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Best Classic Pink Wedding Decor Ideas for Weddings

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Are you looking for a Decor Inspiration which revolves around a romantic theme?


Here we present you with this beautiful Pink Wedding Decor to pop out your romance drama!

No matter how much we stereotype the pink colour to be the “girly” one, we do know that it’s a great theme to bring out the romance between the bride and the groom. This Pink Wedding Decor Theme not only portraits the romance but also shows off the traditional decorating ideas.


The use of different kinds of substantial light chandeliers is a perfect example of traditional decor. Moreover, we can see that the decor has floral chandeliers as well which give it a modernalise look. 

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Entrances are supposed to be one of the most beautiful spot of the wedding decor because thats where the impression building starts. In this decor, beautifully patterned arches displayed one after the other are giving the royal look to the doors. Moreover, the red tulips placed in golden vase adds beauty to the arches.


pink wedding decoration on entrance with vases


The hallway looks beautiful because of the LED lights installed around the roof borders. In addition, the centre of the hallway looks gorgeous with the help of the florals placed intact to each other. Also, the candle chandelier featuring tassel details acts as a cherry on the top.  

pink wedding decoration in hall with chandliers 

Talking about the candle chandelier, another one adds beauty to the stage area. The chandelier is a bit different from the whole decor theme as it’s in the orange colour, whereas the whole decor reflects the pink. Spotlights on the roof, light up the hall in the correct manner. 


large size chandliers in hall with pink wedding decoration


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The stage area looks absolutely gorgeous with the perfect lighting and florals. The background arch is backlit and reflects the magenta pink colour complementing the theme. Moreover, the use of red florals is a great choice as it goes well with pink colour. Another peculiar feature of the stage area is the stairs on either side, for the entry of bridegroom. 



The lounge area is supposedly the calmest place of the wedding wherein friends and family sit together to chat about random topics. As already mentioned that it is the calmest place, the environment created should also be equally soothing, just like this one. Also, the use of red florals in the centrepiece is a great choice. 


decorated stage with pink wedding decor theme


The walls of the lounge area look different because of the frames hung on the wall. Candle stands on the corner give the lounge area environment to have a great time with your friends and family. 


interior area in wedding function with pink decoration

On the opposite side of the stage, this is another gorgeous setting for your guests to stand and have their snacks. Moreover, the green wall arch and golden drapes add to the beauty of the decor. 


gorgeous sitting area with pink decoration


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The dining area features beautiful large floral chandeliers. Most of the blooms used are red and blush pink in colour which complements the decor in a great manner. Also, the full room carpet used has an exquisite pattern on it which gives a modern touch to it. 


dining area decorated with pink chandliers


Centrepieces are quite an important element of any table, hence should be chosen wisely. In this decor, the dining tables are beautified with roses wrapped umbrella-shaped vases. Moreover, the white tiffany chairs add a classy taste to the decor. 


large sized dining area with pink wedding decoration


I’m sure this beautiful decor would have blown your head! I’m sure you would have saved so many ideas as well!