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9 Best Wedding Photographers in Bangalore You Must Consider

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Updated on 30 June, 2020


Wedding is the best day of one’s life, where there is no other thing to be careful about, just the love which is to be celebrated. But once that day is gone, all you are left with is an album. Only a limited number of photographs that stay with you for the rest of your life, as a memory of your most special day. To get perfect pictures of your day, you need someone who can capture all the moments without stopping you from living the present moment. A good photographer will give you memories that would remind you of a beautiful day when you and your partner tied the knot. So we have shortlisted ten best photographers in Bangalore that will capture you and your ceremony as if it is their own.

Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Bangalore


1. Abhishek Sarkar Photography


This photographer from Hyderabad loves colours and is very much fascinated by the same. His work will show that he not only captures the essence of the people and their chemistry but also blends them perfectly with the background giving you an enchanting story.

Willing to travel? Yes.




2. North Water Star


Started from the bottom as a small photographer. But has now grown into a skilled camera crew that now travels the world for photography assignments!

A team which will leave you surprised with every picture. The pictures are well crafted, and you get what you pay for. They have a fantastic eye for details and freezing the moments of best emotions is their recipe.

Willing to travel? Yes.



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3. Deep Photography


Deepashree from Bangalore is a photographer by passion and profession. Because of her great enthusiasm towards photography, she makes sure not to miss any particular moment of your big day. She has been in this industry for more than five years and covers destination wedding with great enthusiasm.

Willing to travel? Yes.



4. Rahul Kumar


Rahul’s ability not to miss a moment and his energy come across in the photos. His cinematography is classy, subtle and aesthetic. His creative approach towards photography and personal touch give his pictures the emotion and vibrancy that weddings are all about.

Willing to travel? Yes.



5. Picsurely


A team of photographers who know exactly what you need; be it a destination wedding or traditional wedding, they’ll blend perfectly into the background that will capture the smallest details so that your photographs are filled with lots of happy memories. They travel all around the world to capture your magical moments and turn your dreams into reality.

Willing to travel? Yes.



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6. Pixel Stream


A team which focuses on creativity and has unique ideas which are executed by the beautiful use of modern tools. The traditional videos are made with the help of a drone which gives you the best pictures of your ceremony. Definitely one of the photographer team you guests will talk about!

Willing to travel? Yes.




7. The Third Eye


The team is expert at capturing “the moments that take your breath away” in a beautiful way. They have been featured in almost every online wedding portal and have captured weddings in nearly every city. They work passionately to deliver the best memories for your lifetime.

Willing to travel? Yes.




8. Light Bucket Production


Are you ever look at a photograph and wonder if it’s yours? Whether you want to take your vows at a Gurudwara or some usual venue or a destination wedding, Lightbucket works hard to give you photographs that are far beyond your imagination

Willing to travel? Yes.



9. Cinnamon Pictures


It is a team of artistic and skilled photographers having more than seven years of experience in this field. They understand the importance of wedding and give you incredible pictures. They specialise in candid as well as traditional photography.

Willing to travel? Yes.



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10. Deepak Vijay Photography


He is one of the top wedding photographers in Bangalore. He specialises in candid photography and portfolio shoots, so he is an excellent option for pre-wedding shoots. He has been in this field for more than seven years, and he uses modern tools and equipment to capture the moment in its purest form.

Willing to travel? Yes.



Your big day will soon be a couple of photographs, make sure they all click well with you!