of cleanliness from the joint, you love then why not prevent it before your Big Day? It is a safe option to keep things running smoothly.

Avoid Street Food Before Wedding

Image Source: Millennial Magazine

It is a tough call to cut favourite foods before your Wedding Day, but you or your loved ones will never want to be in an unhealthy condition, so take a healthy step towards a wholesome lifestyle. Let us know in the comment section about your favourite street food selection that is super clean and super yum!