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Noto ki Baarish at a Big Fat Indian Wedding in Jamnagar

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Slowdown? Not really! Noto ki baarish at a big fat Indian wedding in Jamnagar


Jamnagar, Gujarat was recently soaked in one of the most lavish weddings of all time. Rushiraj Sinh Jadeja of the famous Jadeja Group in Gujarat tied the knot last week. Nothing could stop this wealthy business family from showering lakhs of rupees in the sky in a wedding of their family. You will be amazed to know that the family showered approximately 90 lakhs in the baarat. The news from such a grand wedding festivity has been surfaced on social media and has taken the internet by storm.

Groom arrives in a helicopter and showered around 90 Lakhs rupee notes in his extravagant wedding ceremony in Jamnagar.



Rushiraj Jadeja, the groom, likes to flaunt his lavish lifestyle on social media and claims to be a social influencer. He arrived in a helicopter for his wedding at Chela village which is 20 km from Jamnagar and rained lakhs of rupees that left the villagers gobsmacked. He is known for his love for high-end cars, and horse riding had a wedding that no one in Gujarat will forget anytime soon.

Rishi Raj Singh Jadeja who is affectionately known as Jayraj showered nearly INR 1 crore as INR 2000 and INR 500 notes. If you believe that this sum was spent on the whole wedding, you are wrong because this is roughly the sum that was showered as the baraat was strolling towards the marriage venue. 

Rushiraj with his family members were seen standing over the cars and showering the big notes. That was not it, the sword that Jayraj carried with him on his wedding day was also made of pure gold. Never had the residents of Chela village near Jamnagar seen so much money rain from the skies.

Rushirajsinh Mahendrasinh Jadeja aka Jayrajsinh from a contracting family in Jamnagar rained lakhs of rupees on the occasion of his marriage has set the internet on fire.

This rain of money made the passersby stop and watch the unusual scene. Some people even picked up the money. We came across one TikTok user who was able to collect Rs 46,500 also though the TikTok videos claim that the family showered Rs 2 crores in notes but local media reports that it was approximately Rs 1 crore.

The wedding cards that the guests received as an invite was also something spectacular. There are videos of two rooms full of red boxes that say Jayraj Group on opening with two jars full of dry fruits along with the wedding card. But the icing on the cake was Jayraj receiving a red Porsche as a gift from his brothers.

Such an extravagant wedding in which notes worth Lakhs were showered like a downpour! The groom arriving at the venue in his helicopter and tossing the notes, left everyone astonished. The videos of the money shower have since gone viral on social media. When India is facing a slowdown, this wedding says otherwise in terms of liquidity.

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