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9 Unique Palki Decoration Ideas for The Brides-To-Be

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

For us Indians, nothing ever matches up the excitement of a wedding in the family. A Wedding in India is not just a ceremony, but an extravaganza where everyone has a blast. These event and days are even more special and most important for the Bride and the Groom.

With everyone awaiting the bride, below are a few Palki Decoration ideas, to make your ‘Here comes the bride ‘moment, even more Magnanimous.

Palki Decoration Ideas For The Brides-To-Be

1. Royal Wedding Designs

Out of a plethora of designs available, the ones topping the list are those designs at the royal palaces of Rajasthan. There are various options to select from if you wish to give your wedding a royal theme. Mehrangarh fort has many designs and layouts of palanquins that were used for Royal processions. The official websites of these places have many pictures as well

Palki Decoration Ideas for wedding

2. Pearl And Floral Decoration

Allow the vibrant diva in you to come through this exotic flower and pearl Palki decoration. The dynamic and elegant combination of mild coloured flowers and beautiful crystals attached along the sides. The classic white arrangement can very well compliment the bride’s aura and bring all the attention to you. Kudos to the bride and cheers to all the attention, you will have just to yourself. You can opt for gold, bronze or a combination of gold and bronze to highlight its intricate design. You can customise your entry path with a row of flowers or plain coloured or golden cloth, whatever goes by the theme of your venue décor.

Pearl And Floral Decor inspirations

3. The Fairytale Entry

Want all your teenage dreams of becoming a fairytale bride, to come true? Here is your fairytale design palki to make sure that happens. This half-open palki, specifically customised with a fairy tale theme is, all set to add that stardust to your entire wedding, starting with a perfect entry.

Palki decor ideas for wedding

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4. Enclosed Designs

What fun is a wedding, where the bride and bride’s entrance is not the talk of the town? This enclosed Palki Design with a complete royal aura around it is a perfect ride for the bride. Surrounded with net sheets and strings of genda phool, this palki design gives a slight glimpse of the bride, making the anticipated guests and your groom a little more anxious to see her arrive in style. #herecomesthebride


5. Boat House Inspired Dolis

Kashmir has always been the very most exciting places in India. What if we can combine a bridal’s doli with Kashmir? A bride can consider a doli designed like boats seen on Kashmir’s Dal Lake. This particular type of design is covered on the top, and it opens on the sides. This will give a bride full access to the venue.

Boat House Inspired Dolis

6. Lounge Style Dolis

Lounge Style Dolis is the latest trend in bridal dolis for the grand and splendid entrance. As the name suggests. These are loungers very y, and they are considered the perfect mix of old and new. Along with the design, they also ensure, comfort for the bride were entering and coming out of doli is easy relatively.


7. The Bollywood Style

Bollywood has never failed to inspire us, especially weddings and the tam jham. When it comes to changing wedding trends and styles, Bollywood has never failed to be a trendsetter. This a superb wedding doli design and can never fail our lovely Indian brides. Flowers for the Doli and contrasting colours for your floral accessories can make your wedding day, a super special one with a head start.

Wedding decor inspirations

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8. The Partly Open Doli

This is #Trendy these days. It could have beautiful roses and other designs on the sides. This particular doli offers lots of options like leaving it open on the top. Or one can also get it covered with a theme of your choice. This is a beautiful and elegant option for a bride looking for an available opportunity and a peppy feeling attached to her entry.

Open Doli style for weddings

9. Traditional Doli Designs

This is the oldest and most traditional yet the most elegant and most preferred design amongst the brides till day. The doli is entirely covered on all the sides except for a space to enter the doli and the one to leave the doli. These are guided by curtains which can be made out of sheer material and add to the aura of the wedding and bride’s entry. The doli design will keep the bride’s wedding look under wraps right until the very moment when she exits the doli.

traditional wedding floral decor ideas

Although the bride’s entry in a doli is one of the most sought after event of the wedding, one always needs to be careful about the same. The entry and exit in a palki, should not be clumsy. The bride should be comfortable, and the palki should be carried well, to maintain the Mahol of the wedding. It should be made sure that people taking the doli are responsible and able to keep it well so that the bride is comfortable throughout.