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27+ Most Trending Engagement Outfits For Men To Wear in 2020

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

At your engagement ceremony, it's time to dress like a gentleman. Select the best engagement outfit and bring out the handsome-hunk! 


In all the madness of your engagement preparation, you reach a moment where you don’t know where you’re headed with your outfit for the d-day. Even though you have searched the Internet to the bit, you might still be confused. But all that surfing the net will not go waste because we’ve gathered all the latest trends and compiled it all together for you in this list of engagement outfits for men. 


Women's clothing varies from styles to fabrics to colour to embroidery work and what not! But the variations in menswear are no less. Starting from various patterns in a Nehru jacket to styles in kurtas, we’ve got you covered with the latest menswear. These are the best and different styles of engagement outfits for men. Scroll through the gallery given below to pick out some of the best designs suitable for you!


 1. Floral Nehru Jacket

A beautiful sea green Nehru jacket with floral prints looks perfect for your engagement outfit. Also, pairing it with green kurta-pajama combines to be an excellent outfit. 


Floral Menswear for engagement


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2. Ivory Kurta Pajama 

A simple and sober ivory kurta pajama can also give you a fantastic look. Also, putting a brown floral shawl along with it complements the ivory colour pretty well.  

 Amazing Ivory Kurta Pajama

 3. Peach Kurta and long open jacket

Peach Kurta, paired with a long open jacket, can make a stunning engagement look for the groom. Also, having a matching pocket square would be a great addition to the attire. 

  Peach Kurta and long open jacket

4. Peach Nehru jacket and kurta-pajama set

Nehru Jacket, with floral embroidery paired with coordinated kurta-pajama, makes an awe-inspiring outfit for the engagement. Also, for enhancing the look, you can add a neck-piece made of green beads. 


Best outfit for engagement ceremony


5. Bright Yellow Patterned Nehru Jacket 

A colour combination of mustard yellow, olive green, and gold patterned Nehru Jacket makes a beautiful engagement outfit for men. Moreover, the variations of the colour used in the attire make it look unique. 


Trending Engagement Outfits


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6. Printed Kurta-Pajama with Nehru Jacket 

A dark coloured printed kurta-pajama with booti prints looks great with a mustard Nehru Jacket. Also, to increase the style quotient of the attire wrap the same colour and fabric dupatta around the neck. 


Stylish menswear with Nehru Jacket


7. Black side buttoned Jacket 

A smart outfit that comprises of a side-buttoned full sleeves jacket, paired with white kurta-pajama. Also, the white kurta-pajama creates a beautiful contrast with the black coat. 


Menswear outfits for engagement functions


8. All black suit with bow tie

Suits and tuxedos always make you look like a gentleman. Even this all-black suit looks classy and chic. The bow tie is a perfect add-on to the outfit, enhancing it even more. 


gorgeous black suit with bow tie


9. Bandgala Floral Sherwani

A sea-green floral printed Bandgala Sherwani teamed with off-white kurta-pajama can be counted as a worthy outfit for the engagement ceremony. No doubt, this one is among the trending engagement outfits for men. 


Trending sea green floral printed Sherwani


10. Sea-green Sherwani with zardozi embroidery

A beautiful sea-green sherwani with intricate zardozi embroidery in golden colour looks exceptional. Also, a coordinated silk shawl with the outfit will add beauty to it.


Elegant Sherwani with zardozi embroidery


11. Pink Sherwani with Bandgala

Pink Bandgala Sherwani, paired with brown polo pants, looks fantastic and will be suitable for the engagement ceremony. Also, a brown coloured pocket square adds a little detail to the outfit.




12. Half Sleeves Black Jacket with floral Kurta

A simple plain black half-sleeves jacket paired with a black floral printed kurta make an amazing combination. Also, the white pajama gives a perfect contrast to the kurta. 


Black colored Menswear for engagement

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13. Orange and peach combination

Light orange kurta with light mustard pajama makes a great pair. Also, the intricately embroidered Nehru Jacket enhances the whole attire, making it perfect menswear for the engagement ceremony. 


Orange and peach Outfits for engagement ceremony


14. Booti Printed sea-green Sherwani

Sea-green sherwani with red booti prints looks excellent along with the sea-green open jacket. The style is unique and would look marvellous at the engagement ceremony.


Best outfit for engagement functions


15. Cross-buttoned Dark Blue Jacket

A cross-buttoned dark blue jacket paired with white kurta-pajama looks fantastic. Also, minute details like an aqua blue pocket square or high-front-low-back kurta look remarkable. 


Cross buttoned Dark Blue Jacket


16. Beige Bandgala Pattern fabricated Jacket

Beige bandgala Patterned Jacket paired with copper coloured kurta and polo pants combine into a unique engagement outfit. Even though the costumes look simple, yet it seems royal in a way. 


Beige color outfit for engagement ceremony


17. Powder blue open jacket

Colour-coordinating powder blue open jacket and dhoti pants blend well with each other. Also, the white kurta gives a nice contrast to the outfit, making it suitable for you to wear at your engagement ceremony. 


blue colored open jacket and dhoti pants


18. Floral embroidered maroon jacket

Intricate floral embroidery on the sides of the maroon jacket looks phenomenal. Also, pairing it with ivory kurta and polo pants combines into a beautiful engagement attire. 


 Maroon jacket for engagement function

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19. Silver Patterned Black Jacket

A beautiful silver patterned black jacket paired with black pants makes a smart outfit for the engagement ceremony. The silver pattern and black fabric make a good contrast with each other. 



20. Ivory kurta-pajama and embroidered sherwani

A combination of ivory kurta and floral embroidered ivory sherwani makes an excellent engagement outfit. Also, the floral embroidery is minimal yet beautiful.


Menswear for engagement ceremony


21. Powder blue designer sherwani

A powder-blue designer Sherwani with floral printed kurta counts to be an exceptional engagement outfit. Also, the mustard pajama contrasts with powder blue and looks excellent. 


Trending Outfits for the ring ceremony


22. Side-buttoned bandgala sherwani

Side-buttoned grey sherwani with brown pants looks stunning and suitable for the engagement ceremony. The outfit is simple but unique in its own way.


 stunning grey sherwani for the groom


23. Velvet Blue Suit and Coat

A dark blue velvet coat paired with a light blue shirt combines to be a formal engagement outfit for men. Also, yellow bow tie and pocket square contrast with the blue but looks phenomenal. 


Good looking Menswear for engagement

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24. Sea-green floral Nehru jacket with aqua blue kurta

A unique floral printed Nehru Jacket with aqua blue kurta looks like a beautiful combination. Also, the yellow booti prints on the Nehru jacket gel well with the sea-green colour. 


unique floral printed Nehru Jacket groom wear


25. Ivory Bandgala embroidered jacket

Ivory Bandgala Jacket, with intricate embroidery paired with champagne kurta-pajama put together, makes an awesome engagement outfit. 


Top trending Menswear for engagement functions


26. Turquoise Sherwani with embroidery 



I’m sure the gallery would give you some awesome ideas for engagement outfits for men! Choose the one that stole your heart!


Image Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik, Dipak Studios, Safar Saga, Studio Kelly Photography