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Most Engaging Ideas for Palace Wedding Entertainment

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 27 August, 2020

Image Source: The Wedding Story

Create history by tying a knot fashionably and make your D-Day even more special. This is your blog to read if you are a host who wishes to wow your guests at a Palace Venue to push your wedding to the next level, then. We will share ideas that will get your event flashy rather than being ended in a flash, so your much-awaited day is well cherished by the visitors. Check out these 12+ Entertainment Ideas for Palace Weddings to keep all the people on your guest list engaged and high on life!

1. DJ & Musical Jamming


Image Source: The Wedding Story

Bring in your chosen DJ artists to upbeat the music at your wedding gala making your audience groove all night. After all, what is a wedding celebration without music? So book the best Dj Artist in town and get the party started with high spirits.

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2. Live Bands


Image Source: James Asher

Live Bands can steal the show as they preserve melodious values that can get you to a standstill moment. Dedicate music or request favourite soundtracks so your guests can get engaged at your event.

3. Folk Dance Performance


Image Source: Typesof.in

Traditional Rajasthani folk performances are glorious, and people like to admire them so call some performers at the Palace. They will set the authentic vibes that can suit the ambience of the space.

4. Window Orchestra


Image Source: Istockphoto

Orchestra playing in the background of the ceremony keeps the mood light and lively. Therefore, you can have the crew placed at the window or balcony of the venue and get your audience’s attention. 

5. Shehnai At the Entrance


Image Source: Fine Art America

Shehnai at the entrance can be entertaining as the guests feel special when welcomed with music. You can book some Shehnai Players for this idea and add in the Rajasthani touch to your ultimate wedding eve.

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6. Stage Fireworks


Image Source: The Wedding Story

Fireworks tend to amuse everybody bringing in some sparks that lights up the entire set, so add the factor on a stage or podium. They add so much energy during the staged dance performances. You may try this glam element to your night.


7. Bottle Juggling and Other Bar Performances


Image Source: Vinepair

Get charming bar performers to juggle the liquor bottles while serving booze. It is tremendous to just look at them do some incredible stunts. A truly mesmerising sight that is unforgettable by guests and absolutely entertaining.

8. Photobooth


Image Source: Viva Decora

One way to remember a wedding is by pictures, so to get the best stills by clicking images around some creative photobooths. Ask your wedding planner to install interesting booths where photographers can do the clicking, and all your guests have to do is, POSE!

9. Get clicked with the wedding hashtags


Image Source: Hitched & Clicked

Let us not forget the ongoing hashtag trend that even decorators enjoy adding. Be it around the bar, entrance or in a cosy corner as everyone takes an interest in clicking selfies with the wedding hashtag and upload them on their social media. You may feature this idea on your big day too.

10. Turkish Ice cream Station


Image Source: Lisa Lee Marie, Reddit

From kids to adults, Turkish Ice-Cream stations are super fun because they are very playful. The man at the station tricks everybody with an ice-cream cone, and their act is greatly fascinating. So book a Turkish ice-cream vendor for your event.

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11. Musical Phere


Image source: The Wedding Story

Musical Phere is another new trend where Pheres is held with Vedic mantras being chanted along with the music. It makes the divine ritual not so mainstream and is worth experiencing in an Indian wedding. This idea can be your must-have if you are looking for something out of the box. 

12. Enchanting Bridal Entry


Image Source: Recall Pictures

Have the gorgeous bride enter in a unique style at the wedding with all the heads turning. You sure want to capture that enchanting moment, so why not plan it well and make it extraordinary? For ideas, you can visit our Bridal Entry Ideas blog.

13. Royal Baraat Procession


Image Source: Instagram | Coffee Chaos And Clicks 

A royal Baraat with band-baaja completes the wedding by putting on a great show. How insane it is to see friends and family wildly dancing to wedding songs in dazzling attires. Believe it or not, this moment is worth getting immersed in.

14. Live Food Counters


Image Source: A Day To Adore Photography

Post all the dancing comes the time when foodies can amuse themselves with live food counters and watch their lip-smacking treats being cooked freshly for them. Caterers manage to hire chefs who keep the live food counter session quite engaging, so do not leave your foody pals unhappy. 

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What are you adding to your Wedding Entertainment Checklist? Share with us in the comment box below.