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7 Must-Haves For Matte Makeup Looks - Based On Skin Type

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Updated on 25 August, 2020

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Get ready to assemble your makeup kits, if you admire a silky matte finished face. Matte is all about its velvety texture and oil-free nature. You can easily create glamorous looks with matte products as long as you are aware of your skin type. Since each type of skin requires a specific formula, we will explain the skin types and beauty products which are essential for a matte look. So before shopping for beauty products, check out 7 Must-Haves For Matte Makeup Looks - Based On Skin Type.


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1. Moisturiser

A hydrated face is a great starting point of any makeup application process. It gives the skin a healthy glow while leaving it supple.


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Oily Skin

You can select a Gel-based facial cream to avoid excess oil secretion.

Dry Skin

Try bringing home a hydrating moisturiser with Vitamin-E, Aloe-Vera, Honey and Milk extracts.

Combination Skin

You might want to choose a lightweight cream that soaks in the moisture without getting greasy. 

2. Primer

A primer works as a blurring agent over wrinkles and pores. It also creates a flat base for effortless makeup application.


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Oily Skin

Using a spray matte primer can reduce the appearance of oil on your face. The spray technique will prevent you from touching the skin directly, which might cause more oil stimulation.

Dry Skin

You can pick up a Hyaluronic-acid based primer. The ingredient will hydrate the skin and blur the fine lines while covering up any dry skin patches.

Combination Skin

A priming serum contains essential oils and feels weightless on the face. It will lock in the moisture without leaving a thick layer of residue. Therefore, it is ideal for combination skin and primer must be matte-finished.

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3. Concealer

Concealer is the way to go when it comes to covering up dark areas of the face as well as acne scars. It should be a shade lighter than your foundation and must not make your skin appear grey.


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Oily Skin

A non-greasy matte finish stick or liquid concealer will suit best to the oily skin type. If you spot hypoallergenic on the packaging, then it is a great sign!

Dry Skin

A liquid formula that is cream-based and leaves the skin matte, works best for a dry skin type.

Combination Skin

As liquid concealer suits most of the skin types, it can be chosen for combination skin too. Use a generous amount of the product to balance the layer’s thickness.

4. Foundation

Foundation evens out the skin tone of your face and is the most important product of a makeup kit. So, you must choose the right tone and test it thoroughly before buying one. It is recommended to find a blendable foundation which does not become cakey or patchy. 


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Oily Skin

An oil-absorbing liquid foundation with a matte finish can be suitable for the oily skin.

Dry Skin

A liquid formula which offers hydration along with mattifying after-effects is a worthy foundation for dry skin type.

Combination Skin

You can get a silicone-formulated foundation that feels natural on the skin and provides full coverage. It neither gets oily nor too dry if you have combination skin.

5. Compact 

The compact powder can be used after the foundation application to seal it completely. However, the amount of the powder must be applied generously, so it does not look too chalky at the end.


Image Source: Kayla Ramsey

Oily Skin

A loose mineral powder will tuck the makeup followed by oil-soaking compact. You got to lightly brush in the small amount of powder and blend it in.

Dry Skin

Brush a slight amount of compact or dab it in with the compact cushion for a lasting matte look. Too much product might give you a floury look.

Combination Skin

You can apply more compact powder on your T zone and comparatively lesser on the side of the face. The powder will remain consistent with this practice.

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6. Blush 

A little blush can go a long way making you salmon pink to dusky peach. Whatever colour you desire for your look, just remember to keep it matte. 


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Oily Skin

Powder-based blush can fuse well with oily skin and keep the oil away from your face.

Dry Skin

You may try a stick, cream -formulated or powder-based blush. If you choose to use stick and cream formula, then apply it before compact. It will be flawless!

Combination Skin

As your skin type can be oily at the cheek area, it is suggested that you apply powder-blush. If it is not the case with you, then feel free to try out cream formulas.

7. Setting Spray

A setting spray can influence your entire look and make it matte with its formulation. It too holds power to have you keep your makeup intact all day long and is an essential product to store in your makeup kit.


Image Source: Ary Zauq

Oily Skin

A matte finish setting spray will prevent the gloss caused by the oil on your face. You may even re-spray to lock your makeup on a sunny day.

Dry Skin

You can spray a well-rated setting product that offers a matte finish. As it does not absorb the moisture, we can say that it is safe to use over dry skin.

Combination Skin

To achieve a matte makeup look, spray any top-listed mattifying setting spray. It tends to control oil and not absorb any moisture out of your skin. So, it is recommended to go with a matte specific setting spray.

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