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Beautiful Neon Decoration Ideas for Weddings in 2020

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Are you tired of the boring cliche wedding ceremony decor?


Well, to give the ceremonies a quirky look, we’ve brought with some fun and attractive neon decor ideas that’ll add spice to the party!

Millennials these days are kicking away the old-school style of everything and inculcating some brand new trends for everything. I want to throw some light on the trending neon decor ideas these days. Starting from the photo booths to the cutlery, the neon shades add a twist to everything. Everybody loves different and unique elements at the wedding — especially when it comes with a neon variety. Starting with abroad countries, now more and more couples are slipping into this cage of fun neon colours, if not for the wedding, at least for the bachelorette party or the night sangeet ceremony.

Without further ado, let’s show you all the fun ideas for making your wedding ceremony decor outshine others :

Beautiful Neon Wedding Decor Ideas

Neon Curtains & Drapes

Neon in itself is an appealing colour and grabs attention in one go. Use these neon curtains for the backdrop at a mehndi or haldi decor, and you’ll see all your cousins hovering around this corner, clicking countless pictures with each other. Moreover, to add some quirkiness to it, you can also place a desi decorated cycle-rickshaw for everyone to pose with.

Neon Curtains & Drapes ideas

Neon Origami Backdrop

A party is incomplete without pinwheels and confetti. Put up the pinwheels in the neon shade on the walls to make a perfect backdrop for the wedding decor.

Beautiful Neon Decoration Ideas

Neon-coloured Buntings

Colourful buntings have their joyful vibes! Often used at a mehndi decor, these can be a great source of adding colours to your wedding. Also, matching these buntings you can have your matching drapes all around the venue, making every spot your photo corner.

l Neon Decoration Ideas for  Wedding

Neon Lantern Hangings

Lanterns carry a different craze amongst the new trends of decorations. These give a vintage and quirky look to the decor which is quite pleasing in its way. Other than that, the neon colour gives an appealing look too. So, for your next mehndi decor, definitely put these in your backdrop.

Neon wedding decor inspirations

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Neon Wedding Signs

 1. Romantic Sayings

A favourite romantic saying in a neon wedding sign is a surefire way to make your party pop! Crazy in love or drunk in love, these two quotes often used for the lovebirds can also be used for the wedding decor. Not only does this adds a highlight to the wedding, but becomes a dreamy backdrop for your memorable pictures.

Trending wedding decor ideas

Neon decor ideas for wedding

2. Party Animals


I’m sure you won’t deny, but Millenials obviously cannot stay without a party. These neon signs look apt for the sangeet party or bachelorette party that you’ll be hosting. And as the saying goes, ‘we party till we die!’

Beautiful wedding decor ideas


3. Personalised Neon Signs


For the lovey-dovey couples who love keeping it simple, you can get yourself some of the personalised neon signs of your names. Moreover, decorate the signs with beautiful florals and the decor is good-to-go!

Personalised Neon Signs

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4. Fun Bridal Shower

The metallic foil balloons saying ‘bride-to-be’ are a cliche now, why not go for such gorgeous magenta neon sign for the bridal shower! Giving you a perfect backdrop for your offbeat pictures and millions of memories. Also, who doesn’t loves the evergreen balloons? Adding a cherry on the top would be beautiful hot pink and other pink-hued balloons accompanying the neon sign.

Bridal shower neon decor

Neon Slinkies

Giving die-hard party goals are these neon slinkies that look tempting in their way. Slinkies give a quick party look and replace the disco lights, or even the balloon chandeliers is a great way!

Disco light wedding decor

Trending decor inspirations

Fluorescent Origami Backdrop

Origami or geometric backdrops made of paper hangings are a great pocket-friendly way of wedding decoration. Mehndi and Haldi ceremonies being full of joy and memories, these pinwheels and pompoms create an excellent background for your endless photo sessions.

Fluorescent Origami Backdrop

Neon-coloured Buntings

Colourful buntings have their joyful vibes! Often used at a mehndi decor, these can be a great source of adding colours to your wedding. Also, matching these buntings you can have your matching drapes all around the venue, making every spot your photo corner.

colorful decor ideas

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Fluorescent-hued Umbrella Hangings

Quite famous amongst the mehndi and haldi decor ideas, the upturned umbrellas make great hangings for the decor. Moreover, adding beauty to it are the floral tassels which complement the neon shades to a great extent.

Pretty wedding decor ideas

Quirky Standees in Neon Shades

Neon hued standees with some quirky quotes are apt for the pool parties that you will be hosting as a part of your bachelorette or anything.

Best decor ideas for wedding functions

 Neon Seating Arrangement

Seating Arrangements in hot pink colour are quite attention-grabbing and appealing. Also, the contrasting cushions add beauty to it. Another beautiful element to the decor that’ll catch many glances is the backdrops with a bright combo of yellow & hot pink as well as green & hot pink.

Wedding neon theme decor

DJ Booth Decor

A DJ Console in neon blue shade with the initials of the bride and the groom makes an awesome personalised DJ booth designs. This idea can be used for your mehndi where all the relatives dance with utmost joy and laughter.

dj boooth decor ideas

Disco Light Balls

Parties are incomplete without the disco balls. Hell yeah! Disco lights reflecting the neon lights has its vibes and pushes everyone to groove with the music non-stop.

Disco light balls

Neon Fairy Lights

Neon Fairy Lights spread around the dining table is best for setting the moods. Also, candle lights as the centrepieces along with it make a great combination.

Neon Fairy Lights decor

Neon Patterned Table Cover

Patterned Hot Pink table clothes enhance the beauty of the tables. Also, quirky crystal centrepieces accompanying them can be a great way to decorate your table.

Floral neon decor ideas

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Neon Flower Vases

Attractive Flower vases with attractive flowers make an awesome combo. Also, the glitter adds a sparkle to it and makes it look more beautiful.

Neon color theme decor

Fluorescent Flowers

Another amazing idea for making an addition to your neon decor is to have neon coloured flowers for the tables and decoration. Tissue Flowers in fluorescent shades complement the neon decor perfectly.

Fluorescent wedding decor

Floral Centrepieces

Tiny floral centrepieces in the neon shade look very cute and make a cutesy decor for the dining table. Also, beautiful florals enhance the beauty of the table.

wedding floral decor inspirations

Neon Candelabras

Candelabras make a great table centrepiece and these ones in the neon colour look perfect for neon wedding decor. Magenta Pink gives quite a resemblance for neon pink and looks pretty amazing.


Neon Table Lanterns

Beautiful Candelabras in the neon shades looks flawless and beautifies the dining table. Moreover, the neon macaroons complement the candle holders. Try this for your family dinner, and you’ll see everyone getting all impressed.


Neon Cutlery

Cutleries are important for the table seating and they come in cute styles, but neon cutlery look cuter than any other type. Moreover, it’ll perfectly blend with your neon wedding theme.

Neon-Decor ideas for wedding

Neon-Decor themes for weddings

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wedding bar decor ideas