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11 Best Outifits to Wear at Your Mehndi Function

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Mehndi is an official beginning of all other wedding preparations!

A gorgeous mehndi outfit with beautiful jewelry makes a perfect attire for your mehndi ceremony. 

Indian wedding fashion trends are viral among the to-be brides and for all the right reasons. These trends keep changing, and the brides-to-be have to keep up with these styles. But don’t sweat, we are here to keep you updated and notified with these always varying trends! I’m sure after endless researching on the internet, you must have stumbled upon this blog. And don’t you worry, we’ve put together a list of the best mehndi outfits for you!

One thing that we have noticed in the recent trends is that, to look elegant, you have to play subtly. So, for your mehndi outfit, don’t go all out with embroidery or sequins; keep it sober and simple. Mehndi is one function where you can dress a little casual and be comfortable with what you are wearing. All other ceremonies involve heavy lehengas, Anarkalis, and rigid traditions, but your Mehendi can fold out to be casual and relaxed!

Follow this list of modern Mehendi outfit for brides, and then go ahead and plan your ‘keep it casual’ mehndi outfit:

1. Let the skirt do the talking girls! 

Embroidered skirt with a plain top in a beautiful vibrant color, looks so simple yet elegant. This mehndi outfit can give you a trendy but traditional look at your mehndi ceremony.

Bridal wear for mehendi functions

2. Floral Lehenga with a Plain Crop Top 

Florals are in trend these days, so you have to have a floral lehenga as your mehndi outfit. Florals look beautiful, so you can enjoy your Mehendi and look killer in those photos at the same time. Win-win?

Floral Lehenga with Crop Top

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3. Ombre all the way!

Ombre lehengas look pretty and add a colorful element to the mehndi decor. This idea might be very cliché, but it works every time.

wedding lehenga inspirations

4. Pattern Coordinated Skirt and Top

Mehndi ceremony is known for its colorful decor and the vibrant colors that are featured in the ceremony. Likewise, even the bride and the groom prefer to go for colorful mehndi outfits. Just like this pattern coordinated color lehenga. 


5. Play with white!

Embroidery or print on white can prove to be a beautiful and simple outfit for your Mehndi. However, just to keep it simple, you can go for floral prints or some simple embroidery. 

White lehenga design

6. Tie & Dye Mirror Work Lehenga 

Mirror work, gota Patti, and other ethnic work on clothes can give you a sophisticated and traditional looking mehndi outfit. Even tie & dye outfits look lovely along with some embroidery. It’s up to you to make it sassy!

mirror work bridal lehenga

7. Soft Pink-coloured Floral Lehenga

Inspired by Bipasa Basu, you can wear a soft pink-colored floral lehenga for a dreamy look at the mehndi ceremony. Moreover, to top it up, you can go for pink floral jewelry with it.

 Pink-coloured Floral Lehenga 

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8. Are you bored with plain tops? Time for role-reversal!

A stylish plain skirt can do wonders for your mehndi outfit, just like this fuschia pink skirt. Along with that, you can have a heavily embroidered blouse to complete your mehndi look.

best Bridal mehendi outfit

9. Dhoti Style Pants for Mehendi Ceremony

We love this Indo-western fusion and recommend it to all the to-be brides. This outfit looks different, and you will feel comfortable too on the mehndi day. What else do you need?

Dhoti Style Pants for Mehendi Ceremony

10. Let’s get a little stylish

For those who stand undecided between casual outfits and formal ones, we have something a little semi-formal for you. Pink embroidered lehenga with cape style dupatta makes a perfect mehndi outfit. 

Beautiful bridal look lehenga design

11. Charming Short Lehengas 

Talking about trends, one of the most recent fashion trends are short lehengas. Short lehengas are most suitable for mehndi ceremony because it lets you get full leg mehndi easily and without getting the mehndi outfit stained.

Charming-Short-Lehengas designs

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These gorgeous outfits explain themselves and instantly draw attention! Which mehndi outfit did you choose for yourself?

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