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21+ Ravishing Orange Colour Lehenga Designs for Brides of 2020

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Updated on 30 June, 2020


Orange is a very vibrant colour, and it shows the real vibes of happiness which one expects to share on the day!

Most Indian brides wear red lehengas and thanks to the religious beliefs that the colour red is pious. Now every bride wants to stand out of the crowd. Brides no longer follow the mundane idea of wearing red and shades of red on their wedding.


Brides have started selecting different colours for their wedding dress. Among the popular colours for the awe-inspiring bridal look, there are seldom any bright colours. However, one such fantastic colour is, yes you are spot on, a nice vibrant burnt orange. Orange paints a chirpy, bubbly picture, the minute you think of it. However, in the Indian culture, orange has always been reminiscent of fire and its chastity.


 You can choose your wedding lehenga from numerous shades

Orange Colour Palatte


Red is too clichéd to be worn nowadays. Pink is considered too girly. Therefore, when you cannot select between red and pink, orange is always the option. Lately, orange has been the most used colour in wedding dresses, décor and other aesthetics. So, here we present 21 brides who wore orange coloured attires on their wedding day.


 1. Tiger Orange Lehenga with golden embroidery 

The orange lehenga is in the tiger shade with intricate golden embroidery. Moreover, the orange shade blends with the red at the bottom, which looks beautiful. 


 Orange Colour Lehenga

Ravishing Orange Colour Lehenga Designs

2. Carrot Orange Lehenga with minimal embroidery

The carrot-orange lehenga looks gorgeous even with the minimal embroidery. However, the blouse showcases intricate golden embroidery, which amazingly goes with the lehenga. 


Trending bridal collection

3. Tangerine Orange Lehenga

The tangerine orange lehenga with heavy golden embroidery looks phenomenal. Additionally, same colour can-can attached to the lehenga to increase its volume.


Best bridal lehenga designs


4. Tiger Orange Lehenga with Zardosi 

This tiger orange lehenga with golden Zardosi embroidery looks breathtaking. Teaming it with simple Kundan jewellery will turn out to be an excellent idea for you. 


lehenga designs for brides


5. Pumpkin Orange Lehenga with full-length blouse


gorgeous bridal lehenga designs

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6. Golden blend with orange lehenga

One unique shade of lehenga, wherein the orange shade is at the bottom and blends with golden on the top-side till the waist. Also, the intricate golden embroidery adds beauty to it.


Golden blend with orange lehenga


7. Carrot Orange Lehenga with abstract border

The tiger orange shade of the lehenga looks gorgeous because of the silk pattern on it. Moreover, the deep square neck blouse with very short sleeves. The abstract floral thick border of the lehenga gives it a perfect look as well. 


Orange lehenga with golden work


8. Bright Orange Lehenga with golden embroidery

This orange lehenga looks glamourous because of the intricate golden embroidery. Besides, beautifying it with the help of gold jewellery is a great idea. 

 Orange Lehenga with golden embroidery

9. Tiger Orange Lehenga paired with hot pink

Bright orange lehenga and hot pink gel with each other in an excellent manner. Also, the golden jewellery glorifies the whole attire by matching the golden embroidery. 


Bridal lehenga inspirations


10. Pumpkin Orange with substantial booti Zardosi embroidery  

orange embroidery  lehenga  

11. Tangerine Orange Lehenga with a touch of pink embroidery 

The orange lehenga in the shade of tangerine looks gorgeous because of the golden and pink embroidery. Moreover, the choice of pairing the lehenga with full sleeves embroidered blouse is just perfect. 


trending lehenga inspirations for brides


12. Intriguing Silk Orange Lehenga 

The silk work on the orange lehenga looks royal. Additionally, the thick border features traditional as well as floral embroidery in red colour which is perfectly complementing the orange colour. Along with it, the heavy silk lehenga is adding beauty to the same. 


Silk Orange Lehenga for wedding


13. Pumpkin Orange Lehenga with intricate heavy embroidery 

Heavy embroidery has the calibre to make any lehenga look royal and intriguing. Likewise, in this pumpkin orange lehenga as well, the intricate golden embroidery enhances the same and gives it a magnificent presentation. 


gorgeous orange color lehenga

Lehenga collection for brides

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14. Papaya Orange Lehenga with a thick border 

One unique feature of this orange lehenga is the use of the sheer net in the lehenga to give it a lighter look. Moreover, the thick border with beads attached to it provides the lehenga with a heavy look at the same time. 


Top trending lehenga for wedding


15. Orange blend with Yellow Lehenga

This orange bridal lehenga merges with yellow shade towards the top, which gives the attire a versatility. However, the royal blue blouse gives a contrasting look to the same. 

Orange-Lehenga for beautiful brides 

16. Tiger Orange teamed with aqua blue

Aqua blue is a contrasting colour to orange, but both of them go together pretty well. Likewise, the dupatta designed with this orange bridal lehenga is an aqua blue colour with embroidered border, it enhances the whole bridal wear. Also, another peculiar feature of this attire is the silk work done on the lehenga in golden and hot pink colour, which is similarly creating the contrast look. 


 Orange with aqua blue lehenga


17. Tiger Orange Bridal Lehenga and Hot pink touch

A gorgeous booti print silk orange blouse paired with silk printed orange bridal lehenga and silk zardozi hot pink dupatta. However, the dupatta adds charm to the attire as its creating the contrast effect. 

 Orange Bridal Lehenga  

18. Pumpkin Orange Bridal Lehenga with Red Bandhej Dupatta

This orange bridal lehenga is quite different from others due to its pairing with red bandhej dupatta. Besides, for a fact, bandhej dupatta is often associated with some traditional beliefs and connected to cultures. 


unique lehenga for brides


19. Floral Tangerine Orange Bridal Lehenga with hot pink blouse

This gorgeous orange bridal lehenga is doing wonders simply by the minimal floral embroidery in pink colour. Moreover, the idea of teaming it with a hot pink golden embroidered blouse is just fabulous. 


 Floral Tangerine Orange Bridal Lehenga


20. Pumpkin Orange lehenga with intricate golden embroidery 

Pumpkin Orange Bridal Lehenga beautified with intricate golden zardozi embroidery looks beautiful. Also, one prominent feature of the attire is the fact that the embroidery is on an orange cloth added to the lehenga which goes till the 3/4th of the lehenga. 


beautiful lehenga for brides


21. Tiger Orange Lehenga with golden embroidery  


Beautigul orange color lehenga

 To enter into a sacred commitment, orange seems to be the ideal choice with a splash of happy vibes that naturally come with it!

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